Cell Phone Shots – Volume VI

September 30, 2009 by admncc

Over the last four months, I have received a number of compliments about adding the “Cell Phone Shots” section to this blog.  I’m glad everyone enjoys it.  I know I do; because it combines two things I really like – complaining and making fun.

I decided to make this edition a little more entertaining, so I am including several pictures.  Two were taken by me and one was submitted by a new reader, Tom.

Needless to say, when you look at these pictures, the resulting conversation could get pretty interesting.

Entry #1 – Smoke Stack Dude

I had a similar picture in “Cell Phone Shots – Volume I” with another guy doing the exact same thing.  This guy removes the lid from our company’s smoke stacks (where used cigarettes are disposed of), takes the used cigarettes out and then smokes the butts.  Yuck!  Why is he doing it?

  • Addiction to nicotine
  • Lack of money to buy cigarettes
  • Just doesn’t care


Entry #2 – Bumper Sticker Dude

This XLT‘s owner ruins the message he should be sending.  One sticker says “Support our Troops” – which I wholeheartedly agree with.  The other sticker says “Support Farting” – which I think is the dumbest vehicle sticker I have ever seen.  Let’s hope he didn’t pay for that one.  I simply had to shake my head, because it’s not even funny.  And he shouldn’t have placed it near the one for the troops.


Entry #3 – Parking Lot Adventure – Submitted by Tom

I showed this picture to a Neo Con Don and he said, “The Amish, known for their high quality workmanship, and their frugal ways prove that it just doesn’t make sense to pay more for the same product at another store.”  Everyone has their own opinions and complaints about Walmart – which always makes for a fun discussion.  But in the end, I just think this picture is truly funny.


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  1. NeoConDon says:

    I also told the CC this…

    “They [the amish] understand that the american citizen can’t control the manufacturing exile caused by liberal cruelty, and until America returns to a small gov’t system with low taxes for businesses, the average american is forced to do whatever he can to save money for his family.”

  2. otin says:

    I love the Walmart picture! In North Carolina, that is modern transportation!

  3. Dan says:

    Wow, Neo Con, I wonder why the CC only took part of your quote. Liberals, blah, blah. Cruelty, blah, blah. Why am I not surprised.
    Anyway, these pictures were great. That guy with the cigarette butts turned my stomach. Good post.

  4. Lacey says:

    Hey! I was actually just thinking about you earlier and was thinking I needed to come over here and check on you! Glad to see your name in the comments though, sir! These pics are so funny! I tend to take pictures with my cell of people who have on ridiculous outfits…

  5. Extreme John says:

    This is by far one of my favorite series online, if it isn’t for the pictures (some mind blowing) than it has to be for your wording… You kill me!

    Now back to business.

    The Cig. guy, I would probably have to say all three reasons along with a few others mixed in for complete coverage.

    The bumper sticker just sets me off, I hate bumper stickers and always have. By far one of the dumbest one’s I have seen, all though I live in Florida… You would be amazed.

    Wal-Mart picture doesn’t surprise me, it’s funny as hell but doesn’t surprise me at all. On a side note I think it’s cool.

  6. Ron says:

    OMG…these are ALL brilliant. But that last one made me HOWL!

    We have quite a few Amish here in Philadelphia, but I have never seen anything like this.

    GREAT post, buddy!

    P.S. I agree…the bumper sticker is just plain rude.

  7. People are crazy. Our Wal*mart is near the racetrack. When it’s time to gather for the race, the parking lot is full of RVs.

  8. Kearsie says:

    I live near a Mennonite community and it’s true! They drive all over the place in their horse and buggies. They don’t like to get their picture taken, so I have to do drive by shootings.

  9. Sugar says:

    The Wal-Mart in my area actually has parking spots for horse and buggies. There is also a bucket attached on a pole for the horses feed also. There are so many types of Amish, that it’s hard to figure out. I see them at Home Depot, Cedar Point, and Wal-Mart, lol.

  10. um, wow.
    these are fantastic!

    cigarettes, either whole or previously smoked, are nasty crap. and that amish cart at walmart is priceless!

    bambam cemetery

  11. Love the picture of the Amish at Walmart. My husband is from central Pennsylvania and they are a staple there. I always find it amusing to see them moving between the 19th and 21st centuries.

  12. C. Princess says:

    I really like the Amish picture too.

    The picture of the guy addicted to nicotine, it’s disgusting what he is doing.

  13. OMG, the shot of the horse and carriage….what city/state is that? Is it in Pennsylvania where there is a lot of Amish country…wait, the Amish wouldn’t be shopping at WalMart, so WTH?!!!

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