Cruelty: Part II – Modern Day Slavery – Guest Post

July 8, 2009 by admncc

Here at The Constant Complainer, in addition to my posts, readers can submit Guest Posts on topics they’d like to complain about.  Along those lines, he’s back…  Yes, love him or hate him, Neo Con Don is back with a sequel “Cruelty” post.  We have three more Guest Posts coming later this week on some very interesting topics, so stay tuned.  And without further adieu, here’s Don.

The older I get, the more I come to realize two things: 

  1. Oil is the single most important fuel of freedom.
  2. Debt is the single biggest form of slavery.

It may seem obvious, but without oil (or the assumption of its existence in December 2009), I wouldn’t be able to make my family’s vacation plans of a return trip to Disney World this Christmas.  Actually, it would become nearly impossible to live the way we live without oil.  How would we heat our homes?  Get to work or to school?  The existence of this precious fuel has created the greatest expansion of freedom and liberty for those who are strong enough (not lucky enough) to live in and fight to maintain those freedoms and liberties.

Most of you know how I feel about debt.  With the exception of our mortgage, my family does not borrow money…ever.  We don’t loan people money…ever. If a friend or family member needs money, we will give it to them as a gift, but never as a loan. We don’t have any credit cards.   The borrower is slave to the lender, and I don’t engage in the cruelty of slavery.

I’m saying all of this because I am still noticing some very bad business being conducted in the loan industry.  It all started last week when I began looking for a new bank.  My family is moving from our current home into a new home (new for us), and we’ll be renting out our existing home until the market allows us to sell it on our terms.  Luckily, because we live in a city with 3 nearby colleges and two very large hospitals, it is not very difficult to rent out a house…we’re just not looking forward to becoming land lords.

So I decided that it was time to find a new bank.  My current bank received bailout money, so I wanted to leave them, and I’m busy searching for a bank that did not receive any bailout money.  At the very end of the street where our new house is located, sits a local credit union.  I thought that would be a good place to go since credit unions typically have responsible lending practices.  Not this credit union.  On the front of the building was a massive banner that read… “Need Cash right now?  Re-finance your car.”  I was floored.  At least I didn’t have to waste my time going in to interview the bank…they knocked themselves out of the running immediately.  So the search is still on.

My point is this…Debt is the reason our nation has found itself in this mess.  The federal gov’t, and too many people borrowed too much money to finance too many new things too many times, and here we are with over financed homes, loads of bad credit, and cars we can’t afford…and people are so strapped that when they need money the most, they’re willing to re-finance a car that goes down in value. 

Our government, our businesses and their customers are willing to strap on the chains of slavery to keep themselves down, but why are we unwilling to drill for our own resources of freedom? 

Here are a few more things I’ve learned.

  1. The day my family stopped borrowing money and paying off debt is the day my family began to accumulate wealth.
  2. The day Candidate Obama and the liberal congress said they would allow off shore drilling is the day the oil prices began coming down.
  3. The day the oil market realized President Obama was lying about drilling is the day the prices started to go back up.

Why does President Obama choose slavery over freedom?  Does he affiliate himself with the Africans that were enslaved around the world, or does he affiliate himself with the Kenyan’s that sold their own people into slavery?  I guess it’s just another example of the cruelty of liberalism.


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  1. C. Princess says:

    ” we will give it to them as a gift, but never as a loan. ”

    What a lovely and compassionate gesture.

  2. Jane says:

    I agree with just giving money instead of loaning it.

  3. William Gatherer says:

    Ummm… Slavery was something that people were sold into, so for those who purchased a vehicle, and then re-financed it, they indeed would be a slave. For those who CHOSE to rack up thousands in credit card debt, they just made a poor choice. It was not slavery, rather an “Indentured” servant.

    All in all, I wish that the gas prices were now, what they were this winter when people were not inclined to travel as much. Under 2$/gallon to fill up my motorcycle would certainly give me price break this summer.

  4. Mike N says:

    That’s a good point William about this NOT being slavery. Don just likes to roll out the old arguments to try and flame the fires. It’s really quite tiring. What idiots like him don’t understand is that oil is not a renewable resource. We will run out of it. Drilling our own oil will relieve some of the burden on us for the short term, but in reality we need to develop alternative energy for heating homes, providing electricity, and the day-to-day operation of our nation. With that said, there’s really no reason why we can’t do both. I’m just saying that ONLY drilling for oil is NOT the complete answer.

    I’ve said in the past that I have absolutely no problem with gas being so expensive. People drive less and therefore there is fewer accidents. You see more car-pooling which cuts down on pollution. And also if gas is so expensive, I wouldn’t have to worry about Don ever leaving his home, which is good for everyone.

