Cell Phone Shots – Volume VII

November 4, 2009 by admncc

I’m happy to report that “Cell Phone Shots” is back after a short vacation.  This has been one of the more popular segments of The Constant Complainer.  But to be honest with you, I just hadn’t taken any good pictures recently.

For those new to this segment, here’s how it works.  I take strange and funny pictures on my camera phone and then we laugh and/or complain about them.  And since this is a complaint-based blog, the latter is usually my preference…

So without further adieu, here we go…

Sleeping Employee – I always chuckle when I see people holding signs on the street like this.  It just seems like an incredibly boring job.  But this guy has found a way to deal with it – not hold the sign up and just sleep.  Bravo, sir.


Holiday Cards – I saw these cards for sale at Urban Outfitters and they pretty much fit my mood for that particular day.  Urban Outfitters has some of the best off-the-wall retail items I’ve ever seen.


Highway Billboard – I was driving from Cincinnati to Cleveland and this billboard was located out in the middle of nowhere.  My feeling – yes I know, but who felt the need to take out a paid advertisement about it?


Mall Kiosk – I hate shopping.  So I usually walk around and people-watch, while my wife shops.  This is an actual kiosk at our local mall.  Nobody was working it though.  From a marketing standpoint, I disagree with their choice of location.  However, I did see one person stop by.  It appeared to be a wife, who quickly wrote down the phone number before rushing away as her husband came down the escalator.  My guess – she thinks he’s cheating.


P.S.  Someone told me that today is Big Bird’s birthday.  Cool.

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  1. Love the holiday sign. The best is the “Hell is Real” sign. You must go and check out my latest post. All about complaining. I’ll be interested to see what you think of it.

  2. On the sleeping sign-holder, the only point to his job is to move the sign. That’s why he is getting paid. Otherwise it’s just a static billboard that requires no human involvement. Good way to make yourself obsolete!

  3. Deb says:

    I’d like to talk to the person who went to hell and came back to make that sign!

  4. otin says:

    I see signs like that Hell sign all over the Southeast!

  5. Ron says:

    I’m laughing at the Happy F*cking Holidays one, because being someone who is in retail…that’s about the way I feel during the last 5 days before Christmas (isn’t that horrible to say?).

    I love Urban Outfitters basement area with all the irreverent stuff. Some of it is hysterical!

  6. Extreme John says:

    I know I say it every single time you make a Cell Shots post, but I honestly need to steel this idea. Haha all though I doubt I would get pictures as good as yours.

  7. TallElf says:

    Get that man a shovel and sign him up for PenDot.

    As for the the Hell is Real sign that is awesome, and I think they need to post that sign in more places. Has anyone heard of SwineFlu Parties? I heard this today on the radio that people are trying to expose their kids to this so that they build immunities. I would think that with all the news exposure that this would be a wakeup call that “HELL IS REAL” and these people are trying to find the express way. JMPO.

  8. Candice says:

    Confidential, investigative services? In a public place? That is awesome. And those 20 lbs binoculars aren’t conspicuous at all.

  9. tera says:

    Ha! I see ’em sometimes when they are dancing around and spinning the signs and I always wonder how long that lasts. I’m thinking about 5 minutes!

    (…and yes, you can contact me via email!)

  10. ok. love urban outfitters, and i shall not ever utter a bad word regarding them… except for how much their prices are friggen ridiculous.

    first one is priceless. i see those people all the time. i mean, where do you even get that job? i never see ads for sign holders.

    i feel slighted.

  11. Jen says:

    Well first and foremost, happy birthday Big Bird 🙂 heh.

    Who in the hell would visit this investigator’s kiosk in this location??? Let’s switch it and the billboard.

    After she finds out he’s cheating she can give him the divorce papers wrapped in the Urban Outfitters gift wrap and rake him over the coals in court.

    Once she takes him for all he’s worth, he can quiz the sign holder guy for his sleeping technique because that’s where he’ll be working to make some extra cash to pay his child support.

    The end. 🙂

  12. Jacki says:

    I often wonder why people stand with signs like that…I am sure they aren’t getting paid more than minimum wage.

    This also reminds me that I need to take a picture from a sign in our town for a auto body shop…for a long time now it has said “Pray for our oops.”

  13. Kearsie says:

    I am wondering if folks who are hired to stand around with signs like that are thinking:

    a) Man, what a cushy job. I get paid to stand.
    b) Man, what a loser am I. I get paid to stand.
    c) Man, I really have to pee. But if I walk away, who will hold the sign?

  14. I think advertising your investigative services in a mall is a great idea. If you watched for just a few minutes and saw one women, I wonder how many more of them jotted down the phone number when you weren’t there? Yep. Great strategy as we know that it’s mostly women at the malls. For the guys, you better watch out!

  15. I see those people standing out holding signs all the time. I’ve said to myself before that they look like they seriously lack ambition, then I chuckled considering how much ambition a person who took that job would really have. Great shots. I too love the “Happy F*ucking Holidays” – I’m already starting to hear Christmas music around town, I’m not a bah hum bug but its slightly annoying, its the first few days of November, not even close to Thanksgiving.

  16. MajorLeague09 says:

    There is a party center where I live and there is usually someone outside dressed up in a seasonal costume. I always honk and wave at them. I think it makes there day. I would have honked while driving by the sign guy and wake him up…then I probably would have bought him a cup of coffee. At least he is home sleeping on the couch. I love the christmas cards….I love the idea of sending cards, but when I finish the list of all the people I want to send cards to and write them all out, start adding up postage and godforbid I forget someone…Let me just say..Merry Christmas in person and I’ll even throw in a hug!!!!

  17. Those were great cell phone shots. Very funny! Thanks for the chuckle.

  18. CosmopolitanChic says:

    I love them ALL!!

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