LeBron James, Disney World and your Failing Business – Guest Post

January 6, 2009 by The Constant Complainer

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Here at The Constant Complainer, in addition to my own posts, readers can submit Guest Posts on topics they would like to complain about.  Neo Con Don submitted the below-Guest Post.  His complaint is the poorly managed business.  Enjoy and without further adieu, here’s Don…

I believe that poorly managed businesses must be allowed to fail.  They should fail in the same way inventors fail, and athletes fail.  They should fail in the same way children fail as they are learning to ride a two-wheel bicycle or begin to roller skate. The successful ones get back up and try again with more focus and more wisdom. Failure leads to great successes…just ask Thomas Edison.

I am from and (stupidly) still live in Cleveland, OH.  I am not a LeBron James fan. However, he had a great Nike commercial running last year that I loved.  It was him making basketball moves with the different jerseys he wore during his life telling those who admire him “you don’t want to be me…you want to be better than me.” Click here to view the commercial.  That message sums up something very important.

Last week I took my family to Disney World for the first time, and I experienced an epiphany about business and service. I’m a value and service oriented person.  I expect the service and value to be equal to what I perceive I’m paying for.  I knew going in to this that the Disney Parks were extremely service oriented, but I admit that I did not expect what I received.

Here’s how I would sum it all up: If you own a business and are not reaching your goals, you need to visit the Magic Kingdom immediately.  If there were a recession out there anywhere in the world, you would not know it if you were at Disney World on December 29, 2008.  There were thousands waiting to get through the gate at 7am, and the park was so full by noon that people were being turned away.  Inside the park, everything is setup so you can get from one section to another quickly (except for having to get around all of the people).  With a temperature at nearly 85 degrees by 10am, everyone had shed their long sleeve tee shirts and was hoping to get some sun on their faces and (very) white legs…

You might be asking ‘what was so special about my trip to The Magic Kingdom that can change a failing business?’  Simple.  Every single aspect of my day was stress free…AT AN AMUSMENT PARK!  You did not need to look far to find an employee, and every single one of them knew exactly where ANYTHING in the park was located, including where to find a bag of pink cotton candy at midnight.  They have a system called ‘Fast Pass’ set up that allows you to avoid standing in line for attractions at no additional cost…standing in line is always an annoying thing to do, especially with children.

Anyone that has children hates eating in amusement parks.  The food is always expensive and if you can actually find a table, they are filthy.  Not at Disney World.  We went to one of the indoor sit down restaurants for lunch, and paid a reasonable price for a significant amount of food…equal to what it would cost me to take my family of 6 to Applebees.  While I waited for the food, my wife went to find a table.  In this restaurant, there were a dozen “helpers” there to help find a table, and make to sure it is clean before you sat down to eat.  In the mean time, the cast member behind the counter realized that I was going to have difficulty carrying all of the food and herd my three children through the large and growing crowd, so he helped me!  I have never experienced that at any theme park before.  After we finished eating, the same helper that cleaned our table took our tray from us, and we were off to experience more magic.

We spent the day moving quickly from one attraction to the other taking full advantage of the Fast Pass system and seeing the group attractions while we waited for our Fast Passes to “mature.”  Because we visited during the holidays, we were there during expanded hours, and my wife and 3 children took full advantage of 16 hours of Magic Kingdom bliss.  Even during an incident where a ride broke down (while we were on it), the Disney Staff made it seem like not a big deal at all, and dozens of them immediately dealt with the situation to make sure we were calm and to explain what would happen next. 

The cost to enter the Magic Kingdom for my family of two adults and 3 children was $361.06.  I was so impressed with the staff, the cleanliness, the ease of getting from one place to the other, and the amazing detail of every attraction, walkway, bridge and railing that if halfway through the day a Disney manager came up to my family and told us that we used up the entire entrance fee, and in order to stay we’d need to pay more money, I not only would have agreed, but I would have pulled out my money clip and asked “how much?” 

If you own a business, you can add value to your product and service by trying to figure out how to get your customers to be willing to pay more for the exact same product or service.  The best way to do that is to get your customers to expect a specific level of service, and then exceed that level.  The Magic Kingdom has managed to do just that. I walked away getting more value from the products and services offered by The Magic Kingdom than what I paid for them, and I hope they made a good profit from my patronage.  That is a win-win trade agreement.  If you own a business, you don’t want to be the Magic Kingdom, you want to be better than the Magic Kingdom…good luck with that.

