The Alexa Battle

October 7, 2009 by admncc

Have you heard of Alexa?  Whether you’re an amateur blogger with your own blog, want to run your own blog or want to understand what motivates bloggers – you should familiarize yourself with Alexa.  So I’m going to stop complaining for a minute and give you some pointers.

We’ll consider this a quick Blog 101 lesson.  Oh, and stay tuned, because I have an announcement to make at the end of this post.

Anyway, I’ll explain Alexa in my words and how I understand it.  And hopefully you’ll learn something from it.  Alexa is a system of how you can rate your blog.  Basically, it looks at your blog and takes into account things such as visitors, comments, content, updates and links in to your site.  It also takes into account your web activity (i.e. you leaving comments on other blog sites).  Then it gives you a worldwide ranking (you can also see a United States only ranking).

OK, so let’s say that you’re starting a new blog today…  At first you wouldn’t have an Alexa ranking.  But shortly thereafter, once you got some content up, you’d probably appear at around a 25,000,000 ranking.  Some people call that 25.0.  What that means is that there are about 25,000,000 blogs in the world.

Then, as you start to take into account some of the things I mentioned above, your ranking lowers, which is good.  The closer you get to zero, the better.  Google is number one.  And the Holy Grail for bloggers is to get below 100,000.  Then, you can charge significant advertising dollars on your site, because you can say that your blog is in the top 100,000 of all the blogs in the world.

For example, The Constant Complainer is ranked at 1,477,252 (or 1.4), which is the lowest it has ever been!  When compared to all other blogs in the United States, my ranking is 349,286.  Not too shabby in a year and a half!

So how do you lower your Alexa ranking?  That is a question I get asked all the time.  I’ve had some great teachers along the way.  Here they are, along with their blog’s current Alexa ranking.

I’ve taken some of their tips and added in some of my own.

  • Update your site daily if possible (those with the best Alexa ranking update their sites about every four to six hours).
  • Show continual growth of comments and visitors.
  • Incorporate the top Google Trends of the day into your post (i.e. some of today’s are: make your own barcode, braylon edwards jets and teacup pigs).
  • On the humorous side – use the word “boobs” whenever possible.  It’s a proven fact.  Haha!  Seriously!  OK, that normally wouldn’t make sense for my blog, but today it does.
  • Have an Alexa button on your site.  It communicates to Alexa and shows your up-to-date ranking and the number of sites that link in to you.
  • Use links whenever possible in your posts (i.e. if you mention Verizon Wireless, link to their web site just like I did).
  • Comment on other blogs with a link back to your site as frequently as you can.
  • Go to Alexa and request that they crawl your site.
  • Add an Alexa toolbar to your site
  • Gain momentum and stay on top of it – I once got down to a 1.5 ranking, but then didn’t publish a post for five days and my ranking jumped to over 2,000,000.
  • Exchange links and increase your Blogroll (I need to work on that myself).

I mean, some bloggers don’t care about their ranking and that’s fine.  But if you ever plan to make a dime on your site, you need to be familiar with your statistics.

So if you blog and have other suggestions, please post them below.  Or if you have opinions on what works or doesn’t work, also post that below.  Oh, and if you could care less about Alexa, tell us what’s on your mind or post a complaint below about something else.  That will be fun too.

This got a little longer than planned, so I’ll save my announcement for tomorrow.  Have a great night.

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  1. NeoConDon says:

    Both Zig and Mike N, (AKA Lyin’ Linear Libby) are boobs…

    They’re bigger boobs than Braylon Edwards.

  2. Dan says:

    This was informative. I had no idea about some of this stuff. The Google Trends are always hilarious.

  3. Good information to keep in mind. Can’t wait for the “announcement”!

  4. TallElf says: you think that we would have seen Boobs at the fishing trip if we went into the bait shop? BTW, does Braylon Edwards go fishing?

  5. Hi, thank you for mentioning me. A quick tip I’ll share that works for me in regard to Alexa and new traffic is this, on each person’s Alexa page there is something titled CLICKSTREAM if you click on that tab it will show you streams of traffic to whatever blog you’re checking out from all the different sources. I check this and any place I am not familiar with I check it out and interact with it any way I can to form a blogging relationship. This 1, gets you new traffic, and 2, is a very quick and easy way to find sources of traffic that you know work. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be listed.

  6. Have not even heard of the Alexa ranking. I will get on that. Sounds interesting. Even though this is still just a hobby I would really like to increase readership. It’s so tough with all of the blogs out there. Still waiting to be discovered but every little bit helps. Thanks!

  7. Started this venture as a way to further develop my creative interest. Although the further I’m drawn in the more I am realizing that my analytical and strategy skills are needed. It’s the first time in years I’ve seen them as an asset. Thanks for adding to my toolbox as I try to get this thing off the ground, will be following to borrow your brilliance.

  8. I used to enjoy the Benny Hill Show — what a boob!

  9. Leo Nevoli says:

    Can we complain about the boob size of some women or if their boobs are fake?

  10. The Constant Complainer says:

    When Pigs Fly, you aren’t the only one. It’s amazing how many bloggers have never heard of Alexa. That’s one of the reasons I decided to do this post. It helps my own ranking, plus helps others at the same time.

    To everyone else, LOL, alright already, enough of the “boob” jokes. I was making a serious point in my post! OK, no I wasn’t. It’s true that it helps your ranking though. And I admit to purposefully including it to spark comments like the ones you left. But with those having been said, let’s move on.

  11. Sugar says:

    “I got a plane full of people saying you threatened that You were acting like a maniac and you threatened her with a boob.”

    “No, I said I didn’t have a boob.”

    “But you said boob.”

    “I said, “It’s not like I have a boob”.

    “You said “Boob” on an airplane”.

    “What’s wrong with saying ‘Boob’ on an airplane?”

    “You can’t say ‘Boob’ on an airplane!”

    “Boob boob boob, boob boob boob boob boob boob boob. You gonna arrest me? Boob boob boob boob! During the war I was a BOOBadier!”

  12. Hal says:

    Sugar, I love and recognize it. Taken and adjusted from the “Meet the Parents” movie.

  13. That is funny Sugar 🙂

  14. Tallelf says:

    CC, I do appreciate the premise of the original post. It is good to know the rules of the game if you are trying to get into it. I am still trying to think of a good basis for a blog, and then maybe some day we can compete!! 🙂

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  17. After reading this post, you inspired me to go ahead and register with Alexa which I just did. Thanks for the information! I’m also going to share about this on my Friday “Things I Learned This Week” post at with a link back here.

  18. Extreme John says:

    Hey thank you for the link luv and the mention, I still have more reviews I need to do. Seems like every time I go to close out that list, there’s more on it 🙂

    Your Alexa ranking will just continue to grow.

  19. Very informative and helpful post. I’ve already registered with Alexa but didn’t know some of the things you mentioned. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely be working on some of those things.

  20. Zig says:

    NCD, BOOB? Zig is a BOOB? Your wife didn’t seem to mind when I had my lips wrapped around her giant BOOBS…

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