    Mooch, I’m happy your wife makes enough money that your family is able to purchase a second house. If it wasn’t for her you might have to borrow some money. And it sure is nice of you to give HER money to family members as a “Gift”.

    When you do become a landlord, will your wife be the one responsible for that workload as well? Will you ever work another day in your life? You’re such a drain on society.

  5. Credit Cards aren’t a problem, it’s the debt that accumulates from them. If you pay your card off at the end of every month like my grandma does, you’re fine. It’s essentially like using cash, but I think she gets points, so she can someday trade them in for a set of steak knives.

  6. Timmy says:

    I am wondering what Mike’s last two paragraphs have to do with borrowing money or oil dependence or the post in general?

    I am also wondering if Mike truely thinks that a stay at home dad who is raising four children really is a “drain on society?” Or is it just spewing wharrgaarrrbblll at Don because he doesn’t like him.

    I applaud anyone who stays home with their children to instill solid values and morals while raising them. Some people don’t have the financial resources to be able to do that. And its great that these children will get the chance to spend that time growing up with their father.

    As for the post, I wish that I didn’t have to rely on the credit card companies to get by. But for right now paying with only cash isn’t a viable option. $5/gallon gas prices killed me, but until the oil companies don’t have the power to dictate the market nothing will change. They need a reason to invest in alternative energy sources.

    Most people think that we are dependant on the Middle East for oil when in fact on a yearly basis we get most of our oil from Canada. They don’t seem to have a problem with their caribou population. I am all for drilling, using it up and forcing science to find an alternative.

  7. Mike N says:

    Timmy, if you’re wondering what my last two paragraphs have to do with borrowing money or oil dependence, then you should also be wondering why Don brought those topics up in the first place in his post.

    I also applaud a stay at home dad who instills solid values and morals into his children, but that’s not Don. Don’s a lazy mooch who has all the time in the world during the day to sit around and comment on posts. I’m very curious, between all the posting and commenting, when does he have time to raise his kids?

  8. Mirandachild says:

    Ok Don if you won’t do it then I will.I’m not really sure where “The stabbing pen” gets off on calling you, “a drain on society.” If Don’s wife wanted him to work then I’m sure Don would work.I don’t see what business you think you have in Don’s marriage and for that matter calling Don names as if you were in grade school.In case you didn’t have a momma to teach you how to be an adult I’m willing to be the one to teach you.You need to know that acting in that way makes you look uneducated not to mention it is rude,ugly,completely unappealing and not a becoming behavior for any adult.I stayed home for a few years with my children while my husband worked and I absolutely considered ALL of the money he made to be my money.Raising children and keeping a household together is a full time job and without my willingness to do that my husband would not have been able to work the 9a.m.-9 or 10p.m. work hours that he kept.Every dime of what anyone’s spouse makes belongs to the other regardless of the circumstances and if you don’t believe me go ask someone who lost money in a divorce.I guarantee Don is not just sitting around twittling his thumbs .I hear he cleans the house and makes sure his wife and children have a nice meal on the table.You act like they are living off of food stamps and other government assistance .If that were the case I could understand your criticism. Unfortunately for you this is not the case.I bet if your a man your a very girly man cause you have the annoying nagging abilities of a woman.For your thoughtless comment and your total disregard for a man and his family I think that makes you the complete drain on society.

  9. NeoConDon says:

    Thanks for having my back Timmy (and the back of all of the dedicated stay home moms and dads that fuel this nation), but Mike N just doesn’t get it. There’s a reason his nickname is Lyin Linear Libby. His perception of things is based on blind faith and ignorance. Based on his perception of what marriage is, I’d put money on him having a failed or extremely troubled marriage…if he ever gets married. It’s just not worth debating him because he doesn’t have any real ideas, and when he loses the debate, he takes his ball and goes home like a first grader.

    On the oil thing, you’re right; we get most of our oil from this hemisphere…we are also a client of the evil dictator Chavez. We simply need to drill extensively to rid our dependence on Saudi and Russian oil and build a stock pile, build several Nuke plants per year for our electric needs, and begin letting the private sector develop affordable and productive energy alternatives. We’ll NEVER escape the combustible engine because the technology is so inexpensive and the infrastructure exists, and right now, we still need oil to deliver every other type of energy out there…but we can find ways to improve it. The cap, tax and trade bill will destroy this economy if passed. It has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with gov’t control of our lives.

