Pony Up the Dough

April 1, 2010 by admncc

TMZ is reporting today that Tiger Woods may have paid Rachel Uchitel as much as $10M for her silence.  You can read the entire story here.  My favorite part is when they say that “Tiger was so concerned with the depth and detail of information from Alleged Mistress #1” that he “folded like a cheap suit” and settled.  Why am I not surprised?

The report also says that other alleged mistresses may have received “several hundred thousand dollars.”  It’s a great time to be a Woods’ alleged mistress, I guess…  So what do you think?  He didn’t want the press, she had too many stories to tell or both?  And don’t say it’s not our business, because if it keeps getting reported on, I’m going to talk about it.  LOL.  So run with it and let the Tiger bashing begin.

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  1. Zig the "People" person says:

    Tiger is a great American, dammit!

  2. Dan says:

    If you’re famous, watch out. This could happen to you. So don’t stray because you’ll either get caught or get sued. Cheating happens, as terrible as it is. But I can’t even imagine what goes on in shark tank Hollywood.

  3. I wish Tiger would go back into the woods and stay there.

  4. C. Princess says:

    I’m giggling at the comment left by ReformingGeek. Funny!

  5. Timmy says:

    I heard Woods and Couples hooked up for a practice round before the Masters…..sounds kinky!

  6. TallElf says:

    That is some funny stuff right there. I caught an article the other day that said that Jordan taught Woods how to be a scuz bag player. I am not sure if that held any weight, but if you think about it. Playing that many holes, and slam dunkin your balls seem to go hand in hand. No pun intended.

    By the way, if tiger would have kept his woods in his own bag.. I guess he could have saved some dough.

  7. ZXT says:

    You bet its a great time to be Tiger’s mistress. Don’t you think they all know this would happen? Time to cash in I guess.

  8. Jacki says:

    That 10 million could have gone so more worth causes, in my opinion.

    Oh, and did she pay taxes on that?? Excuse me, IRS? Time for an audit! At a time when we middle class Americans are getting shafted with taxes, she better have paid taxes on that!!

  9. When all else fails, throw money!

  10. TallElf says:

    Saw a sign on a store in Mansfield PA by the college that said “Having Marriage problems?” on one side. On the other “Buy your Spouse a Toyota” I don’t know if that might go here? But it may have been a way for Tiger to recoup some of his losses. “Hey there mistress, how bout a new car. here’s the keys”

  11. Timmy says:


    I think maybe you missed the joke on your billboard. It may have been reffering to the fact that Toyota cars can’t stop.

    Having marriage problems….send your spouse to a fiery death…er I mean Buy a Toyota.

  12. Extreme John says:

    Happy Easter bro.

    I will say that my life line for this story has run out, it was exciting for the first week or so but since has bored me. No doubt the guy is going to pay people to shuttie, his life came undone in the matter of a few hours. His scheme, plans, everything.

  13. NeoConDon says:

    That question on taxes is interesting…is a gift considered taxable income…??? If not, I can see the Tyrant in the White House and the rest of the tax cheats that work for King Barry getting ready to pass a bill…”if you get paid to keep your mouth shut, and then don’t, you must consider the hush money as income and pay taxes…”

    Now that I think about it, I don’t think a single politician would vote for that bill…They’d all eventually pay a lot more in taxes…

  14. Jen says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine what in the world these girls know that hasn’t already come out…scary to think! Man, the Master’s is going to get the best ratings EVER on Thursday!

    Hey, TallElf! I grew up in Mansfield Pa! Small world 🙂

  15. Tiger is too cheap to have paid that much money to any woman. He rarely carries any cash around, expecting people to be in such awe of him they are only too happy to pay his tab just to be able to say they did! Just like those rich baseball players, they make millions and want everything free.

  16. TallElf says:

    Timmy, I think you missed the boat. 10 mill to a mistress, or $32,245. for the Avalon. I would take the $32,245 if I was Tiger. Even after insurance paid in full for the year, he is still WAAAAAAAAAAAY ahead of the game.

  17. TallElf says:


    Interesting to see someone else from my neck of the woods. I guess that goes along with the mickymouse shirt that I posted about in another post . it IS a small world.

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