He’s How Old

May 26, 2010 by admncc

I’ve written several posts in the past about my dislike for smoking.  My mother smoked while she was pregnant with me.  As a result, I was born two months early.  And I’ve despised smoking since I was old enough to know what happened.

However, I realize people are still going to do it, so as long as it’s not being done around me or my family, people can do what they want.  That doesn’t mean that I have to like it when people smoke in the entrance to a business I’m entering or in their cars at intersections (both of which can affect me).  But it’s impossible to control all of that.  Although, needless to say, I have been very satisfied with some of the recent anti-smoking legislation that has been passed (at least in my state).

Anyway, the below-story takes the cake for both the most ridiculous smoking story I’ve ever heard and the parents of the year contest.

Ardi Rizal, a two-year-old Indonesian boy smokes currently smokes 40 cigarettes a day.  His father introduced him to smoking when he was 18 months old.  “Despite local officials’ offer to buy the Rizal family a new car if the boy quits, his parents feel unable to stop him because he throws massive tantrums if they don’t indulge him.”  The boy’s parents believe that Ardi now craves nicotine and cannot stop smoking.  His mother has said, “He’s totally addicted.  If he doesn’t get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall.  He tells me he feels dizzy and sick.”  You can read the entire story and view pictures of Ardi here.  You can also see the soon-to-become viral video of him smoking here.  Ah, parenting at it’s finest…

I sent the article to Snopes for evaluation because a few of my friends refused to believe that it was true.  And I’d like to thank Jen from Hope Studios for bringing the story to my attention.

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  1. Angelica says:

    Alright, I’ll say it: THAT’S F*!@ING SICK.

  2. Extreme John says:

    Unfuc&ing real! Honestly, that just made me sick to my stomach.

  3. Dan says:

    CC has said it before. Some kids never have a chance because of their parents. That video made me sick.

  4. Disgusting. I hope there is a special place in Hell for these folks.

  5. Jen says:

    When I watched this video I was astounded, then angry, then sad. This poor kid is going to be wracked with emphysema when he’s 10!

  6. NeoConDon says:

    That’s very unfortunate. These are probably people trying to get a free ride by attracting all of the attention. Still, $2.25 a pack is a real good price. The commies in Ohio have gotten our smokes up to over $6.

  7. Marissa says:

    Obviously his smoking hasn’t suppressed his appetite.

  8. Tristan says:

    Natural selection is important for the advancement of a species.

  9. Zig the "People" person says:

    That video is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. I can’t stand to watch, but I can’t look away. Luckily, in the US, we have a loving Government that would put a stop to the child’s assanine behavior…

  10. Tristan says:

    Come off it, Zig. You just like it when the Ministry of Love goes ball sack deep on your asinine ass.

  11. NeoConDon says:

    …and let’s face it, this could be a huge lie designed to get the bleeding hearts mad. This “baby” could be a lot older than anyone is saying. Here’s a video of an American 16 year-old that resembles a 6 month-old…

  12. carissa says:

    Dude. That is seriously the sickest thing I have ever seen. I realllly hope that somewhere along the line we’ll find out that this was a joke of sorts.. though it seems unlikely. Sick sick sick!

  13. C. Princess says:

    I don’t even know what to say to that video. I have no words.

    In general I don’t have a problem with smokers…as long as they don’t smoke near me.

  14. Disgusting. 100% disgusting. I cannot for the life of me believe that a PARENT would give their child a cigarette. Seriously? I’m a new mom and I would kill anyone who handed one to my child.

    I’m happy to know that I live in a country where the government would step in and take a child away from the fuct up parents. Obviously those people are unfit to raise children.

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