Moron of the Week Award #15

January 7, 2010 by admncc

I’d like to nominate several people for our “Moron of the Week Award.”

Gilbert Arenas was recently suspended by the Washington Wizards for allegedly storing guns in his locker at the Verizon Center.  He also allegedly pulled a gun during a standoff with teammate Javaris Crittenton.  Multiple sources suggest that the issue at hand was a gambling debt.  There’s a surprise…

Jayson Williams, who used to play for the New Jersey Nets, was arrested on suspicion of DWI following an automobile accident where he is also believed to have fractured his neck.  However, this is not Williams’ first run-in with the law.  TMZ said it best when they pointed out that “you might remember Williams as the guy who accidentally killed his driver back in 2002 with a shotgun.”

And let’s not forget Jason Green and Melissa Jackson, The EMT’s who, according to The Associated Press, were “on a coffee break” and “failed to help a dying pregnant woman” in New York.  They “told workers” at an eatery “to call 911, then left when they were asked to help the woman.”

Who do you think should win this week’s award?

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  1. NeoConDon says:

    If I worked for the NBA I’d want to carry my gun to work too…

    Josh Cribbs should get the moron of the week award for blabbling his mouth about a new contract. He’s really making himself look stupid.

  2. Jacki says:

    I think the paramedics…we expect professional athletes to act stupid, but those two paramedics were just awful. I wonder how they feel now, knowing the woman died and they could have prevented it?

  3. Leo Nevoli says:

    I have to agree with Jacki. People are beginning to expect athletes to do stupid things now a days. Carry a gun, spit a drink in someone’s face, DUI, run over a dog, etc. Athletes are going to screw up and it will be glorified more because they “Are role models”.

    The Paramedics deserve the award, and a termination letter. Years ago I was on my way to the movies with a friend that was an EMT. We seen a car pull out in to an intersection and get hit by a car that ran a stop sign. He wasted no time in getting out of the car and tending to the victims. After things settled down, and he got back in the car he said “sorry guys, it’s my job, I was first on the scene.” We missed the movie, but went to dinner.

  4. Zig the "People" person says:

    I nominate Josh Cribbs for moron. He is just creating enimies with the same people who control his destiny. He has 3 years left on his current contract, at 1 million a year… to run back kicks! Thaty’s right…he makes a million a year. He wants more. If the Browns want to redo his contract, they will. But, what is the incentive? He will sit out a year (Oh, please NO, Josh) and lose all of his potetial future value and ability to make money from playing a game. Josh will be back with the team and they may rework his contract. But, it’s not because of any of the theatrics he pulled this week! Josh Cribbs is a stinking crybaby. Do your job! With everything going on with the economy in his home city,Cleveland,(i.e. people losing their homes, jobs and 401k value) I say let him rot on the bench! He should be ashamed and embarressed! He plays a game!

  5. NeoConDon says:

    …I sort of agree with Zig…(AMAZING)…but if you’ve ever had a “conversation” with Josh Cribbs, he’s not the brightest of people. He’s clearly doing what his moron of an agent is telling him to do. Josh Cribbs will get a fair deal. He’s worth a lot more than what he’s making. He’ll get it. Let Holmgren take his coat off and get settled in. The way Josh Cribbs gave that interview at the Cavs game a couple nights ago was plain stupid, and he’s turning off a lot of fans. Many of those fans have either lost their job, or are preparing to lose their job…and he’s complaining about making $800,000 per year?

  6. TallElf says:

    I would have to say that the EMT’s are the moron of the week. There are people who are not certified who will step up to the plate in an emergency situation, but if it is what you are trained to do, DO YOUR JOB. Cribs might be a crybaby, but he does do his job. (and might I add a damn good job on the field. but a Piss poor job off the field). His job does not involve life and death.

  7. Extreme John says:

    Has top be Gilbert Arenas, I would go with the couple that didn’t help the pregnant woman in New York but nothing like that shocks me these days.

  8. Hal says:

    I agree with Extreme John’s vote.

    And Don and Zig, you are absolutely correct about Joshua Cribbs. He is simply saying what his agent is telling him to. I mean, the guy is under contract for two or three more years, right? So he can’t negotiate with another team. Plus, he was earning slightly under $1M, right. Didn’t the Browns offer to raise that to about $1.5M? He isn’t going to get a better deal anywhere else. He is a Special Teams player who also does the “Wildcat” once in a while. He is not a QB and not a Receiver, so he shouldn’t get that kind of money. Plus, they say he’s the best on the Browns. That’s fine, but saying you’re the best on the worst team isn’t that great an accomplishment in my mind.

  9. Hal says:

    P.S. Thrown the book at the EMT’s. They deserve to be convicted for their failure to respond.

  10. The first two are just a-holes but the paramedics moronic behavior impacted on someone else. A helpless mom in labor! Shame on them! I agree with Hal, they should go to jail.

  11. Zig the "People" person says:

    Hal, I heard a good criticism of Josh the other day. Look, teams don’t have to kick to him on kickoffs or on punts. Therefore, he can only do his “job” when the other teams allow him to do his JOB. That is not an enviable posiiton in which to be, when one is trying to get a new deal 2 years into a 5 year deal…IDIOT! The Brownies offered him 1.4. I think he is worth more, on par with Devon Hester, of Chicago around 3 or 4 a year. But, he wants to burn bridges. I say let him sit the bench this year. Don’t let him get out of his contract. Next year, when he is fat and slow, let him test the freeagency market. All these ideas are fantasy, because Lerner is mega rich and a real stand up, honest owner. He will rework Cribbs’ deal when all this calms down.

  12. MajorLeague09 says:

    The EMT’s should win hands down. I couldn’t believe that they could just walk out on someone who needed help. This is the career that they choose and it shouldn’t come as a surprize to them that they are pretty much on call 24/7. I hope that they lose there job, and that the family goes after them for everything they have. I know it won’t bring back there daughter, but it would help with funeral costs and possibly donate the money or start some sort of scholorship for students who actually want to be an EMT and help people.

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  14. The Jayson Williams situation is extremely sad to me. He is obviously having mental issues after accidentally killing someone through reckless behavior. He needs psychological help.

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