Cell Phone Shots – Volume V

September 14, 2009 by admncc

I was on a fishing trip this past weekend in NY.  It’s a once-a-year trip with several members of my family.

Tall Elf (who has written several Guest Posts on here) saw this store when looking for a boat dock, told me about it and we later took a drive to snap the below-pictures.

 als-sign  als-store

Just for the record, I did not alter these pictures in any way.  That is actually their billboard and the front of their store.

Maybe I should have called this post “Cell Phone Shots – Volume 6.9” or something!  Seriously, what kind of business model would suggest that selling adult videos and fishing bait would work well together?  I guess when you’re out in the sticks, it doesn’t matter.

We laughed for a while as we took these pictures and even joked about going in and buying bait or asking if they had crabs…

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  1. Leo Nevoli says:

    I want to be the first to state the obvious here. The place’s tag line is “Stop at Al’s and you can be a Master Baiter.”

  2. NeoConDon says:

    Wow, this is funny. I just spent the weekend in upstate NY, so I’m not surprised…

  3. Oh, Leo. That was good but it’s a groaner.

    As for the double-whammy it’s not uncommon in the boonies. I guess there is a demand for bait and well….uh….videos.

  4. Jacki says:

    And if they sell beer, I am thinking this is some guys version of heaven.

  5. That is hilarious, my guess is some guys who go there don’t necessarily know the difference.

  6. Wow. That is something I would expect to see in Arkansas not New York, how funny.

  7. Extreme John says:

    It’s genius, especially if that place is in the middle of nowhere. No competition and a little something for just about everyone 🙂

    We sell Gift Cards (Blue Mountain) in our Indoor Tanning salon business…. Six months ago everyone laughed at us for doing it, no one laughs anymore. We just smile and keeping ringing up cards.

  8. There is a Thai restaurant nearby that is sandwiched between a bait shop and a dog groomer. Let’s just say we haven’t ever eaten there.

  9. otin says:

    There must be a bait and porn connection! The bait store that I go to here also sells adult videos! Seriously! That is funny!

  10. More porn films should be centered around fishing plots I think. Maybe get mermaids involved. Fishing and porn go hand in hand, clearly.

  11. C. Princess says:

    Do people still go to the video stores?

  12. Tallelf says:

    I have to say that having my father in the car when we stumbled upon this was even more hilarious. He made mention of the “hooker” that might be found in one of the stores. The only thing that could have made it funnier would have been if it was “BIG” al’s

  13. MikeE says:

    or little willy’s

  14. BAAAAAHAHAHAHA. sorry i’ve been MIA my dear. this stupid thing we call life. i still heart you. and miss you. and think your blog is high-larious

  15. Smells fishy in there. ba dum bum bum!!!

  16. OMG…how small was this town?!!!

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