Not So Kingly Behavior

June 1, 2009 by admncc

Whether you play sports, have played sports, watch sports or could care less about sports, I think you’ll have an opinion about this.  And rightfully so…  An incident by Cleveland Cavaliers star, LeBron James, had the sports’ world divided today.  Now you get to be the judge.  Is he a fierce competitor and a “winner” (as he put it)?  Or is he nothing more than a sore loser?

The Cavs lost the Eastern Conference Finals in six games to the Orlando Magic.  The series ended this past Saturday with Orlando’s 103-90 victory.  Whether you follow professional basketball or not, I’m sure you know who LeBron James is.  He’s only one of the most famous athletes on the planet…  But even with his name recognition, I’m not sure that his superstar status justifies King James’ actions.

After the Cavs lost, while the rest of the players from both teams were shaking hands (to congratulate each other on a good series), LeBron walked off the court, got showered, put on his headphones, walked to the team bus and skipped the post-game news conference.  This was out of routine for several reasons.  First, like I said above, typically at the end of a series, win or lose, the players congratulate each other.  Second, LeBron is typically the main spokesman (to the media) for the Cavs after games.  Third, it was the final game of the season – during which, the Cavs played very well.  Fourth, it was a series the Cavs should have won.

As a fan, I realize losing frustrated him, as the Cavs were touted as possibly winning the NBA Finals this year.  But instead, LeBron sourly left the court and his teammates to answer the media’s questions after the game.

However, on Sunday, LeBron made the following statements to the press:

  • “I didn’t have much to say.”
  • “One thing about me you’ve got to understand is it’s hard for me to congratulate anybody after you just lost to them.”
  • “I’m a winner.  That’s not being a poor sport or anything like that.  When somebody beats you up, you’re not going to congratulate them for beating you up.”

That’s funny LeBron…  What about when the Cavs swept the Pistons and Hawks earlier in the playoffs?  The Cavs won those series pretty convincingly and he was out there shaking hands with everyone and congratulating them after those.  In a few of those games, Cleveland blew-out the opposing team.  I’d be willing to bet that some players on those teams were extremely disappointed, but yet they still shook hands and conducted press conferences at the end of the series.

Maybe he skipped the press conference because he didn’t want to hear the media ask him about next season – when his contract expires, or why management didn’t do a good job getting him the support on the bench that he needed, or why he was literally having to carry his team against Orlando.  I can understand that, but leaving his teammates to hold the bag, I think, is poor sportsmanship.

Nobody wants their team to lose their superstar, but I don’t think LeBron did himself any favors (with the fans of Cleveland) with his behavior.  His contract is up for renewal next year after all…

The bottom line is this – whether it is professional sports, recreation league softball or children’s t-ball, the unwritten rule in the end, is being a good sport.  And when you’re a superstar, you sometimes have to suck it up and deal with tough situations.  But whether you’re enjoying a victory or eating crow during a loss, you can’t abandon your team – and later chalk it up to being a “winner.”  Sorry LeBron, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  Good luck in NY or LA.

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  1. Angela says:

    Ok, I’ll give him the fact that he didn’t have his Scotty Pippen or his Shaq to help him, but he displayed such poor sportsmanship after game 6 that I felt the need to explain to my youngest how to be a gracious loser. And no, I didn’t let him stay up and watch the game. 90 million or no, you just don’t act like that! I would like to think Momma James instilled better values in her son than what he displayed.

  2. c.princess says:

    I would leave a comment but I don’t watch sports so I will leave you this comment instead, have a great week!

  3. GTLucky says:

    After the game on Saturday, when Lebron left the floor and skipped the press, I was not surprised. The Cavs were favored to play, and win, the NBA championship. Lebron was favored to be the best player in the Playoffs.

    He averaged 38 points, 8 assists and 8 rebounds in a losing series. This was only the second time a team with 65+ regular season wins did NOT win the Championship, in the last THIRTY years. They crushed Detroit and Atlanta. They finished as the #1 team of the year, and Lebron was featured in Many Kobe-Lebron adds for the championship.

    Lebron has also made public his deaire to become the First $1 Billion athlete, a race he will lose to Tiger.

    This loss interrupts all of these trends. And in one night, Lebron lost the Ring, faith in the team, the endorsements and another year of his life.

    I would have walked off the court too.

    Remember that we are watching a 24 year-old kid learning to live as a superstar. He’s emotional, competitive and used to everything being handed to him, thanks to his talent as an athlete.

    What made me angry were the comments on Sunday.

    He didn’t need to defend his actions, in my opinion. He should own up to them. If he would have stated that his actions were mis-guided or out of character, emotional, reactionary or any other media-spun word for “wrong”, this turmoil would not exist. I don’t think an apology is warranted. I just think he reacted to a bad situation in a bad way.

    More than anger or surprise at his actions, I am afraid he will leave Cleveland. The NY Knicks have been gearing up for the Lebron Lottery for 3 years. The NJ Nets are waiting for the next Vince Carter to come and carry them again. San Antonio is watching Tim Duncan age quickly. Portland and even the recession crushed Detroit want to get back to the finals soon, to drive their own economies.

    If one of these non-competitive teams make a convincing presentation on how they will get Lebron a Championship, he may transfer away. Even though, as the Contract Holder, under the Salary Cap rules, Cleveland can still offer Lebron more $$MONEY$$ than any other team in the NBA, he still may leave. And his comments Sunday were not those of a man happy with his job.

    I hope to see many free agent moves from the Cavs this off-season. I hope we make the strongest case for a Championship team and keep Lebron for another 7-10 years.

    Walking off the court? Poor judgment, poor sportsmanship but understandable
    Skipping the Media Q&A? Hilarious. News Media as an industry is quickly killing the United States of America. Skip every press conference and its fine with me.

    Comments Sunday? Awful. That was the worst possible reaction.

    He should have slept on Saturday night, woke up Sunday, realized his mistake, called the Magic to congratulate them on the victory and encourage them to win the Finals. Then he should have owned his actions to the press. “Yes I left in frustration and I was very upset over our loss. I should have kept to NBA tradition and congratulated the Magic for completing a great series against my team. I’ve contacted the Magic players and the organization regarding my actions and the upcoming series with the Lakers. It should be fun to watch.”

    If he said these words, would anyone be complaining now?

  4. Jenny says:

    I don’t follow basketball but I totally understand what you mean. Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins have one of the strongest rivalries in the NHL and they are constantly against each other in the play offs. This past year I thought that when the series ended instead of hand shaking and congratulating there would be a bunch of punching and all out fighting.

    I watched the last game end with heartbreak. Our season was over. Now it was time to shake hands. My heart was beating thinking that we were going to start the next season with forfeits since more than half our team would be suspended for fighting right now. Nope, they all shocked me. Each and every single player got on the ice and shook the hands of the players that just outplayed them. Plain and simple.

    You have to learn how to win graciously and lose just as graciously.

  5. Dan says:

    Great comments Jenny. From my end, I think LeBron could have handled it way differently. He isn’t going to admit that of course. But he acted like a spoiled child. He is better than that. Shake their hands and start worrying about next year. Now, this is going to dog him for a while.

  6. I don’t have much patience for professional athletes that act he did. I think it shows immaturity and a lack of professionalism. It’s sad. On the other hand, he’s getting even more attention because of it. That’s also sad.

  7. Leo Nevoli says:

    For a guy that could be considered the “face” of the NBA, this is just what they needed. Have your star player, one that kids try to be like, walk off not taking the defeat, because you define yourself as a “winner.” Just because you are a “winner” LeBron, does not mean you are above sportsmanship, which as Jenny said you win graciously and lose graciously. I can see it now, a 10 year old kid walking off the field after the game, not shaking hands with the other team, and telling his coach and parents, we lost, but I am a winner like LeBron, so I don’t shake the other team’s hands. Way to be a role model LeBron, you just gave all those fans that hate Cleveland teams more reason to hate them or make fun of them.

