When to Stay Quiet

January 21, 2011 by admncc

Cathy Cruz Marrero is in the process of learning a very valuable lesson.  And that lesson is…when to keep your mouth shut.  Marrero, who is now known as “Fountain Lady,” became an Internet sensation this week when a mall surveillance camera caught her falling into a fountain while she was trying to walk and text.  You can watch her epic fall here (the video is a little over one minute long – my favorite part is the security guards laughing as they replay it).

As of the writing of this post, 2,566,107 people have watched Cathy’s video on YouTube.  Now, what, my dear readers, do you think happened next?  Well, even though absolutely nobody knew who “Fountain Lady” was; Marrero felt “humiliated” over the ordeal because she knew people were laughing at her.  So she publicized herself and appeared on Good Morning America and The Early Show.  Then she cried on national television and threatened to sue anyone who made fun of her.  You can watch that video here.  As a side-note, her move to “lawyer-up” also resulted in one of the security guards from the Berkshire Mall in Pennsylvania being fired.

But her problems were just beginning…  Marrero, the new Internet icon that she is, has now been arrested and charged with “five felony counts, including theft by deception and receiving stolen property.”  Police said Marrero, who used to work at Zales Jewelers, used the Zales credit account of a co-worker to make more than $4,000 in purchases without the account-holder’s permission.  You can read more about her legal troubles here.

Oh, Cathy…  The next time you make an ass of yourself at the mall, try to walk away with as much dignity as you can.  Going public only embarrassed you further and now you’ve been recognized and arrested.  What you say, readers of The Constant Complainer?  Does Cathy get your vote for our “Moron of the Week Award?”

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  1. The Constant Complainer says:

    I forgot a few things…

    First, thanks to my buddy Steve for sharing this story idea with me.

    Second, so Cathy can officially add me to the list of people laughing at her – yes, I admit to laughing so hard that I snorted when she fell.

    Third, I don’t think her argument that security at the mall should have done more for her is going to hold any weight.

  2. Jen says:

    This should be filed along with the suit about burning yourself with McDonald’s coffee. What a ding-a-ling!

    I saw this on the news and thought, “Why in the world would she reveal herself?!?” I would have slunk away never to return to that mall. Stupid texting walkers.

  3. Leo Nevoli says:

    It is a toss up for me this week. Sure she is in the running, but how about:

    Hubert Blackman who is suing a Vegas escort service, because the escort did an illegal sex act on him, after he paid her and he has since been suffering from a “psycotic disorder.”

    And then there is William Ferris, who paid a prostitute $50 for a whole lot of sex in a bathroom of a White Castle in Cincinnati. When he did not receive all that he wanted, he called the police to report he was robbed.

    If you are going to do something illegal, don’t call the police.

  4. She’s a nut case just wanting publicity. It’s too bad about the security guards losing their jobs although they could have been more discreet with their laughter. 😉

  5. NeoConDon says:

    That’s a hilarious story. NOTHING like the McDonald’s case, which was a legitimate example of negligence on behalf of McDonalds. Unfortunately, our media is STILL so pathetic that most people aren’t getting the truth.

  6. kittycat says:

    Wow I had heard about it but had not see it in action. I would be embarrassed to, but she should of just laughed at herself and moved on.

    Dont these ppl get it??? or do they really want the world to know all about them. The price for fame I suppose.

    Good one!

  7. Dick says:

    Dude that is too funny. You know I make fun of texters all the time. I tell this joke about the HOV lanes on our highways, nobody used them until they renamed them the texting lanes.

    Now i see texters behind the wheel all the time and I give em a toot on the horn, just to remind them but this gal takes the stupid cake, gets my vote as moron of the week for sure.

  8. BTW, I responded to your comment about ads on my blog. I don’t run ads on my blog so I have no idea why you are getting ads. I have not had anyone else report this issue to me. Very, very strange.

  9. Alexandra says:

    oh, yeah, she gets my vote for being a moron!
    I don’t understand why she went public. I mean you cannot see her face from the video, I wouldn’t recognize her if I saw her on the street tomorrow. That’s just being dumb. She got what she deserved for wasting people’s time and electricity during her TV appearance.

  10. Sandra says:

    I completely agree. I think getting out of the fountain, patting herself down, and quickly scurrying into the nearest washroom would have served her better than complaining that the security guards didn’t save her from potentially drowning in a fountain! Eyes up lady! Eyes up!
    Great post!

  11. Cheryl says:

    There’s nothing that’s going to happen in January that’s going to top this. Moron of the Month.

    Thanks so much for steering me to the youtube video with sound. I’d only seen news footage. It was a bit like watching MT2K or is it up to MT3K? Views are now up to 3.1M and rising.

  12. Timmy says:

    What a turd. If she makes a single dollar by suing, it’s a joke. Also, just as NCD has said this is nothing like the McDonalds case. If you take the time to actually read the facts surrounding that case you wouldn’t use it as an example of a frivolous law suit anymore.

    She will get what she wants out of this in the end. She’s got her 15 minutes. She will get paid by someone wanting to buy her story to make a lifetime movie or some other garbage.

  13. Jane says:

    Timmy is right. Someone will pay her for something. Because that is the sad society we live in today.

  14. I wonder how long it will take for comedy shows to make fun of this incident like what Seinfeld did: mocking the infamous McDonald’s Hot Coffee lawsuit.

  15. Jen says:

    I totally agree. The woman should have just kept her mouth shut. I’ve been thinking about writing something about this but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  16. TitforTat says:

    Priceless! I nominate her for Moron of the Year.

  17. Julie R says:

    Hi Constant Complainer. You said EXACTLY what I thought when I saw this story! If I am not paying attention to what I am doing and fall or push instead of pull a door and walk right into it- I PRAY no one saw me act like an idiot and get the hell out of dodge. I don’t blame another and sue to get every cent I can! The thing that I don’t understand is even if she is an idiot where is her support system saying this is a really bad idea??! It drives me crazy! Well before this goes into a full on rant I want to tell you how refreshing I found your blog. It is the first one I have found like it 🙂 I am visiting you from Serenity Now 🙂

  18. Angelica says:

    Pathetic. She’s just VERY pathetic. I ran into a tree once, but I wore my black eyes proud! The way you save yourself from embarrassment (not that you could see her in the video anyway) is to just play it off. “Woops, felt like cooling off” or “I needed to do laundry today!” Make it into a joke, not cry to the country and say, “everyone’s laughing at me.” Boo-fucking-hoo. Get a grip. How old is she? Shouldn’t she know better or something?

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