  10. Tristan says:

    While I wouldn’t go so far as to call oil the “fuel of freedom,” since it won’t be able to provide freedom for coming generations (not sure of the exact estimates), there truly is no alternative at the moment, and the flavor-of-the-week sources of solar and wind are not going to change that for a long time, if ever. Nuclear is an incredible technology with a terrible reputation, but even it can do nothing to provide the mobility that oil does. Electric cars are fine if you’re the only one on the block that uses one.

    Cap and Trade is a total deception, as you noted. Yes, we are wasteful relative to other nations, but if you look at the numbers, this will do absolutely nothing to prevent AGW (note that I do not see AGW as particularly significant, so in these discussions I don’t even bother arguing against it). China and India, with combined populations nearly an order of magnitude greater than ours, are now getting started with industrialization. They have no concern at all with AGW. They are concerned with poverty. They will consume every drop of oil that we leave behind, so the only loser there is We the People of the United States.

    Climate change is a fact of life. It’s no coincidence that drawings of dinosaurs always have tropical plants all over them. The entire world was tropical. It will happen again and there is nothing we are going to do about it (for the record, we’re currently in an ice age–these do not last forever). I’ve heard Mars is cooler, maybe that’s where Al Gore was born.

    As for debt being slavery, I largely agree, but I think the people prefer:

    Freedom is Slavery
    War is Peace
    Ignorance is Strength

  11. Mike N says:

    You clearly have no idea what a real marriage is because your wife provides you with everything.

    And you’re an idiot if you think drilling extensively here will rid our dependence on Saudi and Russian oil. We don’t even have enough in the ground here to last too long without other sources. As I’ve said, I have no problem drilling in our country, but that alone will solve nothing.

    And, there’s a difference between losing a debate and just getting sick and tired of your political rhetoric. You’re a conservative extremist and it is annoying. You’re not too far off from the Timothy McVeigh’s of the world, just a bunch of complete nut jobs. There is no winning or losing of debates with you because you’re too bull-headed to discuss anything unless someone agrees with you.

    If you think you can do a better job, run for office, any office. But no, you’d rather sit at home and talk politics on a blog, regardless of whether or not that particular post has to do with politics. You’re an armchair politician and the worst kind at that, because you have no clue when you’re wrong.

    Like I’ve said again in the past, it is truly sad that your kids are subjected to your idiocy. I don’t know how your wife puts up with it, but at least she had a choice in the matter.

  12. Mike N says:

    In addition,
    The real problem in this country is the two-party system. All liberals and conservatives do is fight each other rather than work together to solve some problems. There’s plenty of liberals that are equally as annoying and dickish as Don is, and therefore it’s impossible to work with them. There is no doubt in my mind that if people could be more level-headed about politics, there wouldn’t be so many problems.

    It’s called compromise. You want to drill in our country, fine. But we also need to continue buying elsewhere and at the same time develop alternative resources. You’re too concerned with right now instead of being mindful of the future. Oil will run out someday, possibly in my lifetime or your kids lifetime Don. The future is fast approaching and you can’t afford to be so one-sided. Nothing will ever change otherwise.

  13. NeoConDon says:

    Love the ’84 line, Tristan. I started to re-read it a few weeks ago, but my wife packed it, and now it’s in storage…I’ll get back to it after the move.

    Proverbs tells us that the borrower is a slave to the lender.

    Oil is the fuel of freedom because it provides the method for us to fly from the one end of the globe to the other on a moment’s notice…the richest man in the world couldn’t do that 100 years ago. There is almost nothing we can’t do because of the existence of oil and the internal combustible engine…something that will go away with human kind.

    Lyin’ Linear Libby, for the first time in my adult life I’m going to say you’re completely right…the problem IS the two party system…if only we could get rid of the liberals, life would be good, everyone would have an equal opportunity to become wealthy, and the gov’t would be out of our lives…except when we need to bomb the commies, or change a light bulb in a traffic light. Until we end the cruelties of liberalism, nothing will ever change.

  14. NeoConDon says:

    Thanks Mirandachild…marriage is not a 50%-50% deal. It is a 100%-100% deal. That’s why I think Mike N (not stabbing pen) will have a failed, or troubled marriage. In a marriage, “WE” have money, not his money or her money…”WE” have bills…not his bills and her bills.

    As a linear thinker, and an extremely ignorant “human being”, Mike N, AKA Lyin’ Linear Libby doesn’t consider the 10 years of work I had before WE decided that I stay home, the money we saved, and are still saving, and the work I’ll do after I go back to work in 3 years when the baby starts school. But most importantly for us, we do not need to send our kids to day-care or pre-school. They also have parents home when they get home from school.

    Libby is just jealous…I don’t blame him.