  8. Mike says:

    Oh my god you are all acting far too high and mighty. The hypocrisy is so thick its suffocating.

    I don’t care how much money a guy makes, an agonizing defeat is still an agonizing defeat. LeBron knows the Cavs should have won that series and it’s demoralizing to have to wait until next year yet again, after this year had so much promise. And that’s the kicker…this year had so much damn promise that the let down was all the more severe. How many of you watched that final game and shut the TV off right after or before it was over, just so you didn’t have to hear the celebration and announcement? I don’t care who you are or how much money you make, you are not immune to losing your cool.

    I play a lot of poker. I can tell you that there are some moments where I’m a gracious loser and some when I’m not so nice. Depending on the circumstance, I may stand up after losing my stack and shake the person’s hand who took me out. Or, if I know that my hand was far better than theirs and they only won out of shear luck and stupidity…I’ll stand up and walk away without saying a thing. I’ve even stood there and shouted obscenities at the other player as a third option. Sometimes your aggravation is so high that it’s easy to do the latter two scenarios.

    So, on that note, would it have been better for LeBron to start mouthing off at everyone? Do you think it would have been a good idea for him to blast his own team and make comments to the media he’d soon regret? NO, I DON’T THINK SO!!!

    LeBron did the right thing and just walked away. Sometimes it’s just not possible to be a gracious loser when you’re THAT pissed off. He made the right call and said nothing, because that’s far better than saying what he REALLY WANTED TO SAY.

  9. Mike says:

    Oh and GTlucky…

    I’ve heard that he has contacted and congratulated Dwight Howard. Who knows who else he’s contacted. I’d rather have him contact them personally than through the media because it means more. If he’d done what you said, to me that would just seem like a public relations move.

    And to everyone who thinks he’s now a bad role model for kids… maybe your kids should root for accused rapist Kobe? I think kids these days could do a lot worse than to idolize LeBron. At least wanting to be like any athlete will get kids off the damn couch and outside exercising like they need to be.

    One last thing. I remember shaking hands with the other team after little league football and baseball games. It went something like this…

    “Good game”
    “Good game”
    “Screw you”
    “You Suck”
    “Good game”
    “Good game”
    “Bite me”
    “Good game”

    Yeah we didn’t need LeBron to learn bad sportsmanship… that’s just human nature.

  10. NeoConDon says:

    In one of my brilliantly written columns posted in January, I am on the record stating that I am not a LeBron fan. There are lots of reasons that have built up over the years, and his embarrasing behavior on Saturday and Sunday are simply more reasons. He has consistently embarassed himself, my city, and the NBA. It’s clear that Cleveland can’t win an NBA championship with him…time to move on. I will be happy when he’s finally gone.

  11. Mike says:

    All I want to know is how he has CONSISTENTLY embarrassed himself, Cleveland, and the NBA? That’s it, nothing more. You probably can’t answer that though.

  12. NeoConDon says:

    He embarassed all of the above after game 6 and then again on Sunday..TCC detailed that.

    The day he showed up at Jakobs field cheering for the Yankees against his home town team and his home town fans during the playoffs–that’s an embarrassment to himself, disrespectful to the fans and the city of Cleveland. Then, last year he hung out on the Cowboy’s side lines during the Browns/Cowboys’s football game wearing a cowboys jersey. He just doesn’t get it, and has been and continues to be an embarrasment who can’t win a championship. I can’t wait for him to leave!

  13. Timmy says:

    I have been reading this blog for some time now and never thrown my two cents in. I have wanted to a couple of times but held my toungue because most of the posters on here have made up their minds and are too bullheaded in their superiority to listen to an intelligent argument from anyone else.

    However, most of your comments on this topic are ridiculous. To say farewell and good riddance to someone who has poured his heart and soul into the city of Cleveland and Akron over a handshake after a game is asinine.

    This kid, from the age of 19, when he entered the league has done nothing but be a role model and a face for the city and the NBA. He holds fundraising events in both cities, builds b-ball courts in underpriveledged neighborhoods and has many other charitable causes. He is freindly with the media and fans and he is a anthlete that has a head on his shoulders. Lets castrate him for one poor decision. And I am sure not positive that I believe it was anything to get upset about.

    Was it marijuana or coke? NO. Was it shooting or stabbing someone at the local strip club? NO. Was it even PEDs or steriods? NO. Was it the “alledged” rape of a woman in a Denver hotel room? NO. You want him gone because….wait for it…he didn’t congratuate the other team after a heartbreaking loss in a very competitive Eastern Conference Finals in which the Cavs .

    WHHHHAAHHH he is a poor sport and not a good role model for my precious snowflake. REALLY??? Have any of you paid attention to the sports world in the last six years. The only thing someone could say about LeBron is that he has children out of wedlock, that by the way, he takes care of and are a part of his family. Hmmm seems to me that most of you need to take a look at who you think should be an athletic role model for your child.

    They can do much much worse than the “MONSTER” that is LeBron.

  14. Timmy says:


    You are the shining example of someone who just doesn’t get it.

    FUN FACT: LeBron is a Yankees fan.
    ANOTHER FUN FACT: LeBron is a Cowboys fan.

    You would think that if anyone on this site would be for “personal freedom” to choose who you want to root for it would be you!!!! Just because you are from Cleveland does not mean that you are forced to cheer for Cleveland (sounds communist to me:). And before you spout off more whhhaarrrgaarbblll about how he isn’t loyal to Cleveland. The national McDonalds campaign where he dreams he is playing in the NFL and signs with the Browns to play was HIS choice. He could have chosen anyteam to sign with and he chose Cleveland.

    He also accepted his MVP award not with his entourage at some undisclosed press conference in Cleveland but with all of his teammates, family, and friends in his highschool gym. Guess how many teammates were with Kobe at his acceptance of the same award. That wasn’t a pub stunt that was a decision made by a grounded young man who wanted to give back to the people who have helped him, and a man who has the respect of his teammates, coaches and friends.

    What the American public chooses to and doesn’t chose to be enraged about makes me fall down in fits of laughter. Where was your outrage over Donte Stallworth when he killed a human being drunk driving? I didn’t see any posts about that but LeBron not shaking hands after the game or wearing opposing teams hats in a sport that HE DOESNT PLAY is an outrage. Lets send one of the only things this city has going for it packing.FLAME ON DON!!

  15. Dan says:

    I’d like to offer another example of how he doesn’t get it. The time he went to dinner and paid the $800 tab, only to leave a $10 tip. When you’re constantly being scrutinized, you have to make better decisions.

  16. Mike says:

    I’ve explained why what he did after game 6 and on Sunday was NOT an embarrassment. If he had done what he wanted to do and mouthed off to everyone, that would have been an embarrassment. Sometimes its better to say nothing.

    AND GOD FORBID LEBRON BE A FAN OF OTHER TEAMS LIKE THE COWBOYS AND YANKEES. You’re an idiot to think that he has to show support to the Browns and Indians just because he plays for the Cavs. The only way you have the right to hold that against him is if he showed up somewhere wearing clothing of another NBA team. You’re an idiot as usual. That’s to be expected. I’m right, you’re wrong once again.

    What gives you the right to decide how LeBron spends his money? Should he have tipped more? Yeah probably. But did you ever think maybe the waiter or waitress didn’t deserve a bigger tip? They could have done a real crappy job. It’s a moot point though because it’s none of your damn business how he spends his money. Maybe you idiots should worry about real news rather than crap fluff stories like this one. Who gives a rats ass.

  17. Mike says:

    And Don,
    The only “Brilliantly” written column to come from you has yet to be written. It won’t happen until the day you decide to admit you’re wrong about everything. On that day, I’ll nominate you for a freakin’ Pulitzer.

