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August 4, 2010 by admncc

My wife and I took our daughter to see “Ramona and Beezus” on Saturday night.  Before the movie started, we were sitting there talking about how many 3-D movies are coming out these days.  It seems like every trailer we’ve recently seen has been for a 3-D movie.  Now, of course we have seen some movies in 3-D, but almost consider it a waste of money – because the 3-D glasses are an extra $3 per person and we usually just end up throwing them into the donation box on our way out of the theater.  Well…our feelings may have changed.

Shortly after the movie started, two high-school-age girls came into the theater and started walking up the stairs towards us.  As they were walking to sit down, one of their cell phones rang out – at this point, I knew it was going to be a long movie.  They ended up sitting directly behind us.  Once seated, they proceed to laugh, talk and fart out loud.  Several people around us made the “ssshhhh” noise, but these girls didn’t care.  One of their cell phones rang out loud two more times and they also kept on talking.

My wife is always very political, but I could tell that her blood was boiling.  However, our daughter was there, so I knew she’d keep it toned down, even if provoked.  After their talking continued, my wife turned around and below is the conversation that followed:

  • Mrs. CC – “Can you please be quiet?”
  • Punk Girl – “Make us.”
  • Mrs. CC – “Your phone keeps going off and your talking is a distraction.”
  • Punk Girl – “Why don’t you shut up?”
  • Mrs. CC – “Do you want me to call security?”
  • Punk Girl – “Go ahead.”
  • Mrs. CC – “Don’t tempt me.”
  • Punk Girl – “Tempting!”

So my wife went to get security, at which time, I heard one of the girls say to the other, “Uh oh.”  But here’s the interesting part – as my wife came back up the stairs with security, a woman also seated behind us jumped up and said, “Hey, I’m their aunt, I’ll take care of it, you (talking to the security officer) can talk to me.”  So he did and the aunt told the girls to knock it off.  My question…where was the aunt for the twenty minutes leading up to this incident?  She was there, but did nothing.

After we left the theater, my wife told me that one of the girls had intermittently kicked the back of her seat for the rest of the movie.  I wish I had known that, because I would have had them thrown out of the theater.  But my wife decided that it didn’t occur enough to warrant further argument.

So let’s get back to the price of 3-D movie tickets.  Yeah, we’re on board with them now.  If paying an extra $9 as a family gets us into a movie with fewer riffraff; that will be fine with us.

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  1. I know teenagers have their moments but that’s ridiculous. Yeah, the “aunt” was helpful. Ha!

  2. TallElf says:

    CC & Mrs. CC you have quite the time at the movies don’t you? I have some tickets that I won to a theater, however they are only valid between Mon and Thursday, but they were specifically for the weekend kick off of the movie, kind of ironic don’t you think?

  3. Candice says:

    Ughhh, these kids just make a big case for their age group. That’s ridiculous.

  4. C. Princess says:

    I think your wife did the right thing. I cannot believe how rude those teens were to her. Sheesh!

  5. MajorLeague09 says:

    I’m so glad that the Aunt was there to watch them. If not they might have cause trouble. If I were Mrs.CC and that punk girl continued to kick my seat. I would have gotten up without saying anything to them, and went and got the police officer and had them and there aunt thrown out. As for the 3D movies. I haven’t seen one yet, but I’m already getting tired of every movie being 3D. Why does everybody have to be a follower? Let’s think for ourselves and not do what everyone else is doing.

  6. tera says:

    That is one of my biggest pet peeves. Aargh! It’s worse when it’s adults who really should know better. Or people who bring little tiny kids to R movies that scare them and then they cry the whole time. There’s a reason DVDs are becoming so popular…
    Although if we feel we have to go to a theater to see something we often like to go see movies on week days. My days off are week days, so sometimes hubs plays hooky and we go early on a Friday.

  7. Jacki says:

    That is one of the many reasons why I hardly go to a theater these days. You have to put up with high ticket prices, high food prices, and rude, loud people. The last time we went (to see Oceans) I had some brat kicking my seat the whole time, even though I asked the mom to make her stop, and another family brought a 1 1/2 year old girl with them who would not sit still or shut up and every 5 minutes yelled “I have to go peepee!”

  8. Alexandra says:

    In this type of situation I just wish I could smack them and throw them out of the theatre myself. Too bad for all those eye witnesses in the cinema…

  9. Angelica says:

    Your wife is too nice. I would’ve turned around and said, “what the fuck is your problem?” Then, I would’ve gotten security and EVERY single time they made a PEEP, I would’ve complained about them. Then, I would write a letter to the theater IF they didn’t have the girls thrown out. I paid money to see a movie, I didn’t get to see the movie because some stupid kids were misbehaving, and then security didn’t do a damn thing?

    Oh they would’ve hated me by the end of the night. That’s for sure.

    That or called a supervisor.

    Kids these days are so bad. I tell you what if I acted like that in public my dad would have beat me half to death when we got to the car. Even if I was in high school.

  10. Dick says:

    Oh, man dont get me started about rudeness at movie theaters or I will have to tell you what happens to me every time I go to a concert! But that’s a subject for another round of complaints. I have not done the 3D movie thing yet but I can tell you that I would have put up with that behavior for about 30 seconds before going balistic. I just don’t have the patience anymore, and if I spend that kind of money I expect to be able to enjoy myself. As for the aunt in your story – loser!

  11. nick says:

    I was totally in your corner, 100% sympathetic, until you suggested that somehow requiring people to pay more will keep out the “riff raff.” In my experience it’s the financially comfortable who are dicks oblivious to other people’s struggles. If I had to guess, those teenage girls are closer to your income bracket than mine, since it’s been years since I could comfortably afford to attend a movie paying for two people, nevermind three.

    You had a legitimate concern, why bring weird money politics into it?

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