Poor LiLo

July 20, 2010 by admncc

I can’t believe that some TV stations made such a big deal out of the Lindsay Lohan going-to-prison-motorcade today.  Cameras were everywhere.  For what?!  To watch her get out of her car, walk 50 yards and enter the facility.  Wow!  A whopping 20 seconds of excitement!  Geez, I hope she is OK.  Wait a minute – who cares?  She screwed up, she broke the law, she didn’t follow her probation requirements and now she’s incarcerated for 23 days (that’s better than the 90-day sentence she originally received).

So to all the LiLo fans out there, I assure you that she’ll be OK.  The word is that she’s already negotiating a $1M payday for an exclusive post-incarceration interview.  LOL.  Of course she is.  And of course an agency will pay it.  That never ceases to amaze me.  Anyway, back to the LiLo fans, I did some quick research for you.  Below is the address where you can write to Lindsay for the next 23 days (she could be released in as little as 14 days).  So send her the cards and get-well wishes.  Since she can only shower every other day, can’t use Twitter and can’t wear hair extensions, she needs your love and support right now.

Lindsay Lohan, Inmate
Lynwood Correctional Facility
c/o Century Regional Detention Facility
11705 Alameda Street
Lynwood, CA 90262

Mug Shot Courtesy of TMZ

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  1. Blah. I’ll save my postage.

    Yeah, poor baby.


  2. Jane says:

    LOL. I’m not writing to her. But smart idea posting this. You’re going to get a lot of traffic from people looking for the address.

  3. Timmy says:

    LILo, LiLo…it’s off to jail you go!

  4. i’m SO writing her. don’t even think i won’t!

    I’m SO FRIGGEN sick of celebrities and their jailhouse drama. they aren’t even in real jail. i can’t even handle it.

    oh, how i long for the days of lindsey racing around a vw beetle in a white suit.

  5. C. Princess says:

    I hope Lindsey is able to turn her life around and get her life back on track to where it once was before her life began to spiral downwards.

  6. Sugar says:

    She looks dirty and used.

  7. At least when she gets out of prison she’ll be a redhead again, which is my preference. (assuming dye is not part of the bare-bones toiletries provided in prison)

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