  15. Mike N says:

    Mirandachild, if you’re going to criticize someone’s intelligence, then please have the decency to use proper grammar. Honey, there are two spaces after periods and when using the term “You are” as a contraction, it’s spelled “You’re”…not “Your”.

    And just so we’re clear, I don’t have a momma. I have a mother, and she’s a great one. She would most likely think before posting and making herself look stupid. Hmmm, why on Earth would Mike N (NOT STABBING PEN) be saying these things about Don? Maybe it’s because Don is not a nice person and aggravates me to no end. If you want to agree with him about political issues that’s fine, but refrain from talking about things that go over your head.

    Now go out and get a job to help your husband out. You’re sitting at home on your ass while he works 12 hours a day.

  16. Mike N says:

    I’m sorry, let me just reiterate how stupid Mirandachild is. Stabbing Pen didn’t write the comments that have caused you to act like an ignorant “Momma”. I wrote it. How freaking hard is it to look at a name and write it down? You don’t even know how to spell the contraction of “You are”. This is the most irritating grammar mistake Americans make all the time. How the hell do you not know the correct use of the word? Did you even get through school, or drop out? Foreigners have a better understanding of the English language than you do. I’d bet you couldn’t pass a standard citizenship test either. This is the kind of half-assed education Don is always complaining about for me, but of course he wouldn’t dare criticize you. Don’t worry, I’m more than happy to tell you you’re an idiot.

  17. Hal says:

    Wow, Mike’s on a roll!

  18. Mike N says:

    Mooch, you could win the lottery and I wouldn’t be jealous of you. You are a complete nut job and I think you may one day blow up a building to demonstrate your conservative extremist agenda. You’re a danger to your family, society, and America. I could never be jealous of you Don, or should I call you Timothy McVeigh?

    And you’re right, your marriage is 100%-100%. Your wife makes 100% of the money and you mooch 100% of it.

  19. NeoConDon says:


    Nope…you’re jealous.

    McVeigh was a liberal BTW…I have nothing in common with him. My guess is Obama likes McVeigh since two of his very good friends also murdered people while blowing up gov’t buildings…didn’t you vote for Obama? You keep defending a strange liberal fascist agenda lately…just like McVeigh and Hitler and Obama…Maybe you’re throwing out the whole McVeigh thing to try to cover up your left wing extreme ideas…possible…??? do you need a hug…???

  20. Mike N says:

    I’m far from a left wing extremist. If you paid attention ever you’d realize that I’m more middle of the road, but constantly can’t stand the Republican candidates. They’re usually dicks like yourself. I compare you to McVeigh, not because of political beliefs, but because you’re that freaking psycho. You think the only right way is your way and it’s dangerous. Had you served in the military, my guess is you’d be fragged by your own men. I also can’t believe you just compared Hitler and Obama. I pray for your kids and that they realize just how full of crap you really are.

  21. Zig says:

    NCD, you are the most self-congratulatory piece of shit I’ve ever seen. Let me start with you statement, “Most of you know how I feel about debt. With the exception of our mortgage, my family does not borrow money…ever.” Whoi cares how you live? Who are you? You are nobody to be giving advise about how to live. Well, because you don’t borrow, you live like a pauper. You live in the dying suburb of University Heights, don’t have a job, live like a pauper and are a pompous ass. Debt is a vital part of a thriving economy. Debt allows responsible people to start businesses, buy gifts for others, buy cars they can’t pay for all at once and live a better life. Just because you have the mindset of a child and can’t see the benefits of some debt, doesn’t mean debt is bad. If the whole world were like you, the economy would collapse… You are not a physcal Conservative. In order to be a physcal conservative one must have some wealth to CONSERVE! You are just a poor white trash slumlord who lives in a rented house!

    And your whole OIL opinions are old, worn out ideas. Oil prices and production are controlled by idiot capatalists, which ared no doubt Repunklicans.

  22. NeoConDon says:

    Yes, I just compared Obama to Hitler…a fascist is a fascist…Obama just hasn’t murdered any jews, catholics, and gays. Obama’s a tyrant like Hitler, and is giving the same speeches as Hitler, the press loves him like Hitler..the children sing praises to him like they did Hitler…what else is there? Thanks for the prayers though, we’ll take all we can get. Just please pray that Obama continues to fail. It’s making me very happy so far. Obama’s failure is America’s success!

    Zig, I know you’re trying to say something…I just can’t figure it out.

  23. Zig says:

    The only SLAVE in this rant is you, NCD. You are a slave to your cheap and life experience stealing ideology. You are not a fiscal conservative. I “fiscal conservative” is conservative to protect his mountain of CASH. You are just poor white trash! Deal with it!

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