Ranting and Raving #2

August 19, 2009 by admncc

First, I’m sorry that I’m a few days behind on reading and commenting on some of your blogs.  As you know, I’m always very good at doing so, but this past weekend was very busy and that’s normally when I do most of my online work.

Today is one of those days where there are a few things on my mind.  I could probably write a full post on each of them, but I thought it would be more fun to jump around a little bit.

Brett Farve – Is there anyone else who is sick and tired of Brett Farve un-retiring?  Seriously!  He is twice-retired and yesterday he signed with the Minnesota Vikings.  Aside from his actual retirements, let’s not forget how many times he said he was considering retirement back when he played for the Green Bay Packers.  It’s old news.  I think I speak on behalf of many sports fans when I say that we don’t care.  And I certainly don’t think that ESPN needed to break into their regular programming to cover Brett arriving in Minnesota as breaking news.

Cable – I mentioned in a previous post that I was upset because I sat at home for several hours and the cable company was supposed to visit (to fix several channels not working) but they never showed up.  Taking a page from Scott’s book, I decided to send them an invoice for my time.  I worked up my hourly salary and invoiced them for the two hours I sat at home.  Man, Scott was right.  They called me the day they received my invoice.  They’re going to get a technician out to the house to fix the problem, which is good news.  I still don’t trust that they’ll show up on time and I chuckled when they tried to tell me that I couldn’t invoice them.  But I said, “Yes, I can, and if you don’t pay it, I will turn you over to a collection agency.”  At that point, they conceded, and asked what I wanted.

Softball – I am sorry to report that The Constant Complainer’s (the local recreation-league softball team sponsored by yours truly) did not win the Championship this year.  Our season ended last night.  We finished the season 14-7 (14-6 in the regular season and 0-1 in the playoffs).  It was some great publicity for this blog and I’m grateful for that.  But I hate losing.

Hollywood – When will celebrities learn?  Never make a sex tape if you’re famous.  Let me rephrase that – never make one period, but especially don’t do it if you live in Hollywood.  TMZ is reporting that Eric Dane of “Grey’s Anatomy” and his wife, actress, Rebecca Gayheart, made a XXX video with former beauty queen, Kari Ann Peniche.  Wow!

Lastly, I really enjoyed the comments and discussion on “Moron of the Week Award #10” from last week.  The Verizon lady easily won based on your votes.  And the incident with her dragging her kid set off a very interesting debate on Jennifer’s Juniper’s blog too.  If you haven’t yet joined the debate on both blogs, I’d encourage you to do so…

P.S.  We all know that Brett Farve waited to sign his contract, so he wouldn’t have to actually work hard during training camp…

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  1. Good for you concerning the Cable fiasco. You must be rubbing off on me. I complained about a pricing tactic at a retailer we shopped at over the weekend. Customer Service responded to me and then passed on my comments to the Store Manager. I did not receive a response from the manager of the store. I doubt they have any intent on changing their pricing tactics.

  2. Extreme John says:

    Brett is a moron, I have lost all respect for him and the way he is closing out what was an amazing run. Jack ass.

    Love the fact that you billed the cable company, I am keeping that in my hat for a while. I wish I had my blog back when Office Depot had me sit around for two days waiting for a delivery.

    Glad to see you gettin back in the game 😉

  3. I think Brett is an attention seeker simply said. The cable company makes me sooo mad. I think its funny you billed them, let us know how that goes 🙂

  4. C. Princess says:

    I understand your point in sending them an invoice and very funny you threatening to turn them over to a collection agency.

  5. I was almost going to blog about the Bret Favre comeback as I sat watching his press conference that by the way interrupted the national news. I do live in Minnesota and I guess NBC felt it on par with tornado destruction or a terrorist attack. The whole thing is ridiculous. And, now he has a torn rotator cuff. I see this ending badly.

  6. Deb says:

    Brett Farve? Who’s he? HA! Is he not the least bit embarrassed? One can only hope that rotator cuff tear makes his arm fall off. I don’t believe he’s ambidextrous, so the world would be rid of one less moron in the news. I always like to look at the up side.

  7. Dan says:

    I love when you start ranting. Farve is over. And Rebecca Gayheart is a hottie!

  8. I’ve always thought of Rebecca Gayhart as the squeeky clean Noxema girl…who knew she’s “a freak in the bed” with another woman??? Go ahead, all you guys know you want to slap hi fives with Eric Dane.

    And the debate still rages on over my way with another few comments yesterday and today. At least they stop quoting the Bible at each other 🙂

  9. Hey there CC!!

    It seems like a given that if you own a digital video camera, you are contractually obligated to make at least one sex tape.

  10. I remember back in the day when I actually liked Brett Favre for being an awesome quarter back and I was accused of liking him because he was good looking. Um, he’s wearing a helmet most times I’d see him. I liked him cuz he was great, now I’m just so annoyed with him. Either stay retired or stay in the effing game. Stop looking for attention.

    Jennifer J you don’t remember Rebecca Gayheart as the girl who ran over a little kid killing them? Yes it was an accident, no she wasn’t drunk but thats honestly what I remember about her. Noxema, 90210, and that!

  11. NeoConDon says:

    This sex video is an attempt to recusitate Grey’s Anatomy…The show is really losing it’s luster, and the timing is too curious. I’ve even heard the fair and balanced media in Hollywood calling it THE “McSteamy’s video.” The losers in Hollywood will do anything to get middle America to watch their stupid stuff.

  12. Brett Favre—-not a football fan, NEXT on him

    Cable—-Do people still pay for that? I watch every single cable TV show on the internet for free

    Celeb Sex Tapes—-Blah, celebs have lots of money, too much time on their hands, and some need to stay relevent. Old formula, at this point.

  13. Jenny Georgio – where in the hell have I been??? Never heard that story (or else I blocked it along with all my memories of 90210). Well, maybe she isn’t a goody two shoes!

  14. Dan says:

    Jenny is correct. Gayheart struck and killed a nine-year-old pedestrian. It was in 2001.

  15. 1. brett favre can suck it. for eternity. and so can the rest of wisconsin.

    2. i’m not gonna lie. thats one sex tape i might not mind seeing. i mean, mcsteamy? come on. but forreal, when do people think to themselves, “oh, this seems like a good idea.” ???

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