Is It Her?

May 31, 2012 by admncc

Hi all.  Sorry for the delay in between posts.  I took some R&R time off after running in the Cleveland Marathon a few weeks ago.  Just trying to get back into the swing of things tonight…reading some blog posts and trying to get one done myself.

You know; one thing that continues to amaze me these days are these teachers out there who continue to get themselves in trouble with allegations of inappropriate behavior involving their students.  A few recent examples…

#1 – Although we’d like to, how can we forget James Hooker and Jordan Powers.  He was 41 years old, left his wife and kids, moved in with Powers and said they were following “their hearts.”  Ick!

Courtesy of Google

#2 – Then there was Constance Yacobozzi, who is 28 years old.  She resigned from her teaching position and admitted sending two text messages to a high school student, one of which was of her in a bikini top (I wouldn’t mind seeing that).

Courtesy of North Ridgeville City Schools Staff Directory

Now, I’ll need you to test your eyesight for this third example.  Meet Julie Warning from New York.  She’s 26 years old and is accused of being the woman in this video kissing student, 18-year-old Eric Arty.  Sources say that Arty had a $500 bet with several friends to see who would be the first one to hook up with Warning.  Most publications, including the New York Post are saying Arty won and that Warning is the woman in the video.  But both Arty and Warning now say it’s not her.  What do you think?  Is it her (note the smiles in each picture)?

julie-warning     eric-arty
Courtesy of Facebook          Courtesy of Bossip

Several of my friends who are teachers are scared to death about this kind of thing…having a student make allegations against them or have something come up that could be construed that they acted inappropriately.  And as a result, they are not on Facebook and never do anything that could put themselves in a compromising situation.  But should they always be on guard and have to protect themselves?  It seems like it.  Is that just the way it is these days?  Are we living the movie “Election?”  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not, by any means, saying that all teachers flirt or cross the line.  And I’m not condemning every teachers based on the actions of the above-three.  But what I do think is this…I suspect that the flirting and inappropriate behavior occurs far more often than we think (on both sides) when you take into account today’s sexually-charged society.

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  1. Angelica says:

    Wait, the boy is 18? That’s an allegation? Uhh… Am I missing something? Anyway, hi CC. We missed you!

  2. It sure looks like her.

    I don’t really care what two adults want to do but I do care if someone is making false allegations, teacher or not. Sometimes I think information is too readily available in our society.

    I am still very disappointed in the older teachers that throw away their marriages for an underage student.

  3. Steve says:

    Wow, that Julie girl is absolutely gorgeous. Honestly, the picture does look like her. And if that’s the case, it’s a shame. She could probably meet a very successful man her own age. But on the other hand, who knows to what lengths the student went to reel her in, since it was a bet and money was involved. But I still think that teachers can’t cross the line. If she did, her career will be ruined.

  4. Timmy says:

    Just an observation on how the three instances in this post have been referred to so far by both men and women.

    First a male teacher and a female student, which you refer to as ick. Number 2 is a female teacher and a male student, where you wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of her boobs. And the 3rd another female teacher where a commenter wonders because of his age being of consent if there is any wrong doing on the part of the educator at all.

    It always amazes me how if the highschool student is male he gets an attaboy, but if the roles are reversed, it’s a public lynching.

    I’m not saying I’m not guilty of the same thought process, i think the first example is repulsive and i certainly wouldnt avert my eyes from a pic of a scantily clad #2 and there were a few high school teachers of mine i’d have liked to bang. I just realize that there is something entirely screwed up with thinking that way…

  5. Jane says:

    I would disagree with ReformingGeek only in the sense that even if a high school student is 18, and legally considered and adult, I don’t think that makes it OK for a teacher to pursue them or vice versa.

    Timmy, the answer to your question is that all the female teachers who seem to stray are attactive and the male ones look like the loser who is pictured above. LOL.

  6. Jen says:

    #1 is a pedophile

    #2 is an idiot

    #3 it is probably her considering most of the photos of her (probably from facebook) have her drinking and partying. Not real responsible for a teacher who students are also on facebook.

  7. Zig says:

    I would do her (Julie Warning).

  8. Extreme John says:

    Welcome back bro and congrats on the marathon!

    I think everyone spends too much time worrying about everyone else’s business 😉

  9. Hal says:

    @ExtremeJohn I don’t know if you have kids or not. But would you feel differently if this kind of behavior was going on in your local school district?

  10. Colombian Princess says:

    Welcome back CC.

    James Hooker and Jordan Powers– Is she still with him? I thought she broke up with him after he was arrested? His arrest came shortly after they appeared on Dr. Phil.

  11. NeoConDon says:

    I have a hot wife and she’s a teacher. I always get concerned about what the boys think of her. Any adult (teacher or not) shouldn’t be messing around with an underage person. If a teacher and an adult graduated former student want to get it on, so be it. There are a lot of young 22 year old teachers and it’s not uncommon for them to date 18/19 year old former students…they simply can’t still be in school.

  12. brian miller says:

    seriously screwed up….that a teacher would use a position of power to do anything…its just wrong…and even if the kid is the pursuer we def have to teach them what is ok and what is not….makes me shiver…and when you point out the smile, it def looks like her…

  13. Otin says:

    To be brutally honest, when I see a hot looking female teacher hooking up with a student, the first thing that pops into my head is,”Where were these teachers when I was 16?” lol

    On the other hand, when I see a male teacher going after a student I get annoyed. I know its a double standard, but then I guess that’s because I’m a guy.

  14. First off, it’s really sick when teachers abuse their power to have sexual relationships with their students. Their are tons of people in the world to date, so don’t screw your students. Be a professional for God’s sakes. HOWEVER, I really could have used a nice hot young teacher to have reached out to me and screwed me when I was a hopeless and horny teenager.

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