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July 30, 2010 by admncc

I’d like to introduce you to Basil Marceaux.  He’s a candidate for Governor of Tennessee.  And he has some very interesting opinions.

For starters, according to an article on Zimbio, if elected, Marceaux “plans to remove all gold fringe flags from the state, stop traffic stops and plant grass or vegetation across the state.”  In the same article, he was also quoted as saying, “Vote for me, and if I win, I will immune you from all state crimes for the rest of your life.”  Sweet!  He’s also thinking about eliminating the permits required to carry a firearm and then fining anyone who doesn’t have a firearm.  LOL.  Wow!

Now, in typical “I want to be in the news” fashion, he has started suing people.  And get this; he’s obsessed with “slavery at traffic stops.”  Hmmm…slavery at traffic stops.  I do not really understand that.  According to an article on Wonkette, Marceaux has:

  • Filed a suit against Governor Sunquest for promoting Slavery in Tennessee.
  • Filed a suit against a judge for promoting slavery at traffic stops.
  • Filed a suit against all local TV stations for promoting slavery at traffic stops.
  • Filed a suit against the Chattanooga Free Press, the Tennessean and the Hamilton County District Attorney for extortion, jury fixing, racketeering and promoting slavery at traffic stops.

Wow, the Tennessee Gubernatorial election this fall should be interesting.  Hey, you never know – this is his ninth run for public office.  Maybe the ninth times is the charm.  Note to self – do not travel to Tennessee anytime soon…  And thanks to Leo Nevoli for the story lead.

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  1. That sounds worse that Texas. I think I will also bypass Tennessee!

  2. Jane says:

    He won’t win. But it should make things interesting at least.

  3. tera says:

    Uh…I seriously don’t even know what to say about that!

  4. tera says:

    Ok, well, actually I do, but I don’t think that kind of language is appropriate on this blog! 🙂
    (He sounds like a lot of my callers on 911…how much you wanna bet he harasses the 911 system where he lives?)

  5. i live in illinois, okay.

    nothing surprises me and the only way we can go is up. this tennessee guy sounds positively charming!

  6. NeoConDon says:

    You’re right Blunt Delivery…With Obama and Blago, this Tennessee guy is “mainstream”…

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