Grumpy Sunday

March 9, 2009 by admncc

Welcome to The Constant Complainer.

OK, this post might be a little shorter than normal because I feel under the weather today.  Yes, even The Constant Complainer gets sick.  It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I can be very crabby.  Everyone I know has been sick for weeks.  I fought it off, but have finally succumbed to an ear infection.

If you read my “Date Night Disaster” post, you’ll recall what happened the last time I went to the movies.  I went back on Saturday night for the first time since that incident.  My wife and I saw “The Reader.”  It was excellent and I can now see why Kate Winslet won an Academy Award for her performance.  But of course, and as always, I’d like to give a shout out to the woman who sat behind me and kept taking calls during the movie on her cell phone.  I swear that I cannot go the movies these days without getting angry about the constant interruptions.  I always end up sitting next to the guy who talks to the actors on the screen, the couple that talks about the plot the whole time or the lady whose cell phone keeps going off.  I’m at the point now where I don’t look forward to going to the movies and I want to go at off-times, to lesson the amount of other people that will be in the theatre.  How sad is it that there were three reminders on the screen, before the movie started, to turn off your cell phone and be quiet?  A reminder of the times I guess…

Maybe I was irritated at the movies because of what happened before we got there.  Earlier in the day, my wife and I took our daughter to the local high school’s stage production of “High School Musical.”  My daughter loves the HSM trilogy and we thought she’d enjoy seeing the students perform a live show.  It was a great show, but the problem was the packed auditorium and the rude family sitting next to us – or should I say, sitting next to me.  We were sitting in a sold out high school auditorium.  There was no food or drink allowed in there, but this older gentleman next to me was eating throughout the performance.  I enjoyed hearing him rattle his candy bag about 100 times.  He also had his grandson sitting on his lap and this kid talked through the entire performance.  He was hungry, he was bored, he didn’t understand the plot, he couldn’t see in the dark, and oh, he even picked his nose and appeared to fling a booger in my direction.  Real nice!  If your kids or grandkids can’t behave – keep them at home!  Is it me or has there been a general decline of society’s manners in recent years.  Some people are just rude!

On another note, this has been a strange few days in Cleveland.  There has been a huge manhunt going on for Davon Crawford.  He was a man who had been married for less than three days and is now accused of killing his wife, her sister and the sister’s three kids.  Well, the manhunt has ended and Crawford is dead.  He killed himself in a bathroom when surrounded by police.  Part of the news story can be found here.  I normally don’t comment on news stories unless they make national headlines, which this one did.  I just wonder what the heck this world is coming to?  There are more and more of these stories on the news every day…

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  1. Oh boy — if a guy eating with his grandson bothers you, don’t come see a movie, play, or similar event in South Florida! I had a guy threaten to “cap me” once because I asked him to stop talking on his cellphone. Good times….

  2. “It’s your world I’m just tryin’ to live in it” is a common saying with my husband and I when we’re out and about. It amazes me that people walk around with a COMPLETE disregard for others.

  3. Kelly says:

    I too am shocked by our terrible world. People are awful! It’s all “Me, Me, Me.” They can’t even stop at Stop signs anymore. My three year old knows to stop at the damn Stop sign, why can’t a twenty year old???

  4. Otis says:

    You should just stop going to movies if you have a bad experience everytime you go.

  5. Zane says:

    Some people are so rude. I see it every day. Good post.

  6. NeoConDon says:

    The last grown-up film I went to was The Passion of The Christ. The theater was packed, but I think everyone was so in awe by what they were seeing that no one was paying attention to their phones.

    I’ve been to several films in the last few years with my kids, and interruptions are the norm. But i do remember seeing Titanic on the big screen in a packed theater and there were a lot of rude people…although cell phones weren’t as “in” as they are now. Still, there’s something about seeing Kate Winslet nude on the big screen. I wonder if she’ll ever do an I-Max picture.

  7. Extreme John says:

    I hope you feel better, it’s that time of year and it stinks. Now in regards to the movies I know the feeling oh too well, my son and I love going to the movies together but in recent trips it’s done nothing but make me angry as hell. I wait for more stuff to come out on Apple TV and Blu Ray now so I can keep my BP down. Great post.

  8. He shouldn’t have to stop going to the movies Otis. People need to learn manners and respect. Why should someone have to tell someone to turn off their cell phone while you’re in a movie? Or ask them not to talk? This is what I call “common knowledge” manners meaning no one should have to tell you this, you should just know not to do it. If you want to do that while you are in your own home fine, but when you are in a movie theater you need to have respect for the people who came to hear the movie not someone running their mouth.

  9. c.princess says:

    The last times I went to the movies I was seated near someone who was eating a sub filled with onions. The stench of the onions kept distracting me from watching the film.

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