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March 4, 2009 by admncc

The Constant Complainer is an award winning blog.  Therefore, that must mean that I am a good blogger.  I share everything from real life stories to opinions on here.  And they are all written in a well thought out manner.  I do research on my topics for the purposes of future discussion and I am very particular about which Guest Posts I use.

Now, you can take the fancy introduction I just wrote and toss it out the door, because I am about to go on a one-sided rant that you haven’t seen the likes of since Chevy Chase’s character flipping out in this scene near the end of “Christmas Vacation.”

Do you realize it is against the law to misuse calling 911?  Latreasa Davis of Fort Pierce, Florida, found that out when she called 911 three times to report that a McDonald’s restaurant would not serve her a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets.

No, I did not mis-type.  You read that correctly.  This woman allegedly ordered a 10-piece, paid for it, was told they didn’t have any McNuggets available, was asked to choose another item from the menu, stated she wanted a refund, was told she couldn’t get a refund and then called 911 three times to request police assistance.

This story is all over the news.  Associated Content’s story is here.  TMZ’s story is here.  And you can listen to the actual 911 recordings here.

I am glad she was arrested.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she misused 911.  Of course now it appears that she’s trying to spin it and say that she considered it a theft because the employee wouldn’t return her money, but to me, that excuse is coming way late and in no way justifies her actions.

Ms. Davis, I’d like to ask you a few questions to help me better understand your decision making rationale.  My guess is that you didn’t stop for a second to consider or ask these questions beforehand.

  • Why was the restaurant out of McNuggets?  Were some cooking at the time or were they completely out of stock?  And if they were cooking, how long was it before they would have been ready to be served.
  • Why wouldn’t they give you a refund?  Was it against their policy?  Was the manager not readily available?  Was their computer system down?
  • Were you even talking to the right person?  You thought you were talking to the manager, but did you confirm that?  Did you ask who the highest ranking person in the restaurant was?  Did you ask if it was a corporate or franchise restaurant and/or who the owner was?  Did you confirm that the person you were talking to even had the authority to make decisions?
  • Why didn’t you just leave and take up your monetary issue with the owner or corporation later?
  • Do you realize the waste of county resources you caused by tying up the 911 line three times?
  • In all honesty, was your issue a legitimate emergency?

Ms. Davis, I’m glad you were arrested.  I think you wasted the taxpayer’s money with your antics.  I think you wasted county resources and their time.  I think you overreacted about a $3 product and could have handled it a million other ways.  I think it is embarrassing that any news outlet is giving you 15 seconds of fame.  I thought you were out of your league in your news interview.  And I think that you should have left the restaurant that day, even if you were upset, and tried to resolve the issue through other avenues, such as the Better Business Bureau.

Have fun trying to find a defense lawyer.  You should have at least bought a cup of coffee, spilled it on yourself and sued.  Then, at least you’d have a case…

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  1. Leo Nevoli says:

    Some people don’t get the purpose of the 911 call. Like you CC, I am glad she was arrested. I am sure the 911 calls get abused by people, but you only hear about the abuse like in situation, or like the one where the guy called 911 because his buddy stole his weed and he wanted the police to come and help him get it back.

  2. Jane says:

    I hadn’t heard about this yet. That 911 call was crazy. She was at fault, for sure.

  3. NeoConDon says:

    I’m not surprised that the media is not intelligent enough to report the actual story here. It’s no wonder to me that newspapers are going out of business in this country.

    Arresting this woman was a mistake. Any attorney that earned his degree online will be able to get this woman aquitted, or the charges dismissed. The authorities would have done much better to issue her a citation, and let that oppressive system collect their money.

    It’s obvious from listening to the phone calls, that this woman is not very intelligent, or very poorly educated. Reading the transcript proves it. She doesn’t know how to properly place her verbs of being in a sentence…something learned in first and second grade. The line in the call was “…she say she are the manager.”

    Who taught her what an emergency was? I learned those types of things from my parents, and in school. When I was in elementary school, the 911 service became available, and we knew what an emergency was and what wasn’t an emergecny. We were then taught how to handle other situations when we were taken advantage of in a commercial setting. Clearly, whoever was supposed to teach her this has failed miserably.

    Finally, let’s not forget that she made 3 CALLS to 911. The 911 operator dropped the ball here as well. After taking the information, the call taker could have taken 10 seconds to explain to her that this was not considered an emergency by the service, and she needed to call the police on her own if she wished to file a police report. The 911 service had 3 opportunities to do this, but they did not. After the second call, it would make sense for someone so poorly educated to think that calling 911 for this was the correct action because she was never corrected.