By the 17th hour, we were getting very tired and we were ready to catch the ferryboat to the parking lot and then had a 45-minute drive back to my mom’s house.  We started to make our way toward the front of the park to do some souvenir shopping and to find that cotton candy for a very happy 4 year old.  I told my wife that I wanted to move south and get a job here at Disney.  While she agreed it was a wonderful day, and it was amazing watching our children react to the experience, she would miss our friends at home, and would even miss the snow at Christmas.

As we turned the corner from Adventure Land onto Main Street USA, we were amazed by the perfect 80 degree weather at midnight, the beautiful Christmas Lights and wreaths stretching from one side of the street to the other, and the thousands of people still shopping while Christmas carols played. I looked at my exhausted kids still wanting to take in the magic of the day, and then I looked at my wife. She was looking up into the sky in absolute awe. It was snowing…

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  1. Kat says:

    They don’t call it the MAGIC kingdom for nothing.
    I agree with every word you wrote, if a business wants to really succeed, get customers and keep them for life, they need to be like Disney.
    No stress, no mess, calm, pleasant, happiness and bliss at every turn in there.

    I’m so glad that you and your family enjoyed your visit to Disney and Florida.
    Florida gets a really bad rap in the news a lot.

  2. Bambi Lover says:

    Disney has come a long way. We used to avoid it like the plague. I haven’t heard about an experience quite as good as yours, but it sounds like they may finally have their act together.

  3. Mike says:

    You can never please everyone, I don’t care how good your business is with customer service. For every person who has an experience like you had, there are two more people who had their cars scratched or dented in the parking lot, waited in unbearably long lines, had stale cotton candy, got thrown up on, couldn’t find a bathroom, and somehow managed to find the only employee in the park who didn’t know anything.

    But I do see your point about running a good business. However, I believe that you can have the greatest customer service in the world, but if your product sucks then it doesn’t mean squat. I absolutely hate Disney World and found it extremely boring. In my opinion, their product sucks. I’d rather experience horrible customer service at Cedar Point, but enjoy their awesome product. It’s all a matter of point of view and trade off. It all depends on what you like and if you’re willing to sacrifice service for quality. I’m not really trying to say that Disney World is all bad, but it’s not good for me.

  4. Sam says:


    I can’t believe I’m writing this, but that was a very nice guest post. I’m glad you enjoyed you and your family enjoyed your trip.

  5. Otis says:

    For the first time in my adult life, Mike is actually making a reasonable point. There’s no doubt that there were people who had a bad experience there, but probably not at the 2 to one extent Mike suggested. I would guess that for every 10 excellent experiences, there’s one poor one, and it may not be the fault of Disney. Disney World (especially at the Magic Kingdom) does an exceptional job with their customer service, and you certainly do pay for that as the high ticket prices suggest. It’s hard to imagine Disney not fixing a mistake it makes at any of their parks…now if they could actually get back to being in touch with the American family and making films that are void of sexual inuendos, they might experience some more stock growth..

  6. Zig says:

    I agree with Mike! This “Guest Post” is the biggest load, steaming hot load at that, of propaganda I think I have ever read on this site. Are you kidding me or are you trying to angle for a job? Maybe, you should apply, idiot! And what gives you the authority to critique the entrepeneurial spirit? How have you failed and gotten back up to “Save the world?” Lebron James is ten times more qualified to be called an “entrepeneur.” He has actually been out in the world and created a Brand, himself. For you to criticise, speak ill of, him only shows your lack of knowledge on the subject! What about your background gives you the authority to speak like an expert? Did you survey the other guests at the park? Were they enjoying themselves as much as you? Might it have been that you were feeling good in the warm sunshine, being that you are from Cleveland, Ohio, and forgot all the bad experiences you had at the park?

    I think you should stick to the your misinformed, fundamentalist, religous, political rants and leave the business critiques to CNBC!

