May 14, 2010 by admncc

My city recently received a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.  As a result, the city advertised that residents could apply for free monies under this program to use towards weatherization.

One of the parameters under which you could apply for money was to use it to buy a new energy-efficient furnace.  That caught my eye, so I called the city to inquire.  The woman who answered the phone told me that residents could receive between $1,000 and $2,500, based on their income, and that the monies could also be used towards new windows.

We have a home warranty in place, so even though our furnace is older, it’s not a big deal, because it’s covered under the warranty.  But a free new one would still be nice!  The woman at the city told me that because my wife and I both work, we’d qualify for the minimum, $1,000.  I knew I could buy and install a top-of-the-line furnace for less than $1,000.  So I asked her to mail me the application.

The woman at the city had told me that their phone was ringing off the hook, so I figured I better act quickly.  I received the application, completed it and mailed it back the same day.  A few days ago, the woman called me back.  Apparently my application had been approved, but she said all applications were contingent on the “final step.”  First, we had to agree to undergo an energy efficiency test in our home.  I expected that because if we’re going to use their money to get a free new furnace, they obviously would want to verify that our home could benefit from it.  But much to my surprise, they needed a lot more information.  This is what they requested:

  • Last four pay stubs
  • 2009 W-2’s
  • 2009 income tax returns
  • Latest savings account statement
  • Latest checking account statement
  • Latest monthly mortgage statement
  • Homeowner’s policy

And they wanted this information for both my wife and me.  I felt they were asking for too much information.  They said they needed documentation to justify the grant money and where it was going, because every resident was eligible to apply, no matter what their income was.

Needless to say, we passed on the offer because we questioned why they needed so much personal information about us and we felt as though we weren’t being told everything

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  1. Good Grief, Charlie Brown, that’s ridiculous!

  2. TallElf says:

    All for the cost of efficiency. Ironic isn’t it.

  3. Angelica says:

    Sounds fishy to me!

  4. NeoConDon says:

    The federal gov’t is doing everything it can to access private information. They take that info and determine how much of a slave you’re capable of becoming. Believe me, the LAST place you should turn to for help is the gov’t.

    p.s. AVOID the “free” thermostat…

  5. Jen says:

    Yikes! That’s a lot of info! Why would they possibly need all this info from you when they have all your tax records from the past year? Huh?

  6. Jacki says:

    Isn’t that some crap! Yeah, I know I would turn down the offer. You’d probably end up with some tax bill next year with a note “We noticed you have some extra money laying around….”

    I wonder how much money it is costing the government to “administrate” this new program!

  7. Zig the "People" person says:

    What are you hiding? You just turned down free money. The Gov. already has accesss to all that information, idiot! Were you embarressed because you make so much money or because you make so much money and are looking for a “Handout.” Either way, you are an idiot for getting that free money!

  8. Hal says:

    Zig, I think you missed the point of this post. There is a difference between giving that information to your local city verses the Federal Government. And your last sentence contradicted the rest of your comment.

  9. NeoConDon says:

    I think Zig is a perfect example of how little our gov’t “workers” know…they do not have access to that information. The feds can not share information about a person with other departments. The states also cannot do that. Remember when Joe the Plumber’s information was illegally accessed and shared among the liberal democrat elitists? That’s illegal.

    The State Dept. cannot simply get information from the IRS without following the legal processes. But, with a Tyrant living in the White House that chooses which laws to follow or not follow, looks like those pesky laws don’t matter…I can’t wait until the moron in the white house is impeached.

  10. Hal says:

    Hey Zig. Blahawahahahahaha.

  11. Hal says:

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

  12. Zig the "People" person says:

    NCD, you are a huge moron. Stick to the chickenlittle, politico, bullshit talk and let me handle the stuff that matters. And any agency in the Federal Government can request anytyhing they want from another agency within the Federal Government. All the first agecy needs is a is a documented interest/need to know. That is known as the legal/investigative process at work. You contradict yourself. Hasanyoneelsenoticed that NCD speaks like an authority about many topics,but actually is a stay at home father who’s only interaction with the outsideworld is when he posts on this board and when he picks up the paper at the end of the driveway each morning? He is an ASSHOLE! Hal is a NCD manwhore…

  13. Tristan says:

    There is no such thing as a free lunch.

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