  18. NeoConDon says:

    Maybe the Lying Linear Libby likes to have a moron thug basketball player shove his bare butt in his face (that doesn’t surprise me), but the rest of the sports fans in cleveland recognize his actions as embarrasing to the fans, the city, and the NBA…LeBron James is still an immature moron that doesn’t understand what he’s doing. He’s not a winner, and is a very poor role model as a sports figure. I will be very happy when he’s gone, and Cleveland will be a better city.

  19. Hal says:

    Don, you mean that showing up to a baseball playoff game against the Yankees with a Yankees jersey is the equivilent of shoving his bare butt in our face?

  20. NeoConDon says:

    Exactly Hal. It’s nice to have an intelligent person to talk to on here. It was so much nicer when Lying Linear Libby (Mike) was off searching for a hug…now he’s back, and I have to choose which 4 year old to have a conversation with…my 4 year old son, or Mike, the Lying Linear Libby…

  21. Mike says:

    Those two things are equivalent if you’re one of those “Fans” who has no idea what the hell is going on with sports like Don.

    There’s no reason why a player drafted by the Cavs HAS to be a fan of the other Cleveland sports teams as well. Eric Barton was traded from the NY Jets to the Browns a little while back. Do you think he’s suddenly an Indians fan? Don you’re a dumbass. These players have no control over where they’re drafted and cannot control the teams they’re fans of. Just the same way I cannot control being a Browns, Indians, and Cavs fan. I don’t understand how its so difficult for you morons to understand that. LeBron can be a fan of any baseball or football team he wants as long as he plays his heart out for the Cavs.

  22. Mike says:

    Its idiots like Don who expect Braylon Edwards to love Ohio State because he plays for the Browns now. What he doesn’t understand is that that way of thinking makes no sense, especially since his college was Michigan. And before you say it’s not the same thing, think again. Expecting LeBron to be an Indians and Browns fan is exactly the same as expecting Braylon to be an OSU fan.

  23. NeoConDon says:

    Lying Linear Lib…you really need to press the dept of education for that refund.

  24. Wow, talk about someone who doesn’t get it, AHEM, Mike and GT.

    Nothing else needs to be said except the simple truth that LeBron should have been a good sport and acted accordingly at the end of the game. I don’t care how “pissed” he was Mike, why should the winning team be publicly disrespected by LeBron, the supposed star of the team, by walking off not congratulating them or even acknowledging their win? There is no excuse for his behavior. He acted like a spoiled, disrespectful bitch to be quite frank. It’s no surprise to me at all with your response that you’ve stood there and shouted obscenities at the other player in Poker as a third option. “Sometimes your aggravation is so high that it’s easy to do the latter two scenarios.”- Yeah for a CHILD Mike, grow up and learn a few things about respect and sportsmanship.

    GT – “This loss interrupts all of these trends. And in one night, Lebron lost the Ring, faith in the team, the endorsements and another year of his life.” LIFE STOPS! THE SPOTLIGHT IS ON THE STAR OF LIFE ITSELF – LEBRON JAMES – Boo-fuckig-who, poor LeBron! Now what’s his excuse for acting like a disrespectful asshole and a sore loser? And contrary to what you think he did need to defend his actions. Whether or not he WANTS to be a role model, he is one, and he needs to start acting like a winner if that’s what he thinks he is and winners don’t walk off after a game they’ve just lost no matter how important of a game acting like a 5-year-old who’s mother hasn’t taught him any manners, respect or sense of sportsmanship. Give me a break. “Walking off the court? Poor judgment, poor sportsmanship but understandable”……no, not understandable at all. “Skipping the Media Q&A? Hilarious.” – Rude on more than one level.

    I don’t know who exactly you need to call, but the two of you need to find someone that is able to instill some manners, respect, and what it means to be a good sport win or lose in you. You could obviously use the knowledge, knowledge you should have been equipped with long ago.

    Best of luck to you and those who must acquaint themselves with you.

  25. “Just the same way I cannot control being a Browns, Indians, and Cavs fan. I don’t understand how its so difficult for you morons to understand that.”

    I’m just curious as to who’s holding the gun….

  26. NeoConDon says:

    Christina, you really hit the nail on the head with LeBron and Mike. There’s a reason the word “linear” is in his nickname…he just continues to prove it over and over.

  27. NeoConDon says:

    Hey Timmy…

    Fun Fact: If you’re a star on a major sports team in a city, and show up at another major sports team’s venue during the play-offs wearing a jersey for the hated opposing team saying that you’re there to support the other team, you’re a moron…in this case, it’s LeBron. He basically flipped off his entire fan base on national television. If he’s a yankees fan he should come up with a less moronic way to show it…like privately in a box…not in the general admission seating where he heckled his own fans back. He is quite possibly the biggest loser I’ve seen in Cleveland. He’s an embarrasment to the city, the league, his team, and his fan. He’s a terrible role model and I can’t wait for the loser to be gone.

  28. Timmy says:


    Being that this is the first time i have posted on any topic my posts are not immediately uploading I guess that CC has to approve them (by the way i really do like your blog kudos to you!!), so I hope that you take the time to go back and read them.

    YOU SIR ARE A TROLL…this discussion has nothing to do with politics, education, or any of the other topics you are so quick to point out that you are an expert in.

    If you want to talk about those things WRITE YOUR OWN BLOG!!!! Stop glomming on to someone elses and trying to change the discussion to something you think you know about. You mostly sound like an idiot.

    If you actually want to debate this topic please come with something a little better than “he wore a yankees hat and he doesn’t like our other teams.” (*wipes tear from cheek) I would be happy to have a real discussion.

    My guess is when you finally read my post there will be some quick, off the topic remark about how my education is poor or how I am in someway communist because you can’t have an actual debate the reason being….you don’t know what you are talking about.

    I played sports, follow sports, talk sports and have done so all of my life, and for the last 20 years been a Cleveland sports fan so I feel that I have a good enough background to talk about sports. What is your background?

    For the record I was at game 5 in Cleveland for this series, I was sitting pretty darn close to Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, Robinson Cano and Joba Chamberlain (Don, those are Yankees by the way) Guess who they were cheering openly for….OMG the Cavs. Guess who else was cheering for them Jay-Z owner of the Nets(Granted this is probably because he wants Lebron to come to his team). Should Knicks who are Yankees fans demand those players to be traded. Should Nets fans demand the owner sell the team?

    By your argument above you have to answer Yes to those two questions and that is why you are wrong!

  29. Cleveland Blogger says:

    CC has told me a few times to comment on here. This post finally made me want to. Good job, CC.

    Timmy, interesting opinion. It’s easy for all of us to critique LeBron’s judgement for one reason; we’re not LeBron. Look at it this way. When you’re a die-hard fan, regardless of who LeBron likes, it was hard to see him show up at The Jake wearing a Yankees hat. I actually seem to remember him turning it backwards at some point during the game, due to some hecklers. Why would he do that if he was a true fan of NY?

    But again, he could probably care less what we think. But we talk about it because we want him to root for our other teams. And if he chooses not to, fine, but like someone said above, could better judgement be exercised by him? Maybe.

    I think the tipping issue is a stupid example. Sorry, Dan. Who knows why that happened or what caused the issue. LeBron could have done it on purpose, or it could have been greatly blown out of proportion. But who cares!

    It is probably hard to live your life with the media constantly second-guessing and analyzing you. Harder than any of us can probably imagine. But I do have to agree with Timmy that if we let this superstar go, what will become of Cleveland sports then?

  30. NeoConDon says:

    Looks like we have the same background Timmy, except I have more experience than you….everything else you wrote is comical. Why do you keep changing the topic of the discussion? Are you concerned that you and Libby are the only ones left in the slobbering love affair with LeBron?

  31. Timmy says:

    I can see how not shaking hands after the game is a poor move…I don’t have to agree with it, but I can see the point. What I don’t understand is the outrage over it. If the media had not made a deal out of it, it would have been a non-story.

