Sleazy 101

September 17, 2010 by admncc

So let me set this up for you.  A woman (Stephanie Van Groll) is nearly choked to death by her boyfriend.  The boyfriend is arrested and put on trial.  The Prosecutor is Calumet County District Attorney Kenneth Kratz.  What is Kratz’s job?  Well, it’s to convict the scumbag boyfriend for the crime.

What does Kratz do instead?  He starts ‘sexting’ the abuse victim.  Van Groll told Kaukana, Wisconsin police that she received 30 messages over three days from Attorney Kratz.  Here’s what some of them said:

  • “It was nice talking with you! Feel free to text me (between 8 and 4) if you are bored. You have such potential See ya. KEN (your favorite DA).
  • I wish you weren’t one of this offices clients. You’d be a cool person to know!
  • Please keep in touch. Its maybe not the wisest thing I can do, but you are awfully sweet. Just don’t tell anyone, ok?
  • I know this is wrong. I am such an honest guy, and straight shooter … but I have to know more about you. Does that make sense to you? I bet you get this a lot!
  • Are you the kind of girl that likes secret contact with an older married elected DA … the riskier the better? Or do you want to stop right now before any issues?
  • I need direction from you. Yes you are a risk taker and can keep your mouth shut and you think this is fun … or you think a man twice your age is creepy so stop.
  • Ok. No problem. Either way I think you are very nice. I am very smart, but know this is ALL up to you and really does depend how close to the edge you live!
  • Remember it would have to be special enough to risk all.
  • If you are not worth that kind of passion, we’ll know it right away. For now I’m just suggesting we find out. Its either perfect or I’m not going to do it!
  • Hey … Miss Communication, what’s the sticking point? Your low self-esteem and you fear you can’t play in my big sandbox? Or???
  • I’m leaving for the day. Let me know after 8 tomorrow. You will either be excited or grossed out about the opportunity you have. But it will only come once!
  • Are you serious? Ok? That’s it? Are you in a board meeting? You are beautiful and would make a great young partner someday. But I won’t beg!
  • I’m serious! I’m the atty. I have the $350,000 house. I have the 6-figure career. You may be the tall, young, hot nymph but I am the prize!
  • I would not expect you to be the other woman. I would want you to be so hot and treat me so well that you’d be THE woman! R U that good?”

So…the prosecuting attorney calls the victim a “tall, young, hot nymph.”  Wow!  Kratz’s response to all of this was, “This is a non-news story.  I’m worried about it because of my reputational interests.  I’m worried about it because of my 25 years as a prosecutor.”  I think he should be worried about it because he’s married.  You can read MSNBC’s story here and The Associated Press’ story here.  I don’t know about you, but Kratz gets my vote for our “Moron of the Week Award.”

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  1. This is so easy. He’s a scumbag.

  2. Candice says:

    Had no idea this happened, WTFH?

  3. Titfortat says:

    Stupid is as Stupid does. I just marvel at the intellect of many supposedly intelligent people. Wow, I still get surprised sometimes.

  4. Marissa says:

    Bahahah!! Uber-moron.

  5. What an idiot! I know you and I would get why this is sooooo stupid given the fact that we know first hand just how stupid people can be.

  6. Jane says:

    I just read the news stories. I can’t believe that an ethics committee cleared him. What he did is still wrong though.

  7. Zig says:

    You all need to calm down. This man is honest to a fault, married, an elected official and he is only getting to know his would-be client. How could he prosecute the ex-husband without knowing if the woman was a risk taker, a whore and whether she is good, not great, in the sack? I mean he says as much right here, “I know this is wrong. I am such an honest guy, and straight shooter … but I have to know more about you. Does that make sense to you? I bet you get this a lot!” He is totally trying to protect her from a legal system that doesn’t like victims! He wants to know more so he can take her story and sway the jury… Can any of you doubters make up an interesting story to tell 12 angry men without mentioning this poor woman’s looks, “nymph” like good looks, ambition or self-esteem? That is what I thought…

    She is probably wild in the sack and the DA only wanted to help her. (As he points out here, “I’m serious! I’m the atty. I have the $350,000 house. I have the 6-figure career. You may be the tall, young, hot nymph but I am the prize!”)

    You people read way too many tabloid magazines… I want to nominate this guy for the most client focused lawyer.

  8. Extreme John says:

    What a piece of crap.

  9. first of all, could this guy BE any more conceited…EEW. and he’s MARRIED?! gross.

    it seems from the answers that she played into a little bit though, i can sniff these things out!

  10. Jen says:

    Eeewww, the initial words that come to mind are sleazy, creepy, and desperate!

  11. The Constant Complainer says:

    I just heard on the radio that two more people have come forward and accused Kratz of inappropriate behavior. He is now expected to resign almost immediately…

  12. Angelica says:

    I especially like that even after she is obviously not responding to him, he starts to insult her. The sad part is this is a reality of dating anymore anyway, regardless of whether the skeez ball is married or not.

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