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November 30, 2009 by admncc

I love TMZ.  I really do.  They are great at breaking news stories and obtaining the hard-to-get files.  But I’d like the record to reflect that I actually beat them to the punch on the Tiger Woods’ story.

As you know, Tiger, the world’s most famous golfer, was taken to the hospital around 2:30 a.m. on Friday morning after an automobile accident near his driveway.

He drove his Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant and a tree.  You can hear his neighbor’s 911 call here.

Now by the time CNN and ESPN were reporting the story on Friday morning, it was being suggested that Tiger simply had a traffic accident and his wife heroically bashed out the back window on his Escalade in an effort to save his life.  But I assumed different…

Before any media outlet said it, I declared that it was a possible domestic situation.  I said that for the following reasons:

  • Does anything good really happen at 2:30 in the morning?  OK, maybe it does, but not normally when a car accident is involved.
  • How could Tiger have such a bad crash right near his own house and driveway?
  • Where was Tiger going that early in the morning?
  • The reports said the airbags didn’t deploy, but Tiger was said to be laying on the ground unconscious with scratches to his face and a bloody mouth.
  • His wife based out a window to save him when by all accounts at least one of the doors to the Escalade was still able to be opened.

My immediate opinion without even thinking about it – Tiger wrecked because he was peeling out of his driveway like a bat out of hell to escape his wife who was chasing him with a golf club.  I texted that thought to a few people and they agreed and/or thought it was an interesting perspective.

And sure enough; within hours on Friday morning, numerous outlets, including TMZ were reporting my same theory.  The National Enquirer was also reporting that a possible affair had taken place between Tiger and a woman named Rachel Uchitel.  Now, say what you will about the National Enquirer, but at least they’ve started to polygraph people to verify stories.  LOL.

Anyways, you can view the official statement Tiger put on his web site here.  You can view the accident photos here.  And you can view TMZ’s latest update on the story here.

Adding to my initial suspicion of what happened is the fact that Tiger and his wife have refused to talk to the police since the accident.  So much so that now the police are looking to obtain a warrant to search their house and obtain his medical records (privacy rules should prevent the latter).

So is Tiger Woods just a normal guy who had a car accident?  Are we obsessed because of his superstar persona?  Or is he just a married guy with problems?  As Wayne Knight’s character said in the movie “JFK” – “There’s a lot of smoke there, but there’s some fire.”

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  1. It probably sounds rude, but I couldn’t care less about a single aspect of this guys life. For the sake of their children though I hope they get their acts together.

  2. NeoConDon says:

    I believe about one one-hundreth of a percentage of what comes out of today’s media…BUT, whoever wrote Tiger’s statement is a moron…

  3. Unfortunately, Tiger isn’t a normal guy because he’s a celebrity. Personally, I’m not interested in his problems but, obviously, lots of folks are. I think he should cooperate with law enforcement but he doesn’t owe the public any explanations.

  4. I said the same exact thing! I predict it will be about 3 months before they announce a split

  5. C. Princess says:

    Right now there are so many rumors as to what really happened. I’m sure it will all unfold eventually.

  6. You forgot he also allegedly told a friend he needed to go “all Kobe” on his wife. When the friend asked what that meant, he said “house on a finger.”

    All class.

  7. Zig says:

    CC, you made a lucky guess. You didn’t break the story. If yours was real journalism, we would all be reading fairy tales..i.e. man hit by a car, he was probably not looking when he was crossing the street! Piecing a few clues together isn’t difficult. Putting one and one together to make two is only common sense! Stop congratulating yourself on your journalism skills and get back to stiring the pot of controversy!

    I think we should wait to see all the facts before we jump to conclusions!

    I am not here to talk about Tiger Woods’ extramartial affair… He is a hero to many children and I hope he can rehabilitate his image if his image suffers at all. He may be the new Don Juan of the golfing scene… His wife is HOT. I want to see the piece of ass he traded in all that in for…

    So…what the F is up with NCD? Why doesn’t he believe the media? Does the media have a left wing bias or something? He better go back to his FIX News Channel… Is NCD to smart for school too?