  7. Otis says:


    No one watches CNBC anymore…Fox Business is where it’s at…

  8. Zig says:

    Otis, that just shows how into television I am to find my news. I like to read…and do my own analysis! I prefer to draw my own conclusions about the news…and not believe what the political right (wrong),Ruppert Murdoch, wants me to believe. Besides, the only people who watch any FIX news channels are uneducated hillbillys who end sentences with prepositions!

  9. Zig says:

    Don, how did you become such an expert in business? Or, are you just trying to add some gravitas to your Repunklican leaning freemarket rants?

    Otis, please, don’t bother! Your comments about my television viewing habits, or lack thereof, add nothing to the conversation.

  10. Hal says:

    Zig, you seem a tad riled up tonight. LOL. Neo Con makes a compliment about a good visit and you rough him up over it.

  11. NeoConDon says:

    Thanks Zig…I never really considered myself an “expert” in business, but if you say so, I’ll agree. Since I finished college, I was in operations management and sales until I saved enough money to take 7 years off from full-time work to stay home with my kids.

    I certainly wish you were correct and we had a free market. All of this socialism keeps making more poor people. The markets with the least amount of poor people are open and free capitalist markets…it’s been a long time since we’ve had that.

  12. Zig says:

    There you go again. I was merely asking NCD what gives him the authority to make such bold statements as “If you own a business and are not reaching your goals, you need to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom Immediately.” What are his business degrees?

    My experience reading the posts/complaints of NCD lead me to beleive that he is a frontrunning grandstander. He will do everything in his power to make the readers belive that he knows of what he speaks. In realty….he hasn’t got a clue!

    Further, NCD, I happen to have a man with an MBA with over 30 years of management experience in my house right now. This guy is success embodied and has the family, the retirement and the bank account to prove it. I shared my post with him. I shared your post with him. And you know what he said… He said you were just lazy!

    Because I don’t know you or how much money you need to live on comfortably, I am going to give you a pass on this one. I will ask you this: Who are you trying to prove your success to, me? Because, I don’t care!

    I don’t measure my own success in how much money I will or do have or how well I manipulate what little money I do have. The real measure of the success for you and of your current lifestyle choice will be how well each of those 3 boys turns out. Are you confident enough that they will make this whole change of life worth while? Or, is this change about allowing you to quit work and has nothing to do with those 3 boys?

  13. NeoConDon says:

    Thanks Zig, but clearly the friend of yours that has an MBA is a moron, or a lazy gov’t manager moron…

    I have four boys, not three. Please try to pay attention.

  14. Zig says:

    No, NCD, actually the man is my wife’s father. I am not going to get into it with you, but I will say that this man, unlike you, has earned his Republican point of view. Before you start crying about your lack of smarts, money or mojo, take a minute and really think about what you are saying, who you are saying it to and what you are doing to the long term success of your family. Did you quit working full time for the right reasons? When you decide upon an answer, call someone who cares and tell them, because I don’t care!

    I don’t care how many boys you have, idiot. My father-in-law’s observation that you are lazy is right on! Arguing with you is like talking to a brick wall and it’s not worth my time. Stop trying to lessen my arguments by pointing out typos and grammatical miscues! If you think you can’t work full time and raise 4 boys well, you are a bigger idiot that I thought! Millions of families do it daily!

    Little hint…get out of Cleveland and away from your weaknesses! You will always be able to use your upbringing as an excuse, if you still live in Cleveland, but remember that everyone has problems, idiot! And, call someone who cares and cry to them!

  15. Zig says:

    NCD, you said you read a book that told you how to be a financial conservative and, therefore, a Republican.

    Oh, the book I read to become a good Democrat, which told me to love my neighbor as myself, was the Bible!

  16. NeoConDon says:

    You are funny…But you’re not paying attention. I’m a conservative because it is the moral code that I believe in. Jesus was a conservative. He certainly would never support a candidate that supported murdering his unborn children.
    Your father-in-law isn’t too smart, is he? But, I assume that it doesn’t take too much to impress you with that weak liberal mind of your’s. When you’re doing your “reading”, is it the Communist Manefesto that you get your news from, or the kid’s section at the local library?