  4. Sugar says:

    “I’m not surprised that the media is not intelligent enough to report the actual story here. It’s no wonder to me that newspapers are going out of business in this country.”

    NeoConDon, what are you talking about? Then tell me what is the actual story? Did she not call 3 times to 911? Do you know 911 procedure? Maybe they are not allowed to “reprimand” callers. If I reprimanded people who called me at work, I wouldn’t have a job. Obviously they took care of it b/c they sent a police officer out there to take care of the situation.

    Also, newspapers are not going out of business b/c they supposedly aren’t “intelligent enough to report an actual story”. What more about the story do you want?

  5. Zane says:

    RepublikanDon doesn’t like newspapers, because they don’t support his candidates. Other than that, he just likes to hear himself talk Sugar. But I agree that an arrest was necessary in this case. Don, sorry, you are way too easy to pick on.

  6. NeoConDon says:

    I detailed the real story Sugar, but I guess I could summarize for you.

    1. Why is this woman so poorly educated that she thinks this incident is an emergency for 911.
    2. Why does the 911 service not tell her on the first call that this is not an emergency and to call the local police, instead of dragging her along as if they’re actually going to help her? Instead of giving her help, they set her up for arrest, when all of that could have been prevented. THAT is a waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars.

    This is precicesly why newspapers accross the country are in financial trouble or are going out of business…no one has bothered to cover the “why” of the story.

  7. I would love to see more details in news stories. We usually only get the information that someone considers “interesting”.

  8. Jen says:

    I loved that they told her to wait right there and they would send the police and then the police marched in and arrested her…classic.

  9. Sugar says:


    It’s called news, not a biography. If you want deep analysis into peoples minds on “why”, then you may possibly want to seek out a profession such as a counselor or a psychologist…..and if your really creative, maybe a talk show host.

  10. The Constant Complainer says:

    A quick note from your host… I forgot to mention in my post that I 100% believe that the restaurant should have just given this lady a refund. I can’t imagine any business that would not give a refund on something they couldn’t deliver. Even if they did tell her to make another selection. Once she objected, they should have issued the refund. I don’t condone Davis’ actions at all, but I do disagree with how the restaurant handled it too.

  11. NeoConDon says:

    You know what, Sugar? I’m sick of the incompetence in the media today, and in our gov’t. If idiots like you want to sit back and be happy that some stupid morons in the 911 “service” center trapped someone so they could arrest her for wasting money, go ahead and be happy. That must be what you consider compassion.

    But anyone with some brains would be able to see that the least expensive route would be to tell this woman on the first call that this was not an emergency and she needs to call the police. This was a pre-meditated trapping of a citizen, and it is disgusting. This entire incident should have been avoided. But liberal elitists like you want to take advantage of the same people that liberalism has failed.

    Our stupid media people, (and we have a lot of them in Cuyahoga and Lorain County, if you haven’t bothered to read the 3 “news”-papers) don’t have a clue about anything. Believe me, it’s much worse in Florida even though that’s hard to imagine.

    The media is supposed to look out for the folks. That’s why WE THE PEOPLE gave them the first amendment. Their job is to give the gov’t a hard time. The one’s that don’t will go out of business. I say good riddance to them. Don’t expect a bail-out…we can create more newspapers. Honesty in the press and liberty are tough to find these days.

    I hope you don’t earn your living in the news industry. If you do, try to find another job…just don’t tell anyone you’re in the news industry.

  12. dani says:

    This story cracked me up. We had a guy here that called the police 4x because the subway people didnt make his sandwich right !!!

  13. thinkinfyou says:

    You’ve gotta love that these things only seem to happen in Florida.As a Floridian myself,I think the sun must fry our brains,and cause us not to think rationally….that might be a good defense.

  14. Sugar says:


    So it’s better to be happy that a stupid moron tied up the 911 line to complain about her chicken Mcnugget order? You know, that is exactly what 911 operators try to do: Trap people. They just sit there and hope, no pray that some idiot calls up 911 to complain about something non-emergency related.

    How do you know they “trapped” that person. Latreasa Davis DESERVED to be arrested for making not one, not two, but three calls to 911 for chicken nuggets! In this day and age, how can you not know what an “emergency” qualifies as? You can’t blame it on upbrining,education, or her environment. She’s a grown woman who should know better.
    If anything it’s people like you, NeoConDon, that coddle and try to protect these morons, who obviously don’t have any common sense, from accepting responsibility for their wrong doings. I’m sure if they find the 911 operator at fault, then she will be disciplined as well.