    And to crucify someone who has brought money and recogonition to Cleveland on a national stage at this time is just moronic. Anything that can help this city right now should done. I can see if embarrasment meant DUI, drug charge, gambling on their sport, dead hookers in the trunk, but please, not shaking hands. That is what this is about. NOT SHAKING DWIGHT HOWARD’S HAND, and for the record he did congratulate the Magic (who were the better team in that series by the way) the next day by text.

    Maybe that isn’t the way it should have been done, but come on people, to say that he isnt a good role model for the reasons that have been mentioned here are ridiculous.

  32. Mike says:

    Hey Christina,
    LeBron is a kid! Maybe you forget how young he actually is. You missed the point entirely anyway. I said it was better to have said nothing than to lose his temper as I have in the past. Was I acting immature when I shouted obscenities at another poker player? Of course I was. And LeBron didn’t do that. He kept his mouth shut and I think that shows more control than most of us have. You have your own blog as an outlet to let off steam Christina, but LeBron isn’t afforded that luxury. He’d be crucified if he acted like you do.

    DEAR GOD…HE DIDN’T SHAKE SOMEONES HAND. How about we hear from some people who actually know a thing or two about sports.

    One more thing Christina, at least I have the guts to blast someone in person for being stupid rather than hide behind my freakin’ keyboard and blast them through a blog.

    As to who’s holding a gun to my head for being a Cleveland fan…well I was just born that way, oh well. You should be able to understand though that there is no rule that says LeBron has to be a Browns and Indians fan. If you can’t see that, you’re just as stupid as Don. I don’t care what he says about linear this or linear that, he just doesn’t get it when it comes to sports. YOU LIKE WHO YOU LIKE.

  33. Timmy says:

    Another sidestep from NCD you should be a bullfighter, OLE!…now you want to try defending your position or answering any of the questions that I have asked you in any of the posts???

  34. Mike says:

    Don your premise that LeBron pissed off his entire fan base by the clothing issue is where you go wrong. You cannot assume that Indians, Cavs, and Browns fans are ONE fan base. They’re NOT. It is possible to a fan of one and not the others. But as usual, if that goes against your way of thinking that it MUST BE WRONG.

    Thanks for understanding Timmy and giving me hope for society. Thank goodness there are others who have an ounce of perspective and logic.

  35. Timmy says:


    No problem, this is actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Love a good debate. Or just letting it rip on the interwebs!

    There are many athletes these days to have problems with, I just dont see LeBron as one of them

  36. The Constant Complainer says:

    Timmy and Cleveland Blogger, welcome to the blog. Thanks for checking us out. And Timmy, yeah, not all topics are so highly debated, but certain ones really seem to get people going. I guess this is one of them…

    Thanks to everyone for their comments thus far. And Mike, welcome back!

  37. NeoConDon says:

    I’ve already gone into detail on my position little timmy (que voice I use when talking to my four-year-old) I know you’re new here, but this is pretty simple. Lebron’s a loser, a moron, and is disrespectful to the game, his city, and his fans. (althought the NBA is not a very respectable league to begin with) I’ve detailed that with several examples…you simply said “no he’s not”, and then started blabbering on about the nicks and nets…All of that occurred while you were constantly changing the subject.

  38. LeBron is a kid compared to what? A 70-year-old? He is 25-years-old Mike, well old enough to know better than to behave how he did. I did not miss any point, it is you that missed the point entirely. I know what your argument was and it wasn’t really an argument. The whole point is that he DID walk off and not say anything. Are we all supposed to consider ourselves lucky because he didn’t “lose his temper”? What right did he have to lose his temper anyway? Wait, he had no right as he and his team lost. Does he have a right to be personally upset about the matter? Of course he does, anyone in his position would be upset, but does that make it okay for him to storm off like a baby and not congratulate or even acknowledge the others win? No. Just because he didn’t have a tantrum like I’m sure he would have liked to, it doesn’t mean that his actions are justifiable. The fact that you think he showed ‘control’ is hilarious! Aww, that LeBron James, what a hero!

    As to my blog and what I have to say, I hate to burst your bubble, but I guarantee you anything I ever say, whether it be out loud to another person, on my blog, or behind your back you better damn well know I’m more than willing to say it directly to your face. As far as me knowing things about sports, you don’t know what I know or don’t know about sports because although we are talking about an athlete we are not discussing sports as to where I would need to have any knowledge. We are discussing the fact that LeBron acted like a baby so to insinuate that I know nothing about sports by saying “How about we hear from some people who actually know a thing or two about sports.” makes you look like an idiot – again – bravo! I’m starting to think talking out of your ass is a pastime of yours.

  39. Timmy says:


    I have responded to you every step of the way here. Pay attention! I said he isn’t a poor role model because…and gave examples of athletes who actaully are. Those examples I gave were real life examples, maybe you didnt recognize because you don’t follow sports outside Ohio, I don’t know. I didnt just pull them out of thin air. Drugs, stabbings, shootings, and gambling have all taken place in major sports since the time that LeBron has entered the league.

    We will have to agree to disagree here. I just dont think that being a poor sport after a game or wearing a NYY hat fits in with the above list.

    As for a slobbering love affair with LeBron…not so much…I like LeBron but I would defend any athlete with the same passion that I deem to actually be a good person and have a head on their shoulders. It doesn’t seem like there are that many out there, and to write him off because of this seems childish.

  40. NeoConDon says:

    I think the Cleveland Blogger makes some excellent points, but one thing really stuck out at me….

    “…But I do have to agree with Timmy that if we let this superstar go, what will become of Cleveland sports then?”

    Nothing different will come…nothing will change…he’s never won anything….We’ll STILL not have a championship…just like it was before he got here and while he was here.

    It’s hard to call this guy a superstar if he’s never won a championship. In Cleveland, he’s a super-star because he’s the best athlete we have right now. In New York, LA, Chicago, he’s just an NBA basketball player. Even in Orland he’d be out done by Tiger Woods.

    Cleveland has had (and does have) far more respected and respectable athletes than LeBron James. Have I mentioned that I can’t wait for him go away?

  41. Mike says:

    Actually Christina, I want to hear from some people who know a thing or two about sports in relation to the issue of LeBron wearing other teams jersey’s and hats. Don brought that up as an example of how LeBron has embarrassed this city. However I think you need to be knowledgeable in sports to understand why sometimes saying nothing is best as well. If you were knowledgeable at all in this area, you’d know how the media will do anything to kick a star when he’s down. It’s funny how only a few media outlets have reported that LeBron contacted Dwight Howard and congratulated him, yet the negative crap is front page news on yahoo.

    How many mistakes have you made in your life Christina? I’ll bet you’ve made your share. I have. The difference is that the media doesn’t scrutinize us for ours. You are so quick to judge him on this one issue, and it sounds pretty damn hypocritical to me. That’s why I’m defending him. He’s still a far better role model than most athletes, for all the reasons that Timmy has previously stated. If thinking this way makes me look like an idiot to you, than so be it. Your opinion means very little to me as it is. I’m sure you’ve never made a mistake.

    How do you feel about Burress shooting himself? Pacman making it rain? Phelps smoking weed? Or countless other athletes taking steroids? LeBron seems like a good role model choice to me.

    The fact that anyone is making a big deal about this is insane, especially when there’s a damn airline tragedy in the news. Get a life. Timmy was right when calling this a non-story.

    And Don,
    The damn word is “Cue”. Not “Que” as you wrote. Que is Spanish for “What?”

  42. NeoConDon says:

    C’mon Timmy….do you need a refund on your education too?

    Just because LeBron has never been caught stabbing someone, or killing them while drunk driving, or doing druges, etc, doesn’t mean he’s a good role model…I’m supposed to be impressed when he give a tiny bit of his income away to build some parks? That’s what we should expect from these guys.

  43. Mike says:

    Maybe one of the more respectable Cleveland athletes you’re thinking of is Jim Brown? If that’s the case look it up, cuz you’re wrong. I’d like to hear who you think Cleveland’s more respectable athletes have been.