  17. Zig says:

    NCD, this is what I am talking about. You try to make yourself look good by tearing others down. My father-in-law is a Mechancal engineer with an MBA. His parents couldn’t afford to send him to college. He got drafted to serve in the Vietnam conflict. After he served his country, he got his engineering degree on the GI Bill, which allowed him to be the first in his family to go to college. Then, he went back and got his MBA, at night, with 2 daughters and a wife at home after he worked a full time day job. Now what have you done besides read a book to gain your conservative chops? Kinda makes you feel dumb, doesn’t it? But, he isn’t too smart, is he… See, I associate with people of the upper crust of our society, while you continue to be a bottom feeder!

    You are not telling me what Jesus’ political affiliation was, are you? Jesus was apolitical and for you to tell me he was a Republican leads me to beleive that you don’t understand anything about Christianity or the life and legacy of Jesus! Are you really going to talk religion with me… You want to hide behind that vail, don’t you? What is the “moral code” you beleive in, hitting your now wife, smoking dope, drinking beer to excess, gluttony??? Killing unborn children is a sin, but getting rid of unwanted, undeveloped cells in a woman’s uterus is called good hygene!

  18. NeoConDon says:

    I’m not impressed by your father-in-law, his ME degree, or his MBA. President Bush has an MBA, should I be impressed? He’s stupid enough to let you near his daughter…You stupid libs can talk about the Vietnam “Conflict” all you want, it was a war! The stupid libs in congress and the commies in Hollywood refused to recognize it and the pinkos in public education lied to us as students about it. Stupid democrats like JFK and LBJ screwed over tens of thousands of American families because of how stupid they were and they were in bed with the communists….just like B. Hussein Obama will be.

    I’m still cracking up at you Ziggy. Where did you invent your reality…??? Probably on “break” at “work.” You don’t have the ability to understand the evil and viciousness of liberal thought. You just follow along like a sheep looking for “change” but not knowing what that means. Add gov’t to the picture, and you have morons issuing vicious liberal thought. Hitting girls is bad. Smoking dope is okay as long as you don’t inhale, or if you’re a liberal, and there’s no such thing as drinking beer to excess…Abortion is murder. The heart is beating at 22 days after conception, often before the woman knows she’s pregnant…how is that an undeveloped cell? I would imagine that the when the fetus’s head is jabbed with a hook and the brains are sucked out that the baby would not agree with your “good hygiene” theory. But if you can show me where either The Bible or The Constitution make such an evil act appropriate or legal, I’ll vote for Obama in 2012, donate my bank account to “Planned Parenthood”, send my two youngest to “Head Start”, and take a pay cut by getting a “real job.”

  19. Otis says:

    Geez…what communist gulag was Zig brainwashed at? What an idiot…

  20. Zig says:

    NCD, I don’t even know what to say…OH, THAT’S RIGHT…YOU ARE AN IDIOT! And you wouldn’t be impressed by hard work. It’s not in you. You let your wife go to work each morning and earn the family’s share of the American Dream, while you sit around at home and wipe ass. But, I won’t blame you for it. She allows it and you don’t know any better.

    JFK and LBJ on bed with the communists, eh? I have heard that one before, but never out of the mouth of a person under the age of…dead!

    Why do you have to tear down all my heros? I want you to site your source on your (22 week) abortion argument… You can do whatever you want with your wife’s money. It’s not up to me to decide where you send your 2 youngest sons to learn about the outside world. Do you plan on sending them to college in the real world or is science outlawed also? I will tell you that if they are learning their reality from you, their childhood will be long difficult and full of crying (when they learn that their father lied to them). Is that a real good parenting move, lying to your children? Either you donate your money to “Head Strat” now, or you pay more in taxes later (to take care of unplanned, unwanted children in the future)…doesn’t matter to me, idiot!

  21. Zig says:

    Otis, again…you chime in with a comment that doesn’t belong!

  22. NeoConDon says:


    I can pull up 800,000 more…You mentioned before that your wife’s pregnant. Perhaps you should read the books she’s reading about her pregnancy, instead of the lying liberal liars and their lies. Remember, Dr. Seuss does not count as a news source, moron.

  23. Zig says:

    The heart is beating at 22 days after conception, yeah right! I found a different source, this is the source I use. http://www.babycenter.com/6_your-pregnancy-3-weeks_1049.bc?intcmp=timeline You, my friend, are an idiot!

