A Texting Society

November 10, 2010 by admncc

Yesterday, I almost fell out of my chair when my friend showed me her niece’s cell phone bill from last month.  The most notable portion of the bill was the amount of text messages that were sent.  The 17-year-old niece sent 11,799 text messages in one 30-day cycle.  Here’s a copy of the bill to prove it.


Now…there are 43,200 minutes in a 30 days.  And she sent 11,799 messages.  That averages out to a text message being sent every three to four minutes.  And take into account that this girl is in high school and most schools are cracking down on texting in class.  Plus, I assume that she has to sleep…at least a little bit…at some point or another.  So that means the after-school and weekend texting was occurring more than every three minutes.

Do you want to know the kicker?  Apparently this was a low month – as far as the number of text messages she had sent.  At least she has an “unlimited” texting plan, or else the bill would have been $2,949.75.

Last night, out of pure morbid curiosity, I checked my Verizon Wireless account to see how many text messages I sent last month.  It was 322, and to me, that seems like a lot…

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  1. Leo Nevoli says:

    I am texting you my comment, you should get it shortly.

  2. Hal says:

    Here’s your argument for why there has been a social decline with society. Kids simply cannot talk face-t-face to each other. They have to IM, text, e-mail or tweet.

  3. Wendy says:

    Seriously… I think I need to go pick my jaw up off the ground now!

  4. That’s just wrong. Where is the parental control/guidance?

  5. Meredith says:

    They sit next to each and text. I used to just kiss the boys, not text them, but I’m old school like that.

  6. Angelica says:

    It’s scary how fast we share information these days. I like the way Meredith thinks. 🙂

  7. Mike E says:

    That is why I have texting blocked on all of our phones. You want to talk to me, call me and do it at a reasonible time cause all phones are turned off at 9:00pm

  8. Jen says:

    It’s true, they do not talk anymore. In fact, much of the dating seems to take place over text! Pretty good birth control, I guess 🙂

  9. Diana Evans says:

    oh my heavens!!! that is a lot of text messages!!! holy smokes

  10. C. Princess says:

    I don’t know what to say other than OMG.

  11. Wow, I wonder if she understands the meaning of RSI?

  12. Absolutely insane! Not only am I baffled at the amount of text messages, but I’m baffled that children are using cell phones! OK, so maybe that’s easy for me to say considering I do not have any children of my own. However, I do remember the days of not having (or needing) a cell phone. I mean, why in the world would a child or teenager need to be in touch with all of mankind for? Most of the people they know are probably near them for most of the day! It’s craziness.

    End rant. 😛

    Also? I think this is why I never want children. Ha! 🙂

  13. Add other social media messaging as well and the tally must be mind-boggling!

  14. JennyMac says:

    WOW..I thought my SIL was bad…lol

  15. Marissa says:

    Remember when we used to gesture to people to call us by holding an “air phone” to our ear? I caught myself telling someone to text me some info by wiggling my thumbs. (We’re a doomed society.)

  16. TallElf says:

    Geeze. I don’t have unlimited Text, and sometimes people send me stuff like “Punk” or What’s up. I know i can read the text without having to open it up.

    I had an employee try to text me to call off one day. It was not an approved method so they got written up. Tried to fight it and since it wasn’t a “work line” it stuck.

    As far as this one goes though, that is INSANE.

  17. tera says:

    Holy crap.
    I agree that I don’t see a need for kids to even have cell phones. Maybe when they’re of driving age (or dating age?) and we need to check up on them more… but I know there are little kids, like 8-9 years old who have their own cell phones. Really?
    And don’t even get me started on all the 911 calls we get from kids who think it’s funny.
    But that’s a rant for another blog…

  18. Jen says:

    TallElf, someone once told me that I would get charged for the text whether I opened it or now – now I wonder since I saw your comment! I should look into it…

  19. Jen says:

    “now” = “not”

  20. Zig says:

    Talleff– EFF YOU! You are a ludite and I am the one sending you those PUNK and WHAT’S UP texts. I always thought you were ignoring me, but now I can see you are just cheap!

    Jen, Talleff is an idiot. If you get a text and don’t open it, what phone company is gonna charge you?

  21. Zig says:

    I totally see the benefits of texting. It is a simple way to “Talk to someone”/Keep in touch without having to listen to all their other problems!

  22. TallElf says:

    And lucky for us Zig.. we don’t have to listen to yours.

  23. Zig says:

    Tallelf, it is you with all the “Problems.”

  24. We are a texting society. I’m a huge texter. I hate talking on the phone. If you want to ask me something just text it. If I think it warrants an explanation via telephone I’ll call you.

    I’ll probably get flack for saying this but when I worked I would text during work hours. It’s a quick and easy way to get in touch with someone without having to actually MAKE a call. I hate when people make personal calls on the company phone or answer their cells in the office. I’m lucky, I work in a very small office and our boss is laid back. It’s just EASIER to text.

    Last month I had 683 MY5 text messages, 258 messages to people outside of MY5, and 203 international text messages (Ouch…at 50 cents each!!), but the plus side is I only spoke for 832 minutes!

  25. BTW: I will never understand the need for children to have cell phones. I was 100% against it when my BIL bought his 12 year old a cell phone. What the crap does a 12 year old need a cell phone for?

    The way I see it, kid goes to school by either a parent dropping them off or on the school bus, they get home the same way, parents drop them off at friends houses or a movie…what do you need a cell for?

    I think that they should get cell phones when they rely on public transport (city buses) NOT when mom and dad are taking you from point A to point B.

    That was 7 years ago….today my BIL’s 13 year old son has an iPhone. Yeah….he has an iPhone to get on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and god knows what else…. just more ways to NOT pay attention in class!

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