    In my opinion, this game 6 issue is the only knock you could possibly have on the guy and it will not tarnish his legacy, not one iota.

  44. Mike says:

    And quit slamming people on their education because your grammar flat out sucks.

  45. NeoConDon says:

    Sorry libby…I didn’t realize I needed to spell good on a blog…If you need a list of athletes from cleveland more respectable than LeBron, you really should go demand that refund. And I’m not sure why you run around assuming things like you do. It must drive the people you call “friends” crazy…Jim Brown is a nut job, and far from a good role he’s a traitor to cleveland.

    How is it possible you’re referring to LeBron and a legacy…??? He’s never won anything. His only legacy is losing and embarrasing his city, his team, and the league.

  46. Mike says:

    You do need to spell WELL on a blog if you’re going to slam people for their education. Otherwise it’s the definition of irony.

    I asked you to name the Cleveland athletes more respectable than LeBron. You claim there’s a lot of them, so do it. Don’t try and turn it around on me. I know who the respectable athletes are in Cleveland and LeBron is one of them.

  47. Timmy says:


    First, by your logic the following athletes were never Superstars: Dan Marino, Barry Sanders, Jim Kelly, Fran Tarkenton, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon and Y.A. Tittle, Ted Williams, O.J. Simpson, Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson, Gale Sayers, Thurman Thomas, Reggie Miller, Pete Maravich, Dominique Wilkins, Nate Thurmond, Calvin Murphy, George Gervin, Dave Bing, Alex English.

    While all of these guys didnt have the spotlight that athletes do today they sure have a lot of records in their respective sports to not have been “superstars” and “meaningless to their cities” For the record I think more people than just me and Mike would disagree with you. (and in no way am I saying that all of these guys are good role models, just pointing out that your post is a little goofy in the head)

    Second you wrote : “Just because LeBron has NEVER BEEN CAUGHT stabbing someone” … No, wait, I have changed my mind. The previous statement is too stupid to comment on.

    And lastly, how much of his income is a good amount for him to send you Don? Can he write you a check? He desperately needs your support to be what you consider a “Superstar” Are you the type that calls your long lost cousin when he wins the lottery to get your handout. He doesn’t HAVE to give anything back and apparently by your standards he should give all his money away.

  48. NeoConDon says:

    I’m impressed Libby. You understand irony. I guess you should only ask for your highschool and college money to be refunded.

    Right now, everyone in a cleveland uniform is more respectable than LeBron…but the obvious ones still come to mind.

    Kosar, Nance, Daughtery, Price, Omar, Sandy Alomar Jr, Brady Quinn, Ben Roethlisbgerger (from Ohio), Sizemore, Sabathia, Sipe, Jim Thorpe,

    This list could be much larger…LeBron doesn’t come close to making this list.

  49. NeoConDon says:

    Are you having a secret online love affair with Libby, Timmy?

  50. Timmy says:

    HAHA one of your respected Clevelanders isnt from and has nothing to do with Cleveland. Hey sports honk read the following statement closely OHIO DOES NOT EQUAL CLEVELAND!!!!

  51. Jane says:

    This post is nuts. Nothing like a little light reading before dinner. Make room for some other opinions, boys. LeBron is young. He is under a lot of pressure. He might be awesome and know a lot, but he is bound to make some mistakes along the way. I think we beat that to death above. But like someone said above, as long as he plays his heart out for his own team, I can look past some of these silly antics. He knows what he is doing and probably has advisors talking his ear off about each and every move he makes. But he probably doesn’t care. He has to be a human being too, in addition to our world supperstar. Cut him some slack.

  52. Jane says:

    Damn keypad. Meant to say “superstar” above. Great post and comments though.

  53. Mike says:

    That’s ok Jane, I won’t slam you for your spelling mistake because you’re not making fun of anyone’s education.

    I like how you’ve got Brady Quinn on your list…
    Perhaps you don’t remember him charging fans an extremely high amount of money for an autograph soon after he was drafted, before he’d ever played an NFL down. To me that was pretty shady. There’s also the fact that he doesn’t sign autographs at practice either. I guess unless there’s money involved, Quinn isn’t concerned with making kids happy. But guess what, I don’t hold that against him either as long as he plays his heart out for the Browns.

    But by your logic, I should hate him for choosing to play for Notre Dame rather than OSU, because he had his choice of either school.

  54. Zig says:

    I think what what Lebron did was the best thing he could have done. It showed his heart and it shows the fact that he is not satisfied with losing. It shows him human side, while alludoing to his stuborn intent to be a winner and brng a championship to Cleveland… Too many of today’s millionaire athletes simply shrug off a loss. Cleveland is and has been and full of such imposters…”Kosar, Nance, Daughtery, Price, Omar, Sandy Alomar Jr, Brady Quinn (from Dublin, Ohio), Ben Roethlisbgerger (from Findley, Ohio), Sizemore, Sabathia, Sipe, Jim Thorpe.” All of these athletes are losers for accepting any failure in the athletic arena! If anything, Lebron’s actions, or lack of action, will only strenthen his legacy and will be the elements of great legends! He is a winner. Winners don’t accept losing well.

    NCD, you don’t understand… Give me Lebron, in Basketball, over any of the atheletes you mention, in their sports!

    As for Christina, what is up with this…”Wait, he had no right as he and his team lost. Does he have a right to be personally upset about the matter? Of course he does, anyone in his position would be upset, but does that make it okay for him to storm off like a baby and not congratulate or even acknowledge the others win? No. Just because he didn’t have a tantrum like I’m sure he would have liked to, it doesn’t mean that his actions are justifiable.” Why does he have no right to react? Do you want all athletes to be robots? Maybe, you want all athletes to cut off their balls too? That would take away all of their competative juices… The Cleveland Cavaliers, Indians and Browns need more athletes with half the HEART of Lebron James. Maybe, then, the city will find a Championship. Why did he have no right to turn away and walk off the court alone?

  55. Leo Nevoli says:

    Mike, in regards to the end of game handshake, as an Official for youth soccer games, I have stood there and before the kids start the walk, I announce I don’t want to hear anything other then “Good Game.” I have issued red cards to kids because they have said: “you suck,” and I inform the coach that the player got the red card for unsportsmanlike conduct. I have had majority of the coaches agree with me that the kid get the card, and be suspended for the next game. As parents, you try to teach your kids sportsmanship, and let them be like athletes they idolize. When they see a role model do something like that, the kids will feel they can do it too. If I followed basketball, and my kids were in to it, I would tell them not to make a player their favorite if they did drugs, steroids, or committed a crime. I do not want my kids saying, “I am doing drugs because Player Name does them.” That is setting a bad example to the kids. Parents can only teach kids so much; kids having role models can help them learn things that a Parent can not relate to. As a parent, his actions shows that even though he lost, he feels that he is above his opponent and they do not deserve to be congratulated for stepping up and beating the best team this year.

    As for his actions to cheer for the Yankees and Cowboys that was insulting to the City of Cleveland. Last week Bill Cowher cranked the siren for the Carolina Hurricanes before a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the same Penguins he grew up and supported while he lived in Pittsburgh. Everyone in Pittsburgh hates Cowher now. Was it stupid of him to do that, yes, but I do not blame him because he is supporting his “home” team for the playoffs, because he lives there and is part of the community. He should have declined the offer to crank the siren. I don’t have a problem with him showing support for his new “home” team, as much as I don’t have a problem with Jeff Reed, the Steeler Kicker” supporting the Penguins last round, even though he grew up in Carolina watching the Hurricanes. Reed said “The Canes maybe my team, but I am living in Pittsburgh, and the Penguins are my home team now, and I want them to succeed in the playoffs for the City of Pittsburgh, but I would not have a problem if the Canes win.” People in Pittsburgh hate Cowher for showing his support, but they love Reed because he was picking their team. James is from the Cleveland area, he should have shown some pride and support to the other sports team in the city. James does things for the Community and gives back, which is good, but when it comes to supporting the other sports franchises in the City, he gives the impression that he does not want them to succeed.