    You called me a liberal etilist. I am not an expert, nor do I think I am better than anyone else, nor am I Anti-American. COMMON SENSE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS!!!!! It doesn’t surprise me that every single post that you make contains some sort of political statement.

  15. NeoConDon says:

    You must work in the media Sugar. I never brought politics into this. I brought liberalism into it…there’s a big difference.

    The public servant that works at 911 could have avoided this situation by telling her that this was not an emergency, she’ll be connected to the local police, and don’t call back. That would have ended it. If we’re going to arrest someone for wasting tax dollars, I’d start with the gov’t “workers” that took her calls.

    Listen to the way she talks…she’s not very smart. The “worker” that took her call could have explained how this works and saved time, money, and hardship.

    That’s the first time I’ve ever been accused of coddling anyone, but this does prove how extremely compassionate conservatism is…compared to the evils of liberalism.

  16. Mike says:

    Don, GFY.

    You’re an idiot. You blame the education system for this moron’s use of the 911 system and her language skills. Yes, obviously she’s not very intelligent and has been poorly educated. But that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with politics, liberals, or the education system. Maybe it has something to do with her uneducated parents? Maybe it has something to do with her not wanting an education for herself? Have you ever considered the fact that even the best teacher can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to learn? For all you know, this Latreasa woman dropped out of school or never went.

    As for why the 911 operator didn’t correct Latreasa and inform her that the call was not an emergency… Well, the article states that every state has different laws regarding misuse of the 911 service. For all you know, the state where this occurred has a law that says misuse of the service requires an arrest. You DON’T KNOW…unless you’re an expert in each state’s 911 misuse policies…

    You call Sugar a liberal elitist, but the truth is you’re just an ignorant, bullheaded conservative jerk who’s always looking to pick a fight. GFY

  17. NeoConDon says:

    Lying Linear Libby…

    Boy, that name really fits you well!

    I don’t speak middle school internet lingo, so I’m not sure what GFY means.

    Did you get your refund yet?

    I’m so glad I don’t live in the world of hate, lies, and addiction to the gov’t teet like you, Sugar, and Zig.

    Let me get this right…it’s not okay for the gov’t to tap the phones of known terrorists because that would trap them, but it’s okay to maliciously trap a citizen that’s clearly been let down by the liberal gov’t system that claims to stand up for her?

    The gov ‘t “worker” that took her call has an obligation to the taxpayers that she serves to tell this person that “this is not an emergency, don’t call here again, call the police and file a police report.” If she would have called back, then it would have been abuse. But if the authorities keep allowing her to repeat the behavior without correcting here, they automatically justify the behavior.

    Maybe the caller was mentally disabled and needed a little more assistance. Regardless of the policies of 911 in that state, they do have the authority to give instructions to the caller on how to best handle the situation. If the gov’t was truly interested in serving the public and saving taxpayer dollars, they would not have trapped her and had her arrested. But, everyone knows that that is not the intent of most gov’t “workers.” Their intent is to continue to justify their jobs, and that usually happens by doing it very poorly…

  18. Zane says:

    NCD. You absolutely make every single comment about politics. It gets old really fast and I find it humorous that you get so defensive when people call you out about it. Some of these posts have absolutely nothing to do with politics or liberalism or whatever, yet you bring it up anyway. And then you act like a little bully charging right at someone as soon as they post. You get your point across by attacking. Make room for other opinions on here. Or take a break from here. Please.

  19. NeoConDon says:

    Zaney…I didn’t bring up politics, sugar baby did…I brought up liberalism. Do you understand the difference?

  20. Sugar says:

    For some reason NCD, I feel that you are very book smart, but lack common sense and outside skills. I live in the same world as you. There are things that I don’t agree with, and things that you don’t agree with. I think Zane put it out perfectly.

    And don’t call me baby.

  21. NeoConDon says:

    Right sugar BABY…

    cuz it makes a lot of common sense to let a stupid person keep calling 911 for a non-emergency and then arrest her for calling 911 3 times for a non-emergency. That’s common sense. And people like you thinks SHE wasted tax payer dollars…???

    I’m a conservative. That means I look out for and stick up for the least among us, and call out those that take advantage of them. I don’t care if it’s a small business, the local police, gov’t “workers”, the media, or a bunch of ignorant liberals on a blog.

    If it makes you feel good to beat down someone that is so unfortunate that she believes being robbed $3 from McDonalds is an emergency, that’s fine, but I don’t subscribe to such lunacy and I’m going to call you out on it. This is a matter of right and wrong…I’m right, and you’re wrong. Sleep well.

