Bad Day

December 2, 2009 by admncc

Wow, Tiger Woods is not having a good morning.  And in my opinion, this is the prime reason why he shouldn’t have sat behind closed doors, ignored the authorities after his automobile accident and not made a statement sooner about his personal issues.

First, TMZ posted some pictures of Tiger with a mystery woman at the Tao nightclub in Las Vegas.  You can view the pictures here.

Next, TMZ obtained a voice mail that US Magazine originally posted.  Allegedly, it is Tiger leaving a voice mail for a mistress (and asking her to take her name off of her voice mail) because he fears that his wife might be calling her.  You can listen to the voice mail here.

Now, Tiger has just released a statement on his web site.  You can view his full statement here, but it starts out with:

“I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart.  I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves.  I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect.  I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family.  Those feelings should be shared by us alone…”

He’s getting pummeled by the media.  But I can’t help but wonder what he was thinking – if all of these reports turn out to be true.  A normal guy would get caught if he was acting like this.  And the world’s most famous athlete thinks he won’t…

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  1. Hal says:

    Talk about the walls crumbling down around you. I can’t even imagine having to live as a public figure these days. I don’t agree with what he may have done to his family. But this does show how quickly a media storm can crush you.

  2. carissajade says:

    I kinda feel for the guy, but then again… someone who is that much in the spotlight should try their darndest not to put themselves in such a compromising position…

    I’m glad he finally came out and said something at least!

  3. NeoConDon says:

    …we have a tyrant in the whitehouse and a bunch of mini-tyrants in congress that illegally want to force us buy health insurance, and you’re spending your time talking about someone’s private business…???

  4. Zig says:

    That’s it! I’ve seen enough! Hang ’em! He was standing next to a beautiful woman at a bar in Vegas. He is guilty of something… Of what? I don’t know, but he was definately at a bar, in the dark, and in Vegas! Need I say anymore?

  5. Timmy says:

    Tiger reinvented golf, but even he should know you can’t play two holes at the same time!

  6. I think Hal and Carissajade covered it for me. I’m disappointed when I find out that anybody has behaved like that but I’m not naive enough to think it doesn’t happen.

    He should have cooperated with the authorities.


    I think your last sentence summed it up, “the world’s most famous athlete” I think these guys all feel invincible. They have fame and wealth, anything their heart’s desire. For this reason, they bore easily. Why not walk on the wild side and spice it up?

    I’m all for privacy, but all that cash comes at a cost. You want privacy? Okay, go get a regular job and play golf on the weekends like a regular (private) guy. Like it or not, he is a roll model for our children and he is held to a high standard. Like I said, all that money comes at a price.

  8. Tristan says:

    After a rough drive, it turns out he was playing the wrong hole and got caught in a bad lie. He’s gonna lose all kinds of respect if he can’t control his wood.

  9. His media strategy has been piss-poor, to say the least, but his statement is an improvement. Given that most of his money is made on ad deals and given the target audience of his advertisers I think he’s going to be just fine.

  10. Leo Nevoli says:

    I feel bad for Tiger, but I am waiting for his Wife to sign an endorsement deal with a company for her own set of club. The tag line will be “Clubs you can beat Tiger with.”

  11. Zig says:

    This guy has money. Just because someone has money doesn’t mean that his privacy gets lost. It is to bad he got caught! Tiger will be fine. He didn’t and won’t lose an endorsement deals. He may even pick up a new one and be the new spokesman for Trojan…

    Jennifer, I think you are right on when you say, “I think these guys all feel invincible. They have fame and wealth, anything their heart’s desire. For this reason, they bore easily. Why not walk on the wild side and spice it up?” YOu orgot to say that Tiger is a male athlete who is at the top of his game. He probably feels he has nothing else to prove to anyone. And he doesn’t. We should all move on and leave him alone with his family to work this out.

    I don’t support extramarital affairs, but his wife probably wasn’t giving him any sex. A man does what a man has to do! This is not a case of him being a bad role model. It is a case of him being human and showing his human farilties! I support Tiger Woods!

  12. Leo, you could seriously sell that line. You should pitch it to a club company once the announce their divorce!

    And Zig, I’m so disappointed in you. You just had to go there. Why do men blame the women for their affairs? Oh, btw, it’s usually men who have had affairs that bring up the point that the woman drove them to it. Just sayin’.

  13. MajorLeague09 says:

    I think this situation is funny. When are people going to figure out that they can’t have an affair if there famous. Do they think the person there cheating with is going to keep there mouth shut? They will either blackmail them or sell the story to the highest bidder. This is why they make “life-like” dolls that you can buy if your that desperate. I guess they feel like they won’t get caught, and maybe it’s a thrill, but it doesn’t seem worth it in the end. A couple hours of “fun” for a lifetime of being a cheater. And I’m talking about men and women… I can’t stand cheating and I feel bad for all the spouses out there that have to try and put there families back together.

  14. Zig says:

    Jennifer, I was talking sarcasticly. Tiger needs to learn to handle himself better, literally. He has never really been challenged his whole life. His dad did die and that would be rough. Having a child really changes the dynamics of a marriage. Once you have a child everyting isn’t about “YOU” anymore. His wife wasn’t giving him what he wanted/needed, because she was probably a little tired from taking care of their child. I am totally with you on the fact that it’s often times the man’s fault… Tiger is a spoiled athlete who couldn’t get off with his wife so he took it where he could get it/off, an easy bimbo!

    I am glad that I stirred you to the point of saying something though. That was my whole goal…

  15. Tiger’s huge income and success has been bought by the public at great cost. He is still the greatest golfer in the world but to tell us to mind our own business he is off the mark. His image affects us all and he has let us down. It remains to be seen how his sponsors react.

  16. Extreme John says:

    Wow you are all over this Tiger thing huh? The media crush on this has been out of control, I’m more amazed that everyone is so shocked.

  17. All I heard was “I regret…blah, blah, blah” the rest was crap to me.

  18. Just to clarify (since this is the net) I meant the rest was crap as to what Tiger said not your post CC.

  19. TallElf says:

    Let me think about this… Only 7 ladies have come forward yet.. doesn’t a golf game go 9 or 10 holes.. I won’t be surprised if more step forward.

    I have to say, Excellent golfer yes he is, but that bad of a driver, with that many lies, I am certain that there are a few holes in his story and it is about time that even the “perfect” one has been spiked for doing something that was not up to par. Putting around on a few different greens because your home course was recently renovated, and required some maintenance and upkeep to bring it back to it’s previous luster is no reason if he were a true dedicated individual. Looking to take a Mulligan and pay her off to stay together looks like the next step in this skins game. Sad part is that that didn’t take as long to put together as his story to the media when he finally decided to come forward.

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