  56. NeoConDon says:

    For the record, I can’t stand Big Ben because he’s a steeler, and they suck…BUT, Findlay isn’t too far from Cleveland. I have family in Findlay and they’re cleveland fans, so the association is appropriate. Ben would NEVER behave like LeMoron…Ben has far more class and intelligence to disrespect Pittsburgh fans, or to embarrass himself the way LeBron has…I still can’t stand him (big ben.)

    LeBron has been and continues to embarras his team, the cleveland fans, and the (not so impressive) NBA. I can’t wait for him to leave…especially since he just can’t seem to win here.

    My son had no problem getting a Brady Quinn autograph during Browns training camp…Perhaps you’re mistaking him with the other Cleveland moron, Bob Feller…maybe LeBron and Feller are related…

  57. NeoConDon says:

    LeBron isn’t and will never be Michael Jordan…but he should strive to be and act like him…WWMJD?

  58. Timmy says:

    Findlay is 2 1/2 hours from Cleveland or 122 miles which ever you prefer. That isn’t too close to Cleveland either Don. Saying that the association is appropriate is ridiculous.

    I have family in Columbus (which is about the same distance 20 miles give or take) that root for the Indians, Browns, and Cavs so does that make anyone who happens to be from Columbus a respected Clevelander. Nope, it makes them a respected athlete from Columbus.

    As a matter of fact Pittsburgh is as close to Cleveland as Findlay is. I am sure there are Cleveland fans somewhere in that city, so my new top respected Cleveland athletes are Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Greene, Franco Harris and Lynn Swann.

    My association is appropriate according to Don.

  59. Jane says:

    Great comments Leo. Cowher is a moron.

  60. Timmy says:

    (Before reading i think MJ is the best player to ever play ball)


    Wow I couldnt wait for you to bring Jordan into this argument. The same Jordan that ran off his coach early in his career, held his team hostage for talent in the early 90’s with an i will take my ball and go home attitude, quit his team to fail at baseball, got in trouble for GAMBLING, single handedly kept another superstar Isiah Thomas off of the dream team in 92′ for petty personal issues and was certainly not a saint in his marriage but yeah those things are over looked because he was Michael Jordan.

    Do your precious snowflakes get to look up to him? Or do you sweep those issues under the rug and tell your kids “its okay to cheat on your wife just be sure to shake her hand and congratulate her when she takes all your money”

  61. I’m sorry Mike I forgot that, I meant to comment on it. I can see both of your points. I see where you’re coming from and I agree that just because you’re a fan of one team it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t be a fan of another team as well, that’s just silly. You’re completely right in that and I do not argue, however, I also see where Don is coming from. Surprisingly, Don is talking with regard to a matter of respect and I agree with him on his point. I also agree with you that the media kicks people when they are down and that it’s ridiculous that its front page news.

    I am stating my opinion on the topic Mike because this is what the blog post was discussing; you know the topic at hand? I said that I thought he acted like a child, he did, that is not a judgment that is a fact. I said that he was a bad role model, another fact, (i.e. When you lose kids don’t bother to congratulate them, just storm off, its okay if you are REALLY mad like LeBron) but I don’t mean entirely, my opinion is based on this blog post only, this incident. I don’t think he is a loser nor am I trying to make this bigger than it needs to be in any other form. The fact of the matter is that he acted like a child when he should have stood proud knowing he did the best he could do and congratulated the other team for winning. If he wants to be pissed that’s fine, but he needed to do it on his own time not where it negatively affected others.


    He has all the right he wants to react, but there is no question that he needed to congratulate the other team for winning because that’s what good sports do. Aren’t we taught this in kindergarten? If you call his behavior having heart then you are confused, a more proper word would be – disrespectful – selfish – inconsiderate – rude – unbecoming and it makes his mother appear to have lacked in teaching him otherwise.

    How do you think the rest of his team felt when ‘the star’ just walked off? Last time I checked there wasn’t an I in TEAM therefore I think he had no right to walk off like a baby and ditch his team. If it was such a righteous thing to do, why didn’t the whole team do exactly the same?

  62. William Gatherer says:

    I have always been taught that win or lose, it is just a game. You leave it all on the court, and zebras aside, the scoreboard will dictate the winner, not the effort of the individuals. I have won many events at a high school level, and with the history of the school I played for and the area that we were in, we lost many an event as well. Either way, you are not congratulating them on their victory Mr. James, you are congratulating them on the effort put forth.

    You are put in the position of a role model whether you like it or not. Everyone lights up T.O. for his antics and flagrant misconduct. This is no different in my opinion. If you didn’t want to talk to the press….fine. But leave the game on the court. Show some respect to a team that earned it. (I am not a basketball fan so there is no bias. If anything LeBron has drawn me into the game).

  63. Don, I personally know Jim Brown and I am curious as to why you think he is a ‘nut job’…

  64. You know what Don, never mind, I just recalled our last conversation about this and the whole ‘traitor’ issue.

  65. NeoConDon says:

    Hi Christina,

    He was interviewed on a local Cleveland station, and he’s a liberal kook…but, he’s also a traitor…both are obviously subjective, and personal opinions. I know a lot of liberal kooks, and for the most part they’re decent human beings as I’m sure Mr. Brown is.

  66. NeoConDon says:

    Yep Timmy, all those things about Jordan…LeBron still can’t touch him on or off the court. MJ has more class in the dookie he left in his potty last night than LeMoron will ever have…even if he goes to a team that buys him a championship.

  67. KD says:

    Plain and simple, LeBron ran off the court because he didn’t want to answer questions about the lack of a supporting cast or about his future in Cleveland. I saw a replay where a Magic player was approaching him and he turned away. That is no way for the league’s ambassador to act, even if he was pissed that they lost. I think his actions were way off. If they had won, he would have been shaking hands. I will tell you that much. Go run to your music headphones now Little LeBron, since they bring you such comfort. Awesome blog BTW.

  68. Timmy says:


    You are fantastic at making it look like I said something that I most certainly did not. Do you think that people fall for that? Anyways, good times, I think I am done, as we are clearly way of topic and you have no ability to see any opinion but your own. Even when you are clearly wrong. See above where you equate adultery as A-OK, but poor sportmanship as a death penalty offense.

    I am done being sucked in. CC thanks for the forum and I look forward to future posts.

  69. Timmy says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot…

    Good game *shakes hand* Good game

  70. NeoConDon says:

    LOL…you should hang out with Lying linear libby…you two would get along great. Let me know, I’ll send some crayons and a couple coloring books.

  71. 1) Poor sportsmanship has no place in any sport.

    2) Bill Cowher is a traitor

    3) The Steelers rock, just look at the rings they own

    4) C.C., your Kennywood post is up 🙂

  72. Jen says:

    I absolutely agree. These players are role models whether they want to be or not. Being an asshole is just not an option. Shake hands, put on a phoney smile and suck it up.

  73. I see Don. I know his wife a lot better than Jim as his wife is the one who takes the kids to school which is how I know them. Their son and my son have been in the same class since kindergarten. I find them to be seemingly nice people however there is something about them I don’t trust. Just one of those feelings. On a positive note his wife is stunning.

  74. NeoConDon says:

    You would certainly know him much better than anyone here. I just know his public persona, and my unwavering opinion regardging the evil doings of those who stole my football team. He could come out as the glorious re-birth of George Washington and Ronald Reagan, and I’d likely still want him as far away from me as possible.

    …but in all fairness to him, he’s sort of famous and a very old father, so he might not trust too many people either. I like him in “The Running Man.”

  75. I could see both sides here. People forget LeBron is only 24 and still a young man who is maturing. That’s not an excuse though, he had no problem shaking hands with the Hawks and Pistons, good point.

