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January 10, 2011 by admncc

I am still in complete shock over the shooting that occurred in Tuscon over the weekend.  As you know, 20 people were shot in what is being called the attempted assassination of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords.  The shooting took place at a town hall style event Giffords was holding with her constituents at a grocery store.  The alleged shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, fired 33 shots.  He was tackled when he tried to reload his gun.

This entire incident makes me sick on so many levels.  It breaks my heart to think about the six people who were killed – including a Federal Judge, one of the Congresswoman’s aides, an elderly man who shielded his wife from the gunfire and a nine-year-old girl who was invited to the event by her neighbor (she had recently been elected to a position in her class government).  Representative Giffords, as of the writing of this, is still in critical condition – she suffered a gun shot to the head (one of her interns is being credited with saving her life using skills he learned as a nursing assistant).  Police have said there was evidence at the suspect’s home which confirmed that the attack was premeditated.

Working in risk management, I have lobbied countless times with local, state and federal officials.  And I’ve always felt that those elected individuals were accessible and willing to meet with constituents.  But I believe that will change in light of what happened.  And maybe rightfully so!  Being in politics is a tough business – you can’t please everyone.  And it’s scary to think that there are others out there like Jared Lee Loughner.  Did you know that only the high ranking House and Senate leaders are provided with Capital Hill police security?  Thus, most travel with no security.  I think that’s a problem and I’m hoping that changes too.  We need to keep our elected officials safe, while still allowing them to do their jobs.

My hat is off the man and woman who tackled the suspect and stopped the shooting.  My heart goes out to the families of the wounded and killed.  And although some people will argue that this is a reason for more gun control, I would instead argue that a closer look needs to be given to improving the safety and security measures of our elected officials.

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  1. NeoConDon says:

    Very good post here, CC. I’m not sure what will happen with the availability of members of congress, but it’s something that we should look into. I’ve heard many already say that nothing will change on their end. For the most part, members of congress are just as safe and unlikely to be targeted as anyone else. Most people aren’t insane enough to go into a crowded room and start shooting. For the one’s that are that crazy, no gun control law will ever prevent it from happening.

    If I were a member of congress, I’d carry my gun every chance I could and I’d hold my public forums in places where I wasn’t restricted by anti-gun laws from protecting myself. My staff would also be carrying, and I’d hire security as well. During events where it would be against the law to carry (in schools and gov’t buildings), I’d require the forum to provide armed security. A little forward thinking seems like an obvious method of prevention.

    As unfortunate the reality may be, members of congress know that there are lunatics out there that don’t know the difference between right and wrong. Each of us have our own responsibility to protect ourselves and our family, and members of congress are no different. The fruits and future wealth of serving in congress is profound, and they know what they’re getting into. No matter what we do, it’s just not possible to prevent insane people from engaging in insane behavior. Every CEO, every Judge, every cop deals with this…so does every member of congress.

  2. What a heartbreaking weekend.

  3. kittycat says:

    i totally agree with you on this one. i dont personally own a gun. but i think education and sticker laws on getting one is the way.


  4. Jen says:

    The photo they took of this guy after his arrest was chilling. He was a disturbed individual! I agree that more security is necessary. To just be sitting in front of a store with no security is crazy! These people vote for and against issues every day that anger the public – it’s really scary to think of them out there unprotected.

  5. zig says:

    This was a freak thing. Nothing will change, as far a Congressmen and women interacting with constituents. Because, when members of Congress interact with the public, they are viewed as one of the public. Who among us doesn’t want to view our Congress person as just like us, i.e. same problems/concerns?

    My heart goes out to Gabrielle Giffords and her family. I wish her a speedy recovery, but this doesn’t happen every day. How about this…Remember, after 9/11 everyone was saying that air travel wasn’t safe anymore and something needed to be done? A few tweaks later and the airline industry is recording record profits again. My point is that you don’t need to scrap an entire system and change the way you/we live our life because of one INSANE IDIOT! If this were to happen, members of Congress were to become less available to constituents, Jared Lee Loughner will have achieved his goal of changing the way American politics works. That should not and will not happen! God speed to Gabrielle Giffords. She has a long road back and I wish her and her family patience and nothing but the best!

  6. Terrible tragedy.

    P.S. Jared Lee Loughner’s mug shot is quite disturbing and creepy.

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