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June 15, 2010 by admncc

Here at The Constant Complainer, in addition to my posts, readers can submit Guest Posts on topics they’d like to complain about.  Tall Elf is back with a new Guest Post today.  Now, let me say that I know Timmy always gives me a hard time for publishing posts about things that don’t directly affect me.  But there are some stories that are just so ridiculous, that they warrant a discussion.  And Tall Elf has found a great one here.  So without further adieu, here’s Tall Elf…

There are many different diets that people try nowadays.  Some are high fat/low carb.  Some are high carb/no fat.  Others include a balanced diet with exercise.  All of them have one advantage – weight loss.  However, each one also has a disadvantage – depravation of one particular food group (with the exception of the balanced diet and exercise).

Anyway, I’m not talking about any of these.  Instead, let’s discuss a woman in Old Bridge, N.J.  She is trying to become the heaviest woman in America.  According to a Today Show story, Donna Simpson is currently 600 lbs and plans to reach 1,000 lbs.  You can read the full story here.

The worst part is that she is purposefully trying to cash in on her situation.  She wants to gain weight, wants a reality show and recently received a book offer.  And they say she spends about $750 per week on groceries (Editor’s note from The Constant Complainer – I spend about $150 per week for my entire family).

Donna has also started modeling at Super Sized Bombshells (warning – must be 18 or older to enter), where you can pay to watch her eat greasy foods or walk to her car.  I am not sure why someone would do this to themselves and/or why another person would pay to watch it.  The medical complications on her body coupled with the expenses are not going to bode well for her or her two children.

Pretty soon we’ll be watching a TV special about her and the struggles that she faced leading up to her death, which will be extremely unfortunate and will have been preventable.  I just cannot understand why someone would let themselves go to the point that it becomes a challenge and an occupation.

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  1. NeoConDon says:

    This woman is trying to commit suicide…who are we to say what she can and can’t do. Her body belongs to her.

    I disagree with one of Tall Elf’s points: I think the BEST part about this story is that she’s purposefully trying to cash in on her situation. There is a huge audience for this type of story…

  2. C. Princess says:

    TLC has a couple of reality shows where they deal with morbidly obese people/families and their struggle to lose weight but this is the first time I’ve heard of someone doing the opposite.

    I don’t know what to say other than the medical dangers of gaining so much weight is incredibly fatal. She’s already at 600 pounds and has type 2 diabetes and I can’t imagine how much stress is already on her heart.

    “There is a huge audience for this type of story”

    Neo is right. Just watch an episode of Jerry Springer during sweeps week.

  3. Hal says:

    It pisses me off that this woman is basically destroying her own body in an effort to get a reality TV show or a book deal. How pathetic, sad, ridiculous and foolish. She is literally going to kill herself and leave her kids without their mother. What does that accomplish? And the father doesn’t seem much better, considering he’s totally supporting what she’s doing.

  4. It’s pathetic what people will watch on TV.

  5. Leo Nevoli says:

    Great we have it all now: Balloon Boy, Boat Girl, and The Fat Chick. People are doing stupid things to get themselves rich off of reality shows.
    Next thing you know someone will pitch a show about ordinary people sitting around a table complaining about things on TV, events of the world, parenting, all while showing cell phone photos of things they find worth complaining about.

  6. The Constant Complainer says:

    Leo, I laughed out loud when I read your comment. And yeah, I’d watch that show!

  7. Timmy says:

    I would watch a show titled “The adventures of Balloon Boy and the Boat Girl.” Sounds like an episode of L O S T.

    I wont watch fatty’s show if she gets one. Im only into watching skinny good looking people on television. Hollywood has convinced me that is the only body image I should find attractive

    And Leo the other show you are referring to in your post was called Seinfeld, without cell phone photos, of course. I never realized how much this site resembles the premise of that show.

    @Hal – why does it piss you off? It doesn’t affect you. ( that is until were paying for this “tub of lards” health insurance, shout out to NCD) All you have to do is not watch her. Don’t let it get you down man!

  8. tera says:

    Ask the hubby, the phrase that I say probably more than any other these days (well, question, actually…) is “What the hell is wrong with people?”

    Your last post got to me because, while I agree that Ashley Madison can do whatever she wants (which apparently includes going to hell, in my opinion) what I am truly offended at is that I have to see her face and ads plastered around. I don’t want that thrown in my face. If it’s something that someone wants, believe me, there are ways to find it without public ads. Whatever.

