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No complaints today.  No crazy celebrity news stories.  No off-the-wall antics.  I’m just sharing an amazing and beautiful story that truly brought me to tears.  Now…although I blog from behind the made-up character of The Constant Complainer, I’m actually a very nice and caring guy.  And over the years, I’ve always taken pride in trying to help promote charities or stories that I feel are worthy.

Two days ago, I did not know who Avery Lynn Canahuati was.  Then her story was leading the news headlines on MSN and caught my attention.  As one of my friends later put it, Avery’s story is a “blend of humor, honesty and humility.”  Allow me to explain.

Avery is five months old.  She suffers from an incurable genetic disease called SMA.  She will die within the next 18 months.  So her family has turned her story into an amazing and inspiring journey of hope, love, laughter and awareness.  Basically, they’ve created a Bucket List and daily blog for Avery.  The stories are written by her parents, but from Avery’s perspective.  You can view the web site here.  I haven’t come across such a heartfelt story in a very long time.  And it also proves that you don’t need to be in your 80’s to have a Bucket List!

Here are some of the items that Avery has already crossed off of her Bucket List.

  • Being on TV
  • Rocking a bikini
  • Getting asked out on a date
  • Flying a kite
  • Passing out watching infomercials
  • Getting grounded
  • Getting proposed to
  • Wearing Mardi Gras beads
  • Taking a college campus tour

You know; it’s hard not to get choked up when reading about her adventures.  But it’s also easy to be positively impacted by the inspirational message as they try to help educate others about SMA.  So check out Avery’s blog, write to her or leave a comment below.

Avery’s Bucket List
P.O. Box 2849
Bellaire, TX 77402

Courtesy of Avery’s Bucket List

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  1. Wow. Blessings to Avery and her family.

  2. Lucero says:

    Thanks for sharing her story! I’m on the same mission!

  3. brian miller says:

    passing out watching infomercials…its hard to chuckle knowing what is coming…i am glad that the family is using her life for something good though…heavy story….a heart pinger…

  4. Otin says:

    That is very touching. Sad and uplifting all at the same time. Makes my little problems seem so minor.

  5. Ron says:

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this, buddy.

    OMG…this story brought tears to my eyes. I have such soft and tender spot in my heart for babies and children.

    I will be sure to stop by the website later this evening.

    Again, THANK YOU for sharing this!

  6. Jen says:

    Wow, this is so sad. I guess this helps them bring some meaning to her remaining days and I did that.

  7. Amber says:

    How sad. That poor girl.

  8. Jane says:

    What a touching story! And I agree with everything Ron said.

  9. Jen says:

    Wow! Now I think I’m really going to cry. These are truly amazing parents. You’ve got to look at the positive but when something like this comes into your life I’m sure it is so difficult to. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Susan says:

    They are truly one amazing family. God Bless.

  11. Gina says:

    Little Avery,

    First of all god bless you and your family, My you get all of your bucket list done, enjoy each day that you have and god is always with you and your parents alway’s. take care your new friend gina

  12. Avery’s parents,
    I applaud you on making a difference in the world even while you struggle with the knowledge that your little darling will not be able to live with you forever. I work with children that have cancer, and I am daily amazed at how much life they and their families are able to get in sometimes a very short time. God bless all of you. Hope that the world listens and more research is done to alleviate these kinds of illnesses from our world.

  13. Wendy says:

    Well, Hi there 🙂 I’ll start by saying sorry I haven’t been by for-ever!!! Been super busy and my computer has not been able to be used for recreational reading ~ boo! Thankfully life is slowing down a bit 🙂 Anyway, I had not heard about this beautiful little girl and I am so glad you’ve brought her to all of our attention. What an amazing story ~ funny how we can learn so much from a 5 month old. I am so glad that her parents are finding unique ways to enjoy every moment they do have with her and documenting her life.

  14. Carol says:

    Rip Avery, poor baby passed away yesterday with her parents by her side. I am glad to see that the SMA didn’t take that smile away. RIP Avery we will help get the word out.

  15. Lori Tower says:

    This is from the blogspot where Avery’s father writes:
    Hello everyone this is Avery’s father. Avery passed away yesterday sometime around 3pm due to pulmonary complications related to SMA. In short, one of her lungs collapsed and she went into cardiac arrest. I immediately performed CPR on her and was able to bring her back to life, but only for a brief period of time before she passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital. Avery’s passing this quickly came as a complete shock to all of us, as she had just been given a thumbs up at her last doctors appointment only three days ago. While we were aware of the severity of her diagnosis, we never lost hope for Avery and even in her passing, we still have hope for our daughter and all of her friends. I’m going to share a note Avery gave me back when all of this started, but made me promise not to open until I knew the time was right…

  16. The Constant Complainer says:

    Dear Readers of The Constant Complainer,

    Thank you for your comments in regards to the “Avery” story. As Lori indicated, unfortunately, Avery passed away yesterday. The complete post her father published can be found at:


    As I sat here re-reading some of the posts on their site, one sentence jumped out at me. Her parents said they wanted people to know that Avery wasn’t dying…she was living!

    I think we can all learn something from Avery’s story.

    The CC…

  17. Colombian Princess says:

    Thanks for sharing this post.

  18. Atlpch says:

    Avery – You have touched us all, precious girl. I know you are making all the angels smile. With such wonderful parents, I’m sure you felt all the love around you. May you have joy, peace and be restored in Heaven. Thank you for your gift.

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