  22. Mike says:

    You’re not right Don, you’re an idiot. I don’t sleep so well though knowing that there’s idiots like you out there in this world. You’re always quick to blame liberals, but have no real understanding of the problem. The worst part about your kind of ignorance is that you think you’re intelligent. It would be so much better if you knew how stupid you actually were. We’d all be saved so many headaches.

    I actually see very litter difference between you and Latreasa. Have you made any unnecessary phone calls to 911 recently?

    And don’t try to convince me for one second that you feel pity for Latreasa. We all know conservatives are incapable of sympathy or empathy when it comes to the poor.

  23. NeoConDon says:

    Lying Linear Libby,

    If you received that “education” of yours from a public university, let me know…I want to demand a refund of my tax dollars that paid for your “education.” You are dumber than King Barry Himself. I didn’t think that was possible, because he is stupid.

  24. Mike says:

    You don’t even work. Your opinion on tax dollars doesn’t count until you actually have taxes taken out of your paycheck. Please get a job and have your wife or relative stay home with your kids. They’ll turn out so much better that way.

  25. Zane says:

    Simply mentioning “liberalism” is bringing up politics NeoConDonny Boy.

  26. NeoConDon says:

    Lying Linear Libby,
    I’m assuming that you received your “education” prior to 2004…if that’s the case, I certainly did pay for your “education” with my tax dollars.

    I buy products that have federal taxes built in, I therefore pay taxes. My wife has payroll taxes taken out, so my family pays taxes…we subisdized the “education” that left you stupid. You are clearly a victim.

    There’s no way that you’re suggesting that liberalism is compassionate to poor people, and conservatism is not. Liberalism is evil, and forces people into greater poverty…libs like you then arrest them. Nice life you live…moron.

  27. I just asked my 7-year-old “Would you call 911 if McDonald’s was out of chicken nuggets?” and he looked at me like I was Captain McMoron and said “No” I then asked him what he WOULD do and he said “I would just order something else”. That is exactly what the woman should have done. If she didn’t want to order something else she should have demanded her money back and when they didn’t give it to her she had, as CC described above, PLENTY of other ways to handle this. Calling 911 was not one of them. She called 911 not because she was stupid, but because she was selfish. I bet Neo would have a completely different opinion on this if his son or daughter needed an ambulance and died because McIdiot was tying up the line. Oh yeah, then he’d be screaming “what the hell was she thinking?” and filing a lawsuit against her. There is zero defense for this. The fact that Neo is actually defending this woman is a bit shocking. She is no victim.

    On a side note, I have read many of your comments Neo and I agree with everyone else that they usually always involve politics and more often than not go into some irrelevant rant completely off topic.

  28. Neo obviously wasn’t taught any respect either in that Sugar asked him not to call her baby and he went right ahead and did it again.

  29. NeoConDon says:


    This woman is not selfish, she’s stupid. There is nothing selfish about expecting to get the item that you spent your money on, that’s called normal. When I buy something, I expect to get what I paid for.

    Now I know you don’t live in the real world out there in Commie-Wood, but out here we take care of our own, and help them when the gov’t takes advantage of them. The gov’t “workers” are at fault here for leading her on…that’s who I’d sue. They’re the ones that should be arrested.

  30. Sugar says:


    Everyone expects to get what they paid for. It’s not a liberal/conservative/democratic/republican/communist thing.

    Tell you what, you are so adament about it being 911’s fault, so why don’t you contact this Latreasa Davis and take care of her and show her some guidance. Set her up with a lawyer and voice your opinion. In your own words: Take care of your own.

  31. Sugar says:

    Thanks Christina 🙂

  32. Otis says:

    Man, I come back from a mini vacation in the temperate zone, Obama is busy destroying our republic and I have to read this kind of stupidity. Not fun at all.


    Sugar, Christina, and Mike,

    Do you guys hate old people and puppies too?

    I cant figure out how you people sleep at night.

  33. Mike says:

    Haha, did it again.

  34. Hal says:

    NCD, here’s the way I look at it. You do always bring up politics. But you do that because that’s what you are well versed in. So that’s understandable.

    But from what I can see, as this site attracts more readers, you will undoubtably continue to get more crap (and challenged more often) for your constant political opinions. So to all, what do you say that we all take it easy with the political remarks on this post. Don calling everyone a stupid liberal is getting slightly old.

    This McNugget woman is an idiot. I’d love to hear who her attorney is.

  35. NeoConDon says:

    Let’s see…

    I brought up the evils of liberalism, not politics. If people aren’t intelligent to know the difference, that’s too bad. And Hal…have you ever heard of a “smart liberal?”