    What’s going on in your womb now? A lot. Your baby-in-the-making (is just a tiny ball consisting of several hundred cells) that are multiplying madly. Once (the ball of cells) (called a blastocyst) takes up residence in your uterus, the part of it that will develop into the placenta starts producing the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which tells your ovaries to stop releasing eggs and triggers increased production of estrogen and progesterone (which keep your uterus from shedding its lining — and its tiny passenger — and stimulates placental growth). HCG is the hormone that turns a pregnancy test positive; by the end of this week, you may be able to take one and get a positive result! (If your test is negative and you still haven’t gotten your period in two or three days, try again then.)

  24. Zig says:

    Questions comments? Stop reading your prolife, Christian conservative rag and find some real scientific literature! Or, do you no longer beleieve in science?

  25. NeoConDon says:

    Sorry, Zig, slight typo..that was supposed to be 32 days, not 22 days. The heart is beating in the 5th week, almost always before the woman knows she’s pregnant. When the abortion occurs, a human being is being maliciously murdered…most anyway…some babies survive the abortion.

  26. Otis says:

    Why is Zig is so jealous that he has to take the discussion away from the topic of a great family vacation to the stupid liberal lies he likes to spread? Maybe you should spend more time grocery shopping with your wife and her cluster of undeveloped cells.

  27. Zig says:

    Alright, Otis, try to keep up! It was NCD who brought abortion into our debate…when he said, “Jesus was a conservative. He certainly would never support a candidate that supported murdering his unborn children.” Now, stop interrupting, genius! And my wife will start her 30th week of pregnancy tomorrow. It is far past the point of being a cluster of cells, idiot!

    I was the beacon of honesty and wisdom when I pointed out Jesus is apolitical…and you, Otis, are an uneducated SOB who likes to end sentences with prepositions!

    Liberals spread the truth, as they view the world. It is the Conservatives who spread lies and propaganda…they get from the Bible! It is not in a Conservative’s make up to allow freedom of thought and learning. They are called “Conservatives” because they like old. not modern, stuff/thought. Conservatives don’t deal well with science, which is constanly changing.

    To prove my point about NCD not being intelligent and being a footsoldier for the Christian right who spreads propaganda, I merely pointed out that he tells lies, lots of lies. I asked NCD to provide his “22 day” source and he folded. This illustrates what NCD has been doing all along. He makes an ourageous comment (like his kids love to watch Elmo) and supports the statement so adamantly that everyone else either believes he must know what he is talking about or just gets tired of arguing and gives up trying to change his mind. Did you noticed his apologetic tone in his latest post?

  28. Otis says:

    As I see it, Zig, you stupid liberal liar, NCD put you in your place even though he was off just 10 days…the heart IS beating in the 5th week. Abortions take place many weeks after that…therefore, federal tax dollars are going toward the murder human beings with beating hearts. Science sucks when it’s thrown back at your stupid face, doesn’t it?

  29. NeoConDon says:

    I think I was being more sarcastic than apologetic, Zig. At least my typos are legit. In a 9 month pregnancy, 10 days is not a lot of time, and in this discussion, the result is exactly the same.

    I’m still waiting for Zig to answer Otis’ gulag question. I thought it was fair and reasonable. You can’t be so ignorant and liberal without having it beat into you by a bunch of pinkos…

  30. Otis says:

    It’s always fun watching Zig get slammed. Funny how he just shuts up. Like with the 2nd amendment comment he made about wolves around every corner. It was hilarious.

  31. Zig says:

    Otis, ITIOT! Unlike you, I have a life and can’t afford to sit online and wait for people to respond to my latest post. I go to this site once a day. I respond appropriately. And then I live my life. I never even think about you or the trash you write when I am not sitting at my computer… Don, as far as me getting “slammed,” are you for real? I have no idea what a GULAG is. If the question were anything other than an attempt to paint me as a communist, I would have responded it. That is how one deals with stupid people and stupid attacks. If they don’t respond to them, the issuer will go away! Don may have thought the was fair and reasonable, but consider the source of the statement and the source of the reaction… Both of you are right wing nutjobs who believe the world was “Created” in 7 days.