    The thing that really gets me foaming-at-the-mouth pissed off, though, is not that the fat lady wants to cash in on her fatness, or that she wants to publicly humiliate herself or kill herself or whatever her goal is, it’s that SHE HAS CHILDREN! Where the hell is their father, or her family?? Her kids need to be taken away and raised by sane, caring people instead of subjecting them to this lunatic.
    THAT is what really disgusts me.

    What the hell IS wrong with people, anyway?

  9. NeoConDon says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Timmy…

    The effects of this person on me is not a product of her behavior, it is a product of socialism and tyranny. If this woman wants to do these things to herself, who is anyone to say she can’t?…I shouldn’t be forced to take care of her or her family…who is anyone to say I must?

  10. Jacki says:

    $750/week in groceries?? I hate spending $150/week! And just think how many hungry people that would feed!! What disgusts me is that there are people in this country that literally cannot afford to put food on their table to feed their children, yet publishers, tv execs, etc. are going to encourage this type of excess! All the money being spent to feed her fat ass should be donated to food banks.

  11. Okay seriously. Let the fat chick kill herself. Seriously. I mean its not coming out of MY pocket is it? Wait, she doesn’t live in Quebec does she?

    I can’t believe that someone would want to become the fattest woman alive. Wow what high goals she is aspiring to. Here I gained 5 lbs and freaked out trying to lose the weight. I guess some people like being lumps of lard. (Yeah I know, totally politically correct here)

    This reminds me of a news story I had heard a few years ago. Somewhere in England the government wanted to stop treating obese people under health care because they felt it was an issue that the person could deal with on their own. Unless you can prove that you have OTHER health problems that cause you to gain weight they don’t want to use tax payers money to treat people who just love to eat and not take care of themselves. The reason I remember is because Quebec thought it was a good idea and also entertained the idea of not using tax payer money to treat smokers with cancer or other smoking related illness. Obviously the law never passed…

    Anyway, again, if Aspiring Cow Girl wants to become…a cow…thats her own problem. I most certainly would not watch her show on tv, read her book, or pay money to watch her stuff her face with fried lard and then waddle to her car. That’s just gross.

  12. Candice says:

    I find it insane that people PAY to watch this woman eat herself to death when some people actually NEED to eat.

  13. Sugar says:

    She calls herself member of the “fat acceptance community.”
    WTF? If you are overweight and perfectly healthy, then by all means, go ahead with your life. But if you have medical complications from being too overweight, then that’s a problem. Do you know who started the “fat acceptance community?” A FAT PERSON WHO HAS NO PLAN OF TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEMSELVES AND GETTING OFF THEIR FAT ASSES AND EXERCISING! Losing weight isn’t easy, but you can’t give up at it.

    If she wants to be the fattest woman, then so be it.

    But, what I would like to know is if she or her family is on any government assistance. If so then it needs to end right now. Why should the public have to support her Doctor visits, diabetes medication, and out of control food habits?

  14. Sugar says:

    Oh, and what healthy person goes to the Doctors every 3 months?

  15. Tristan says:

    “…leading up to her death, which will be extremely unfortunate and will have been preventable.”

    Natural selection is not unfortunate. You could even say this is a shining example of its benefit to a population.

  16. Jen says:

    I think she is so selfish to burden her children with the inevitable debt that must be piling up between groceries and dr.’s bills, not to mention a mother who is unable to play or even interact with them if it involves moving more than 20 feet. But, hey, maybe she is independently wealthy…though, somehow I doubt it since she is trying to sell pictures of herself to pay for groceries.

    As an aside, how the hell did Jeremy Piven get “mercury poisoning from sushi” when this chick is eating 70 pieces in a sitting?

  17. Angelica says:

    I’m a chunky girl and press for Fat Acceptance but MY GOD, how disgusting can one person be?

  18. TallElf says:

    There is a difference between a healthy chunk… and a chunk of your health everytime you take a bite…

  19. Zig the "People" person says:

    This woman should be a hero to all the “over wheight” people out there. She knows what she is doing will hurt her, but she continues to Thumb her nose at all the anarexic/pseudo beauty queens out there. I think she is great and the rest of the people who think she is wrong can just F— OFF!

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