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June 11, 2010 by admncc

Have you heard of the Ashley Madison web site?  Unless you frequently read TMZ, you may not have.  And that’s OK.  Because it is a web site that promotes adultery.  And because of that, I have a huge problem with them.  But it’s the publicity they received yesterday (for another reason) that may equally upset you.

Let me set the stage for this discussion…  In New York, there are two professional football teams – the New York Giants and the New York Jets.  Meadowlands Stadium is being built so both teams can play there.  And as all of you know, large companies typically step forward and offer significant amounts of money to get the “naming rights” for a stadium.  Two examples are Progressive Field in Cleveland and PNC Park in Pittsburgh.  Well, TMZ is reporting that Noel Biderman, the founder of Ashley Madison, has offered $25M for the naming rights to Meadowlands Stadium.  You can read the entire story here.

The running joke on the Internet today is that the NFL now has 25 million reasons to promote adultery.  I, for one, hope they are smart enough to realize that this is nothing more than a PR stunt by Ashley Madison.  I mean, Ashley Madison Stadium!?  I think not.

Maybe people have become immune to hearing about infidelity because of stories in the news and the ongoing bizarre behavior that many celebrities exhibit.  But it’s no laughing matter in my opinion.  Affairs, both physical and emotional, can be devastating to families and marriages.  The sad thing is that according to Ashley Madison’s web site, they have 6,205,000 registered members.  Their motto is “Life is Short.  Have an Affair.”  I say, “Honor Your Marriage or Get a Divorce.”

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  1. C. Princess says:

    In the city I’ve seen the Ashley Madison ads on the sides of buses.

  2. carma says:

    much as I disagree with the message – $25M is $25M

  3. Jen says:

    The fact that there are websites like this is disgusting, but I guess they wouldn’t be in business if there weren’t scumbag cheaters in the world. Whatever, to each his own.

    But when you start considering a stadium named after this site I think that crosses the line. I know many of you will disagree with me, but I still maintain that athletes and sports in general has a responsibility to maintain a certain level of decorum as they are role models.

    Many children look up to these people and the game of football/baseball in general. Let’s put it this way – how would you like to come up with an answer when you take your kid to a ball game and he asks you who Ashley Madison is?

  4. It won’t get any of my $$.

    It’s all about the money….and it’s pathetic.

  5. TallElf says:

    Sad part is that how many of those members are in the NFL? I have to wonder. Also, they are a little too late with getting in on that action. Adultresses have been profiting off of the Giants for years. (I.E. Lawrence Taylor)

  6. NeoConDon says:

    If a business like this is able to survive, and provides services that people will pay for, so be it. Their bid for naming rights is likely a bid for free advertisment, nothing more. The NFL would not cheapen its image on purpose like that, and they get final say on everything…it simply wouldn’t happen.

    As immoral and disgusting as it is, if someone else wants to have an affair, it doesn’t harm me or cost me anything so it’s none of my business….unless they’re a public official that lies about it to a Grand Jury under oath.

  7. Titfortat says:

    Lol, considering the divorce rate there sure seems to be a lot of Immoral people. Good thing we know most of them eh. 😉

  8. Zig the "People" person says:

    If my son asked me who is Ashley Madison (AM), I would use it as a teachable moment. I would tell him that AM was some homewrecker whore. Who cares…

    Cheaters will cheat matter what. That is why this idiot has $25M!

  9. Extreme John says:

    O.k. let me start by saying…….. Suuuuuuuup!!!! Hope everything is well bro, was hoping to hear back from you by now in regards to your email.

    Anyway, I have been reading your blog for a long time and we have goner back and forth and always been honest in regards to comments and whatever else, we both do “other stuff” soooo it’s o.k to be fired up. Now with that being said I want to say that I was going to read the second paragraph and decided not to, based on the first paragraph. Ashley Madison provides a service to people that pay and WANT that service to be provided…. Free country, remember it? People make a choice to go on Ashley Madison in the same way that people on Ashley Madison make the choice of being listed there, anything after that doesn’t matter.

    Adult do dumb things. People make mistakes. People have choices and make them. Not all of the choices made are great or are choices you would agree with, who cares. You don’t have to agree in the same way I don’t have to agree, you don’t like Ashley Madison and I don’t like when people judge others based on their own views without realizing they also have double standards. Hate my views like AM, I don’t care and it’s not personal based on you or anyone that’s commented here. I am just saying, who cares. Why the f$%# would I give two ratts asses about someone signing up for or wanting to be listed on AM? Ridiculous.

    Love ya baby and see you soon 🙂 Have the reader fired up and honestly need to blow some steam off, some of this crap cracks me up. Like everyone is friggin perfect. Haha.

  10. MajorLeague09 says:

    I think AM is doing this just for the pr. There is no way the NFL would allow them to buy the naming rights to the stadium. I mean, let’s look at the half-time shows for the superbowl since the Janet Jackson boob incident. They haven’t had a performer under the age of 60 since then. On the other hand, no families can afford to go to sports games anymore so it doesn’t matter if it’s family friendly or not.

  11. Angelica says:

    This is seriously disgusting and I am completely opposed to that, all of it anyway. Adultery or even using their money and promoting their image. DISGUSTING.

  12. Zig the "People" person says:

    I think far to many people think, or pretend to think or care, about stuff way tomuch. WTF? Who cares what one’s neighbor does to get his rocks off? Tell me how my neighbor’s marriage/fideliy effects me! It doesn’t! All these people who call affairs of the heart and body “Disgusting” and”immoral” have never experienced anything close to being put in the situation.

    NCD, how does a Public official lying under oath, to a grand jury, effect you, again? It doesn’t! Go watch your kids and stop posting crap, you Lorain county born and bred Trash!

  13. Jen says:

    It’s a shame Extreme John didn’t read the second paragraph since he sounded off on the wrong debate.

  14. NeoConDon says:

    Public officials are held to a higher standard Zig. A person willing to lie under oath will lie at any time for any reason are not worthy of being our public servants. If a public official has an affair while in office, it really doesn’t effect me…I simply won’t vote for them the next time around. But lying under oath effects all of us…what else is the scum-bag lying about?

  15. Dan says:

    Extreme John was a little fiesty, wasn’t he. Although it’s tough to make a point when you don’t read the whole post. Others cheating isn’t my problem. But I don’t like it either.

  16. Timmy says:


    In your attempt to villify Ashley Madison, you’ve done exactly what they were looking for people to do. The NFL isn’t going to allow such a business to name stadiums, especially for the paltry sum of 25 million dollars. But you and others have given them the “airtime” they were looking for by blogging about them and talking about them and they got it for FREE.

    It was all about publicity. I know this company because I have and listen to Siris/XM radio. They do a fair amount of advertising on the Howard Stern show and on Opie and Anthony’s show as well. They recently gave out 100,000 prize to the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty contest on the Stern show.

    When they did that not only did they get their commercials played on Sirius but every local news channel in the country picked up the story ran with it to discuss what jerks they were. 100,000 was a drop in the bucket compared to what they gained with all that PR. You may not like the business that they are running, but they are damn good marketers, and know exactly what they are doing on that front.

    I find it hard to believe that you don’t understand how that game works.

    Good day!

  17. Tristan says:

    I think Ashley Madison provides a great service. They no doubt help to spread AIDS and other disease to those who lack integrity and honor, which in time helps to eliminate said traits from society. It would be fantastic if the football stadium was to accept the offer, also, as that would provide another incentive for parents to end the glorification of athletes, as though their very existence has not become a net loss for society, anyway.

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