    The NBA and media is at fault too a bit here. They always criticize the buddy-buddy atmosphere in the league, then get upset when a player doesn’t shake hands after a game. I covered this material a while back.

  76. Mike says:

    Jim Brown is not a traitor. He’s many things, but a traitor he is not. Don I can understand why you might think he’s a traitor for leaving Cleveland and going to Baltimore with the Ravens. However, as much as I don’t like it, he’s not a traitor. He left Cleveland because he was following Art Modell, the man who drafted him and got him started in the NFL. I don’t dislike Jim Brown for going to Baltimore, but I do hate Modell. I’m not a big fan of Ozzie, but he went to Baltimore for different reasons.

    And I had forgotten he was Fireball in The Running Man.

    My final stance:
    Should LeBron have shaken their hands? Yeah he should have.
    Does that make him a bad person? NO
    Does that make him a bad role model? NO
    Was walking away better than losing his cool? YES.

    My point this whole time has been that saying nothing was better than blowing up. I’m operating under the assumption that walking away was his only option. If he had stayed he would have surely lashed out from anger and frustration. There’s always the “What if’s” that we don’t think of when judging these players.

    Haven’t any of you ever been just so pissed off and frustrated that you had to walk away or risk saying something you’d regret? Maybe to a boss? or a loved one?

    Do you teach your children that if they don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

    Maybe you don’t teach them that, I don’t know, but you have heard it before and most parents tend to lean that way. Thats all I’m saying about that.

    Call it poor sportsmanship, but I still say its not that big of a deal. I’ve also heard from numerous people that LeBron shakes hands with the opposing team before every game. He knows them all on a personal level, and if they don’t take offense to this issue then why the hell should we?

  77. Mike says:

    And for the record, Bill Cowher played and coached for the Browns before he coached for the Steelers. So dear God, what a traitor.
    I have a lot of respect for Bill Cowher, no matter how many times he beat the Browns. I’m also sure of the fact that Steeler fans still love the guy to death. Am I right on that CC?

    Who gives a rats ass about the Penguins? Again, it’s a different fan base you morons.

  78. NeoConDon says:

    You’re right about one thing Mike. Cowher is a traitor (no rolling eyes here) like Model, Ozzie, Jim Brown. You’re either with us or you’re against us. But players like LeMoron remind us to cheer for the name on the front of the uniform, not the name on the back.

  79. Mike says:

    Do you think I’m going to automatically hate Troy Smith now that he plays for the Ravens? Do you think I’m going to forget about all the great games I watched him play at OSU? It’s the same issue if you ask me as the other guys you’ve listed. I’ll always appreciate Cleveland players for what they did while they were here. Damn them after they leave though.

  80. NeoConDon says:

    Apples and oranges libby.

  81. Flanagan says:

    A few quick points:

    1. Lebron wasnt brought up the same way a lot of us were, lets not overlook this. He didnt have the father MJ had and spent most of his formative years wondering where he would sleep and what if at all he was going to eat. The fact he is the man he is is an accomplishment. His mother didnt attend a game of his until the first Sports Illustrated article on him came out, that is a fact.

    2. What he did was wrong a lot of levels but I cant beat him up over it. Reason being is as a former athlete I have walked off the field without shaking opponents hands. Now I can look back and say it was wrong now but at that moment I felt the lack of sportsmanship the other team showed on the field did not warrant my display of sportsmanship in any way shape or form.

    2b. Could any of us see how Lebron might just might have felt Orlando lacked some sportsmanship? Every time Van Gundy opened his mouth he complained about the foul calls against Lebron. Rafer Alston mocked his pregame ritual of throwing dust when he hit a shot to go up 20. Howard chucked up a 3 at the end which was completely meaningless. The entire series Heidu and Lewis had smirks on their face like a 13 year old boy that just found his father’s playboy stash. Again not saying it is ok, just lets look at everything.

    3. Cleveland fans are hypocritical. The same people bashing him for this were the ones booing when he didnt shoot a meaningless shot and run up the score on a team earlier this year just so they could get a free 99 cent chalupa.

    4. I didnt realize Lebron had to love Cleveland sports like we all do. I love Cleveland sports because of my father, and my memories of watching games when I was young with my father. See #1 above. Also while he was growing up the Indians were losing 100 games and the Browns were a few years away from being the Ravens, cant blame him.

  82. Zig says:

    Christina–Are you for real? Which is it…are your rants facts or opinions? In the following comment Christina has it both ways, “I am stating my OPINION on the topic Mike because this is what the blog post was discussing; you know the topic at hand? I said that I thought he acted like a child, he did, that is not a judgment that is a FACT.”

    And what’s up with, “If you call his behavior having heart then you are confused, a more proper word would be – disrespectful – selfish – inconsiderate – rude – unbecoming and it makes his mother appear to have lacked in teaching him otherwise.” See, all of the above comments are OPINIONS! They are your OPINIONS! And you have nothing to do with Lebron James reacting poorly (or reacting well depending on you opinion why he REACTED as he did…). Stop trying to thrust your motherly takes on every situation. Trying to say he wasn’t raised well is a stretch…IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU or your motherly responsibilities! Take a break. Again, we are disscussing “the topic at hand,” which is Lebron’s reaction to losing…We are not discussing you or Gloria James’ motherly failings! Again, you are trying to have it both ways! I wouldn’t get to buddy-buddy with NCD. Trying to defend his fundamentalist, rightwing rants is a losing battle. He is a nutjob!

  83. Zig says:

    Troy Smith sucks and so does OSU!

  84. “you’re a winner?”

    oh really?

    i guess i missed a step.

  85. Mike and Zig, it’s clear that we’re just not going to agree here so why we don’t we just agree to disagree and leave it at that. As far as Don goes Zig, trust me, we hardly ever agree on anything. To Don, yes, Jim Brown is a very old father (his boy is 8 and his daughter is 5, he just turned 73 in Feb). He just had knee surgery a month or so ago so I am sure that his young wife really came in handy 🙂 As far as his personal life I know that he goes to church and that he and his wife own a company in which they help teens as well as adults that have problems like drug addictions, or what have you. On the outside they appear to be good people. I only know them as well as you can know other school parents. But he comes off as a respectful man with a kind heart. Even with that said, I still have a feeling of distrust towards both of them. Again, I don’t know why, I just do.

  86. Mike says:

    I’m always up for agreeing to disagree, considering that just about everyone on here is too bull-headed to change their minds (Myself included). However, you didn’t answer my question. Do you teach your children that if they don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

    I’m just curious because that’s what LeBron did. If he wanted to avoid the media, he would have had to get into that locker room as fast as possible.

  87. NeoConDon says:


    You need to realize that not everyone decides to simply agree or disagree with specific people like you do. I’m a conservative, and by definition, conservatives do not see someone’s color, gender, race, religion, sexual preferences, and so on the way the ignorant liberals like you do. A conservative thinker looks at someone and see individual potential based on previous effort and results…libs like you see new gov’t programs to kick that person down while at the same time you’re “helping” them. While Christina and I disagree on most of the issues discussed here, we do it because our points of view are different…not becuase we simply want to disagree because of who the other person is. That’s the difference between being blind and ignorant (like you) and informed like Christina and I.

  88. Mike says:

    Troy Smith was one of the greatest quarterbacks to have played at OSU. I consider myself lucky to have watched him play in person and witness those great times. I will not argue this with you. It’s my opinion and no one can change it.

    There’s a lot of OSU haters out there who have absolutely no reason to hate, they’re just jealous. OSU gets a lot of attention and are sometimes overrated. Big F’in deal! There’s nothing OSU can do about it. It’s a respectable and successful program which catapults many of its athletes to the top of the draft. THATS A FACT.

  89. Mike says:

    I disagree with you most of the time because…well I think you’re just wrong. It’s got nothing to do with what I think of you. I’ve been disagreeing with you since day one, before I knew you were a nut job haha.