  8. NeoConDon says:

    I used to think the media had a left wing bias, now I know it’s more than that…This year they have proven to be in the tank with the political socialists and communists in Washington. There are only two or three outlets in this country that are even believable. The rest either report lies, or don’t even bother to cover major stories. 2009: The year journalism officially died.

  9. The Constant Complainer says:

    Zig, I didn’t exactly say that I broke the story. LOL.

    I was simply faster than all the media outlets with my conclusion.

  10. I actually do not want to know what is going on. The whole thing does sound suspicious and a bit creepy. Let’s hope there’s nothing terrible going on here but I have a feeling there is. He’d probably be better off talking to the press now because we all know it will come out sooner or later. He may be waiting to spill his guts on Oprah.

  11. Zig says:

    About whom are you referring, NCD? Do you mean the “Fair and Balanced” news you hear from FIX News?

    What, journalism died? It died long ago when FIX News went on the airwaves. “News” doesn’t have to be either true or logical now that FIX News is around. FIX News fills all it’s stories with opinions. Get a clue… Real “News” is suppose to tell what happened and let us draw our own conclusions about everything else!

    Yeah, CC, you are right. You didn’t “exactly say that I broke the story. LOL”

    CC, merely poi9nted out that you went further by interpreting the news for us by saying, “I was simply faster than all the media outlets with my conclusion.” Because, you know better than everyone else and the rest of us weren’t waiting for more information before throwing this well respected man to the wolves…Get a clue! Hey, maybe you and NCD can get together for a little one on one “NEWS” action. He likes it when “News” outlets do his analysis of the “News” for him and tell him what to think!

  12. CC, I had the exact same thought as you.

    Let’s review why.

    1. Like you said, this happened at 2:30am, not much happens at that hour. Why leave home at this time?

    2. Air bags didn’t deploy meaning that the car was travelling less than 33mph. How badly could he be hurt?

    3. As a normal human being, I don’t normally hear a car accident near my house and instinctively grab a golf club and run down the street to see if I have to bash any windows….

  13. NeoConDon says:

    Zig just made my point…

    Let’s look at two specific stories in the last two months.

    ACORN: They have been caught on tape advising people who were going to smuggle in a bunch of South American 13 year-olds for a prostitution ring. Appearantly, the “professionals” at Acorn knew exactly how to label the business as legitimate and how to hide the illegal income. Guess who didn’t report that story? The same real news outlets that Zig claims tells us what happened and then allows us to draw our own conclusions.

    The Global Warming Lie: The verdict is finally in that the “scientists” were lying about their data and were manipulating conclusions on the man-made global warming lies. To make it even more interesting, they threw away the actual hard data that had been collected, and we are now forced to rely on their conclusions as raw data… Turns out that the same news outlets that Zig claims tells us what happend and then allows us to draw our own conclusions don’t want to report on this story either…I wonder why…aren’t they supposed to be fair and balance news organizations? NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN…they are all a bunch of lying liars that mind numbed robots like Zig follow. Do you get a thrill up your leg when you hear King Barry speak Zig? Do you look at the cadets at West Point as the “enemy camp?”

    The truth is coming out and it is obvious…the libs are a bunch of liars that are out to advance politically and to line the pockets of the greedy elites. Welcome to the future!

  14. You said it first but all the golfers I knows were thinking the same thing. Which is there has to be something more to the story here, first thing that came to mind is Whoops! Erin caught a whiff of him cheating, and it wasnt on the golf course either!

  15. Extreme John says:

    I am with Jordasche on this, I couldn’t care less. He could have been hooking up with 30 girls for all I care, that’s something thats between him and his wife….. and the 10 girls he’s hooking up with.

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