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October 19, 2009 by admncc

Here at The Constant Complainer, in addition to my own posts, readers can submit Guest Posts on topics they’d like to complain about.  Neo Con Don is back and submitted the below-Guest Post.  His complaint is a casino initiative on the November ballot in Ohio.  This topic is an interesting one.  And even if you don’t live in Ohio, you might agree.  Maybe your state allows casino gambling.  Maybe your state allows only slot machines.  Or maybe your state saw this same initiative get defeated.  My thought is that whether you’re a gambler or non-gambler, you’ll have an opinion on this one.  Enjoy and without further adieu, here’s Don…

It’s pretty easy, at least in my mind, to explain why I’m against the latest Casino proposal in Ohio, but it may be difficult for the average person (supporter or not) to understand why.  Hopefully I’ll be able to convince some of you to agree with me, and we’ll be able to get the most recent attempt at Ohio casinos to fail and we’ll get an appropriate measure to pass soon.

Just like all of the previous casino plans before it, the current one is yet again loaded with political fancy talk and mumbo-jumbo that there’s no way to tell what’s really going on.  Add that to the load of Ohio politicians that are already serving in prison or are preparing for a life behind bars, and I have a hard time getting behind ANY politician that supports this plan, especially if they’re a Cuyahoga County democrat.

I think Ohio has missed the boat on getting a Casino to work.  Every surrounding state has it already, and let’s face it…Cleveland is no destination city.  It’s not even a pretty drive in when the leaves are changing like it is to Pittsburgh or Mountaineer.  But, who am I to say “No” to a business venture?  That brings me to my point.

Until the issue on the ballot looks like this, I will never vote for a Casino in Ohio…

“Do you support allowing gambling Casinos to be built in the state of Ohio?”…yes or no.

That should be it.  Instead, the plan talks about how many tax dollars will be used to build it, how many jobs must be given to Ohio citizens, how many will be union jobs, etc.  We’re putting handcuffs around this idea before we even lay a brick, not to mention the political corruption that comes with “favors” during the construction time…

This is The United States.  If the people in Ohio want casino gambling, let them vote yes or no.  Then let a casino company come in and do their thing.  If they fail, taxpayers are off the hook.  If they succeed, the state picks up tax dollars and the people get more jobs.  Adding all of these layers of gov’t is precisely what has put Ohio in the sad economic and political position in the first place. 

Gov’t is not capable of creating jobs that yield economic growth, but they are capable of eliminating them by driving business out or preventing them from coming in.  So far, the State of Ohio has done a poor job gambling with our money.  Just look at the public schools, state welfare, and Medicaid.  And look at the failure of social security and Medicare on the national level.  If gov’t is not capable of doing the things that matter, why should we think they’ll have any success running the things that don’t…???

***This sentence inserted by The Constant Complainer.  You can view the information in support of Ohio’s Issue 3 here.  And you can view the information against it here.

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  1. I’m curious if they are modeling the legislation after other states and if so, how did it work out for the other states?

  2. Extreme John says:

    I would never see a reason to vote yes on any taxpayer paying for Casino’s to be built, Casino’s should be responsible to build their own business.

  3. I did not go and look at the legislation but I do have to agree with the above commenter. Taxpayer dollars for casinos seems like a rather poor idea.

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  5. Zig says:

    I take offense to the fact that the poster doesn’t think Cleveland is as pretty at Pittspuke. I haven’t spent any time in Pittspuke, nor do I want to, but, metropolitan Cleveland has plenty of nice Metro Parks in which one can watch the leaves change. Pittspuke sucks!

    AS far as casinos go… Cleveland would become a destination city if it built a casino or two. Cleveland already has everything needed to become a destination city. With the addition of a casino, the lake front would be properly developed. A casino would bring BUZZ to the city of Cleveland. People in Detroit are way more positive about their city than they were before Detroit got a casino. If Ohio wants to add excitement, build a casino or casinos in the state.

  6. NeoConDon says:

    For once, I agree with Zig. I believe if done correctly, a casino and a developed lakefront would be wonderful…but this bill sucks, and it is just another tool for the liberal democrats in cleveland to steal money from the taxpayers…vote no. The morons in Detroit can fell as positive as they want about their city, but it was destroyed by the corrupt liberal democrats just like Cleveland, and New Orleans, the other poorest cities in the country (who also have casinos…) Vote no to liberal democrat theft of taxpayer dollars…!!!

  7. Zig says:

    NCD, Liberal Democrats rule the world, assmunch! The only people being robbed are the casino operators, who will pay a %33 tax rate and pay the state, ahead of time, for a casino license and the right to build a casino in town. It’s 12:02 and Liberalism is alive and well.

  8. Dan says:

    I don’t view Cleveland as a destination city. Zig, I think you need to get your head out of your arse too.

  9. Zig says:

    Cleveland is not a destination city for you, because there is nothing for you to do there! With casinos, come BUZZ!

    With the addition of casinos, people would go there to gamble, arse!

  10. The Constant Complainer says:

    Zig, I think it’s an uphill battle for Cleveland to prove that it’s a destination city. But with casinos on the way, we’ll certainly be given a chance to prove it.

    Throughout the Issue 3 campaign, I joked that Cleveland will turn into the new Toledo… But when you hear that joke and realize that Toledo is also getting a casino, I can’t imagine what will happen to the Glass City as a result of this…

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