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May 11, 2009 by admncc

I always enjoy the e-mails that come in regarding my posts.  Some people don’t want to comment on the site, so they privately send me their opinion.  Others suggest complaint topics or news stories that might interest me.  And yet others give me a hard time.  All of that is fine.  Among other things, here are a few of this week’s best…

This one guy said; “You should call your site The Constant Bitcher, where you only get one side of the story.”  That one made my day.  He was upset about a post I had written.  I thanked him for making me laugh and told him that he needed to brush up on what a blog is all about.  I mean, I can say whatever I want.  And if there are two sides to a story, I can decide if I want to share them both or not.

In another one, a woman said, “I have another nomination for the “Moron of the Week.”  A local company installed the carpeting in my new house.  They did the carpet in my old house; I’ve known the sales guy for several years.  Anyway, a few days after the installation, a woman called me about the “quote” that they had done for the carpeting.  She wanted to know if they would be doing the job.  I told her then that they had already installed the carpet.  Yesterday (several weeks later), the same woman left me a message on my cell phone asking AGAIN about the quote and if they would be getting the job.  How irritating!!!”  I’m so glad she sent that to me.  There’s nothing like hearing about quality customer service at its finest.

In another example that shows that even The Constant Complainer has a heart, t-shirt guy from “Moron of the Week Award #3” contacted me with an explanation as to why he had been out of touch.  I honestly don’t know if he ever read what I wrote or not, but the fact that he closed the loop made me feel bad (even if it was just for a second) about writing that other post.  Truthfully – I appreciated his response.

Oh, and to show you that I don’t make this stuff up and that I am truly destined to encounter problems wherever I go, here’s the latest.  In the city where I reside, I had The Constant Complainer sponsor a softball team.  Hey, I figured that attracting some new readers would be a nice repayment for my generosity.  I even went to City Hall and explained that this isn’t a traditional business – it’s a web site.  I told the guy it was critical that the web site be spelled correctly on all the rosters and on the official schedule.  So, imagine my surprise when the team was listed as theconstantcompainer.  We’re missing an “l” and, considering the money I spent, that doesn’t make me very happy whatsoever.  More to come on that…

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  1. I like your response to the “one side of the story” issue!

    We got a call from a painting company 1.5 years after the quote asking us if we were still interested. It thought it was funny but it was probably just a way for them to contact people that had previously expressed interest hoping that they currently needed something done.

    If you want something done right….sometimes there is just nothing you can do!

  2. Oh, please! Must you “compain” about everything??? 😉

  3. Leo Nevoli says:

    Guess the league uses the same uniform company the Washington Natinals, oops, I mean Nationals used.

  4. NeoConDon says:

    The absence of advertising is killing the newspaper industry and the television industry. I’d make it very clear to the city as to what this blog does. Don’t be afraid to throw some chicago style thug politics into the conversation. Show them some of the “kooks” that write on here, and remind them that it isn’t libel if it’s true….

    On the other hand, you’re dealing with a gov’t funded entity…I wouldn’t expect them to do too much after their mistake…you probably expected too much before the mistake. Good luck.

  5. Marissa says:

    Constant Compainer, if you ook at the shirt onger, you might ike it.

  6. c.princess says:

    “The Constant Bitcher” doesn’t sound so bad.

  7. Chris says:

    Lol. I have to admit – the constant ‘bitcher’ comment made me laugh. Poor guy. All upset over a blog. Clearly his life is full of issues.

  8. constant compainer has a nice ring to it.

  9. Dan says:

    LOL, another quality post. You should write for TV or something. I can’t believe they messed up the name for your team.

  10. I think you should call your site:
    “My Glass Is Half Empty, And I Wish It Were Full”.

  11. I love getting hate mail. It makes me tingly! It’s like “wow something I wrote about my life, my thoughts, my opinions had irked this person so much they are taking time out of their wonderful lives to not only read my blog but to also send me email! WOW!”

    I second that Constant Compainer sounds kinda catchy. Can we save the bitchy for me please?

  12. The Constant Complainer says:

    OK, so here’s an update regarding the softball listing. I called the City on Monday, but didn’t get a return call. But the league’s Director was actually at our softball game last night. He had received my message and had prepared new schedules, with the web site spelled correctly. Although, there’s no guarantee that the Managers will even give them out or that the players will even use the revised copies. But I guess it’s better than nothing.

    Always having odd stuff happen to me is good when writing this blog, but at least having my team name (web site) spelled correctly on a softball schedule is supposed to be an easy one, you know – a success story. LOL.

  13. Extreme John says:

    I love the fan mail! I call it Fan mail or Not, it’s amazing to me how many people think they can visit YOUR BLOG and tell you what you should and should not do. Write your own damn blog and if mine bothers you don’t read it at all.

    As for the T-Shirt guy I can relate, I wrote my year ending “Good, The Bad and The Real Ugly”, I recieved a few direct phone calls after that post from a couple of the companies I smashed in that article. I too felt bad, but regardless it doesn’t make their terrible customer service any better. Did they feel bad that they never called me back? does he feel bad that he never called you back? Nope, they feel bad because they got called out about it.

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