    Also, don’t try and pass conservatives off as being holier than thou with race, religion, gender, and sexual preference. Conservatives see people based on all of those criteria, not to mention by how much money someone’s got in their wallet. And how could you even list sexual preference? If you honestly think that sexual preference isn’t an issue with conservatives then you’re worse off than I originally thought.

  90. NeoConDon says:

    “Conservatives see people based on all of those criteria, not to mention by how much money someone’s got in their wallet.”…

    You’re clearly referring to liberalism…they see everyone in groups. Conservatism does not, and you can’t come up with a single example of it.

  91. Mike says:

    You want an example. Here:
    Conservatives are against gay marriage. So much for not seeing people by their sexual preference.

    Here’s another example:
    Conservatives are all about keeping the haves and the have-nots separate. Money belongs to the upper class and to hell with everyone else.

    If we’re going to get political here, see ya.

  92. NeoConDon says:

    Both of your statements are incorrect based on the premise, Libby. This is a perfect example of the ignorance of liberalism, and those who blindly follow it. Lyin Linear Libby…gotta love the exactness of that name!

  93. Mike says:

    Ahh yes, the typical Don response. Ignorance this ignorance that. You don’t even realize that your first sentence doesn’t make any sense, considering that you have no premise to speak of. Also, just about any conservative will tell you that they’re against gay marriage. You would too if it wasn’t for the sake of arguing and beating dead horses.

  94. NeoConDon says:

    If you’d like to engage in the debate, I’m happy to do so, Libby. But you keep dropping ignorant statements with false premises and then claim that you’re going to take your ball and go home, which is usual for the ignorant liberal that isn’t capable of debating in the arena of ideas…make up your mind. You’re behaving like a four-year-old girl. Neither of your statements above are totally incorrect. The first one is based on a false premise, and the second one is just stupid. Liberalism is about beating the little guy down while conservatism is about raising them up.

  95. Mike says:

    As usual, you’re the one not entering into a debate. Your responses are the ones which resemble a 4 yr old. Just the typical “It’s ignorant” and “Just stupid” stuff. I’d be happy to engage in a debate, but unfortunately you’ve never been able to have one. Seriously there isn’t a single point made in your above reply. In fact, you even contradict yourself. Here’s what you say that makes the least sense:

    “Neither of your statements above are totally incorrect”.

    Well thanks Don for stating that my statements are correct. Go ahead and keep bashing my education, but thank god your kids aren’t home schooled. That would be a real tragedy and they wouldn’t even have a chance in this world.

    In the words of Red Foreman…you’re a dumbass.

  96. Mike says:

    And nobody’s taking their ball and going home. If I choose not to debate politics with you it’s my decision, and I’ve come to that decision because you’re an ass.

  97. The Queen says:

    wow your readers don’t just leave comments.. they write novels.. I love them… may I borrow a couple of them for a few weeks?

  98. NeoConDon says:

    Way to be Libby…Just like a good little ignorant liberal…drop out untruths, and run away like an infant calling names…

  99. Mike says:

    First off, I quoted you verbatim Don. It’s funny how you call that an untruth.

    Secondly, I haven’t run away. I’m especially not running like an infant because infants can’t run yet and they also can’t call people names because their vocal chords lack the ability.

    Please be sure to give your wife my deepest sympathies. I don’t know how she puts up with you.

  100. NeoConDon says:

    Lyin’ Linear Libby said…”If we’re going to get political here, see ya.”

    then, he keeps putting untruths up but still refuses to engage in the debate…Then, after quoting me verbatim, he claims I called that an untruth…let’s see…there’s a reason your nick name is Lyin’ Linear Libby…can you figure out why?

  101. Mike says:

    There is no debate here Don because you’re not offering up anything to the example you originally asked me to come up with. I offered up two examples and all you could say was “That’s stupid”. And yes, I said if we’re going to get political here I’d see ya later, but I’m still here waiting. As far as I’m concerned all there is here is failure to communicate. It’s like I’m talking to an elephant…

  102. NeoConDon says:

    Well, let’s look at it very simply:

    1. Conservatives are against gay marriage. So much for not seeing people by their sexual preference.

    First off, I don’t know a single conservative against gay marriage. Most are against re-defining the word marriage. The vast majority of America is against redefining marriage including the President, the Vice President, and EVERY demographic except gays. Even the citizens of California are against redefining marriage…I’m also against redefining marriage to include being able to marry relatives, pets, and multiple people. Marriage is between one man and one woman…Wow, nothing political there…

    2. Conservatives are all about keeping the haves and the have-nots separate. Money belongs to the upper class and to hell with everyone else.

    perhpas you’d like to come up with an example of this…??? I can come up with multiple examples of how conservatives like to get gov’t out of the way of business so they can create jobs increase incomes and raise the living standards of everyone, but I can’t come up with a single example of how what you said is anything but untrue. I’d could also argue that Obama wants to steal money from the few wealthy (to beat them down), and give it in very small amounts to the least among us to prevent them from bettering themselves. It’s the way the libs beat down the poor to keep them poor and dependent on gov’t. You can’t tell me that Obama isn’t doing cart wheels with all the jobs he’s getting rid of…

    Any example you can give would be great, but there is no way you’ll ever find a single one where conservatism singles anyone out by their race, color, religion, gender, or sexual preference….it just doesn’t exist….except when you make thinks up.

  103. Mike says:

    Conservatives are against gay marriage. You’re all homophobes. You just claim the issue is about “Redefining” the term marriage so that you don’t actually have to come out and say that you don’t think gays should have equal rights with marriage.

    Personally, I don’t see the big freakin’ deal in calling up Webster and saying that we’d like to change the definition of marriage to man and woman, man and man, and woman and woman. NOT THAT FREAKING DIFFICULT. It is NOT a big deal and all of you idiots know it. The only reason you claim its a big deal is so you don’t have to admit the real reason you don’t want gays to marry. It disgusts you, you don’t agree with it, and you don’t think they deserve to have the same opportunities you have.

    The reason most people don’t want the word redefined is…GET THIS…BECAUSE ITS NOT THE REAL ISSUE.

    You can spin it any way you want, or I should say that you can continue to regurgitate everything Limbaugh says, but it will never change my mind that conservatives are mostly elitist jerks.

  104. Mike says:

    This thread has been derailed. I’m not “Taking my ball and going home”, but I am pausing for new material. And there’s nothing new about me and Don arguing.

    I feel pretty good though, maybe you should take a vacation too Don and hopefully find a doctor to remove that stick from your…

  105. The Constant Complainer says:

    Um, yeah, I think this post got slightly derailed. LOL. But I’m loving the 100+ comments. You guys rock!

    On a side note, is reporting that LeBron James was fined $25K for snubbing the media last Saturday night. The story also says that he apologized to Commissioner, David Stern, for his actions.

    I think it’s safe to say that this post is now dead.

  106. NeoConDon says:

    You’re painting a very wide ignorant brush, Libby by calling conservatives homo-phobes, especially when you consider that conservatism is blind to those things. With you and Perez Hilton as the spokesmen for the gay marriage movement, I’m sure there will never be a state that approves it. And I’m still trying to understand why all of you libs think that conservatives are the rich elitists jerks…all of the rich elitist jerks are in the democrat party. The wealthy conservatives are self made, flannel shirt wearin’ good ole boys clinging to their guns and religion…but we pay or taxes,want gov’t out of our lives and don’t expect everyone else to pay our mortgage.

  107. Extreme John says:

    Wow, did you expect that fire storm? It’s great to see the passion that everyone has in regards to this topic and how it’s spun, I actually had to cut the comment reading into two parts haha.

    I can play Devil’s advocate for both sides on this and probably stay in this post all day. Instead Ill stay short.

    1) It was a bitch move on Lebron’s part. Period.
    2) Do I think it’s worth getting the boot or being hated? Not so much.
    3) This is the main reason I never looked to Sports Athletes to mentor me, handing someone a bag of money doesn’t change who they are.

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