Tiger 2.0

March 26, 2010 by admncc

The “He’s the Moron Jesse James” post from last week was a lot of fun.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of the comments and the bashing that took place.  It was very obvious that our readers support the beloved Sandra Bullock.

However it seems that Jesse is apparently Tiger Woods reincarnated.  If you haven’t been following the story, Jesse is now up to three alleged mistresses.

TMZ reported his first alleged mistress here, the second one here and the third one here.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, Sandra is 1,000,000 hotter than all of them.  Now I wonder how long the list will get and how quick Sandra will be to take action (the rumor is that she has already “lawyered-up”).

Jesse James is an idiot!  And even though Timmy or Don will probably say that we shouldn’t care, will someone please explain Hollywood marriages to me…

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  1. Timmy says:

    Hey there, can I get the 5000th comment on this post instead? I love me some Hollywood gossip, I read my wife’s People magazine and Entertainment Weekly almost every week. Catch TMZ when i’m flipping through channels as well. I just don’t see why celebrities owe the American public apologies for their marital infidelities. I never said you shouldn’t talk about it or care about it.

    Did you see the story on the 6th on January where Sandra says that if she were Elin she would have gotten a bat instead of a golf club…(snickers)….Well dear, the time has come to swing away!

    I wonder how long before Jesse is forced to make a public apology to his Monster Garage fans (I think that is his show, not for sure though, but either way you get my point)

  2. Sex addiction? Is it real? Who knows but I do think he has to be a special kind of stupid.

  3. NeoConDon says:

    Has anyone thought that it’s possible that being married to Sandra Bullock isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be?…possible?

    Anyway, the last real Hollywood marriage was Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

  4. Zig the "People" person says:

    The only way one can explain James’s affinity for trash is illustrated by the comment, “Men want what they don’t have.” Isn’t it funny how men choose to have marital infidelities with women so much different from their current partner. Are men dogs or are women forcing men to look elsewhere for sexual fulfillment? My solution to this question is that men need to lower their expectations about fulfillmenmt… The media sexes up the world and men feel they need ultra deviant sexual experiences to feel fulfilled. I don’t agree with it, but that is what’s happening. I love sex. I don’t really like deviant sex.

    The marriage between Ronald and Nancy Reagan was a sham. I heard that they each had multiple partners on the side. I heard Ronald Reagan was actually gay and was in an extramarital relationship with his secretary of state! And Nancy eat at the Y regularly.

  5. NeoConDon says:

    I wonder if Tiger Woods likes Boobs…???

  6. otin says:

    There will always be these marriage problems in Hollywood. Mix people with too much money and temptation and this is what happens.

  7. Titfortat says:


    “They had a meeting for functional families, only 2 showed up. They were both in denial.”

  8. Zig the "People" person says:

    I can tell you, NCD. I LOVE BOOBS! The bigger the better.

    Marriage problems are not a result of to much money. Marriage problems are a result of a moral, ethical and responsiblity problem in Hollywood!

  9. Titfortat says:

    Marriage problems are a result of a moral, ethical and responsiblity problem in Hollywood!(Zig)

    My wife read about a survey that asked men, “If you could cheat and get away with it, would you do it?” 87% said yes. People in Hollywood just have more opportunities to think they can get away with it. Do you think that has anything to do with money?

  10. Zig says:

    No, I don’t think it has anything to do with money. Tit, you are making a generalization. Let’s see…most people in Hollywood are also tremendously beautiful and stupid. I see it this way. Their marital infidelities is due to their lack of knowledge. They are dumb. The only thing they do all day is “act” like someone else. Also, peole in Hollywood always associate themselves with “yes” people.

    I know plenty of men with loads of money who don’t cheat on the spouse. Try again!

    Tit, would you cheat on your wife if you wouldn’t get caught? Is it really cheating if you don’t get caught? Does you wife have big boobs? Does she like deviant sex?

  11. C. Princess says:

    Despite Jesse and Tiger, there are still many celebrities who are still together.

  12. Extreme John says:

    Ahhh the things we will endure for entertainment.

    Hey on a side note bro did you catch UFC 111 last night?

  13. Titfortat says:

    Let’s see…most people in Hollywood are also tremendously beautiful and stupid.(Zig)

    Lmao, and you talk about generalizations. Beauty is dependant on who is doing the viewing. I personally dont think “most” people in Hollywood are beautiful. Mind you, some are.
    And here are your answers, maybe, yes, no, Sometimes(depending on what you think deviant is) 😉

    Extreme John

    Oh, wasnt GSP sooooo freaking dominant or what?

  14. ZXT says:

    Well Jesse James got nothing on Tiger…nothing.

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