    A gov’t department sets up a woman for arrest, and no one is angered? This is another perfect example of gov’t tyranny. But until they come for you, it doesn’t exist, right?

    Latresha has been helped, Sugar, and doesn’t have anything to worry about.

  36. Zig says:

    I think that by arresting this woman the police are discouraging people from calling 911. Example: I was driving home one night, awhile ago, with my wife. I saw bobbing bright lights in the distance ahead of us, on the opposite side of the divided highway. As we continued to drive, I noticed that, in my rearview mirror, there were brake lights lighting up as cars who drove by, in the opposite direction, passed the car and that a car was driving on the median in the opposite direction. I immediately told my wife to call 911. In hindsight, I wonder what if there were some other explanation for a car to be driving in the opposite direction, on the freeway, in the dark, at night at a high rate of speed. Was it a cop? Was it an ODOT employee?

    This was truly an emergency. I did see a cruiser pass on his way to the scene.

    What is I would have just said, “You know, I am tired. I don’t want to report a false emergency. Let someone worry about it,” and continued to drive on my way? What if it were an example of reporting a false emergency? What if I went to jail? People who DO NOT call 911 are doing a terrible disservice to the community in which they live! This lady should be hailed as a pioneer by all consumer rights activists! She reported an abuse of a consumer, although the wrong way, and she caused NCD to pay more in taxes. NCD doesn’t pay taxes anyway… Remember, he doesn’t work, outside the home, and his wife is a teacher! He is, at most, in the 25% tax bracket! Let the people who pay the most tax worry about taxes. You worry about what you know, which is wiping ass, taking your children to Fish and Chips and drinking untold amounts of Guiness beer!

  37. I didn’t mean that she was selfish in that she wanted to get what she bought. Of course I too along with everyone else expect to get what we ordered and paid for. She is selfish because she is tying up line with her stupid shit with a complete disregard that other people need that number to report REAL emergencies. So someones laid out on the side of the road from an accident, but that person might lay there and bleed to death because McIdiot is reporting that McDonald’s is out of chicken nuggets?

    The local police have a number and its not 911.

    I love old people and puppies. And I am not discouraging people from calling 911 when there is a real emergency. In this case there was NO emergency. There isn’t a single reason this woman should have called 911. And saying she is “stupid” is no excuse.

  38. Sugar says:

    Frivolous things don’t count as an emergency. Latressa could have very well called her local police. If something is suspicious, then call. If there is an accident, then call. That’s all I’m saying.

  39. NeoConDon says:


    I pay the EXACT taxes that you pay, except income and payroll tax. My wife pays the medicare payroll tax. My family does not pay income tax, and we haven’t for two years. That will likely change when we file for the 2010 year. We pay property tax, and sales tax, and gasoline tax, and haircut tax, and license plate tax, and all of the other oppressive taxes the gov’t steals from us. My wife and I have made a lot of money in my life, so I’ve certainly paid more than my fair share of income and payroll taxes before,(especially before the Bush tax cuts) and I will pay my share when I go back to work in 2012. But everytime we buy something, a federal, state, and local tax is paid.
    More specifically, I paid for this woman to have a 911 service when I was in Florida between Christmas and New Years. We ate at the Ft. Pierce Wendy’s and shopped at the St. Lucie Walmart.

    This woman had her money stolen from her by an incompetent McDonald’s manager. She called 911 and was treated as if she did the right thing. She was lied to by a gov’t “worker” and then arrested for it. If the gov’t “worker” had been responsible, this may never would have happened.

    What if it was $10? Would that have been an emergency? 20$, 30$, 500$…??? Who sets the limit on when being robbed by a business is an emergency? If all you had was $5 and someone took it, you’d be mad.

    Leading her on and arresting her was an outrage.

    Now leave me alone…I have some lovely Guiness to drink.

  40. Extreme John says:

    I almost wrote on this exact topic and being a small business owner with employee’s that don’t always follow whats suppose to be done and the way it’s suppose to be done I can see how it happened. Sad but true.

    However on the flip side and for the customer, I agree she’s a moron and made a moron decision. She could have easily had her issue resolved had she resorted to actually calling in her complaint and most likely doing so to a different manager at that location. Instead she went with the nimrod decision to call 911. Honestly I get pissed when I get pulled over for doing what I consider silly things (not completing a stop at a stop sign) stuff like that…. Why do I get pissed? Because I instantly think well the police force is understaffed and all though there were no cars coming and it’s a dead interesection I have a cop pulling me over because I didn’t count to three when I stopped. Calling 911 about any food issue at a McDonalds requires a smack IMHO.

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