    Both of you morons, abortions are done on unwanted babies. The heart may be beating, but there is no rational thought or intention of movement! How do you describe/define human life? Is human life just a bunch of cells or does it come with the intention to move, speak, contribute and think? Do you two want to take care of all of those “unwanted,” “unloved” babies in to your bisexual lovenest? Move on, idiots!

    Again NCD fails to realive that 32 days is never the 5 week of pregnancy. Don, buddy, 5 times 7 is 35 and 5 times 5 is 25! I think his religious obeservance is hurting his ability to do math. And his insistance on proving that 32 days is 5 weeks just shows how he can’t admit it when he’s wrong!

  32. NeoConDon says:

    C’mon Zig, I know you never had any history courses in college, but you must have had a math class. The heart starts beating in the 5th week. The fifth week begins at the 29th day…

    If someone decided today that you were an unwanted person and decided to murder you, would that be okay? Why is it okay for a defenseless unborn human being?

  33. Zig says:

    I had Math, for Liberal Arts Majors, in college. I think you were in my class, idiot! My wife is in her 31st week. It is not an issue with which I concern myself… I was there at conception and I’ll be there at the birth. I ask quetions, but there isn’t much I can do in between…

    No, it would not be ok to murder me, because I am now unwanted, iidot! What kind of a question is that? How can you compare a living, breathing. learning, contributing human being to a cluster of cells? Anyway, taking the life of unwanted, unmotivated people is already happening in some states…it’s called Euthenation (sp). I haven’t done the research. I’ll leave that to you guys. Should the Government be getting involved in assisted suicide? It is why that guy up in the great state of Michigan went to jail. I believe that one has the right to end their own life, under the right circumstances. Do you? You probably have a different opinion, because your church does…and you are an instrument of The Church!

    Your arguments are becoming weaker and weaker. You throw one up…and I knock it out of the park!

  34. NeoConDon says:

    You better be careful Zig, because if Obama gets a hold of you, he might order your “assisted suicide” after the commies come in. But let’s sum up…

    “…I am now unwanted, iidot!”

    I don’t think you’re unwanted, but if you do, I’ll agree. Not sure what an ‘iidot’ is…???

    “How can you compare a living, breathing. learning, contributing human being…”

    I’m not sure who you were referring to when you said ‘learning, contributing, and human being’…???

    “…to a cluster of cells”

    I was referring to a 5 week old embryo with a heart beat, not a cluster of cell…

    ***The word is Euthanasia, and it refers to the killing of a human being for their “own good.” The commies like to do it. That’s what I meant about you needing to stay clear of Obama and his commie friends.

    Suicide is a personal thing, but I believe that a person that commits suicide will have a serious lack of comfort when they’re dead, and anyone that assists in suicide is committing murder.

    Finally, you’ve proven once and for all that you are the biggest idiot in the world. Michigan is NOT a great state…moron…

  35. NeoConDon says:


    I want to congratulate Mr. Iger on such a wonderful compensation. You have earned every penny…I hope Disney has another profitable year in 2009.

  36. Zig says:

    And what leads you to the assumption that…”Suicide is a personal thing, but I believe that a person that commits suicide will have a serious lack of comfort when they’re dead, and anyone that assists in suicide is committing murder.” Are you for real? What role did your religion play in forming this opinion? Or, is this what the church told you to say? Did the Church threaten to send you to hell if you don’t do and say as the Church does and says?

    If Suicide is a “Personal thing,” what role do you or anyone else from your cult have in telling a person they cannot do it? What leads you to believe that, ” a person that commits suicide will have a serious lack of comfort when they’re dead, and anyone that assists in suicide is committing murder.” What about men who beat off, as I know you do? Are they going to have a very uncomfortable afterlife? Doesn’t this go against the Church’s teachings? What if you wife had a serious illness that forced her to be in pain at all time and there was no cure and she would be dying soon anyway? Isn’t it your job as her huband to make sure she is in the least pain possible? Would you want your sons to remember her as the beautifully vibrabrant woman she once was or the vulgar lunatic after being in constant pain with no end in sight?

    I will be the bigger man and let your stupid comments about abortion go… We really need to move on! But, again, thanks for pointing out all my typos and grammatical miscues. Thereby, demonstating exactly why you are a petty petty idiot!

  37. NeoConDon says:

    I’m not sure why this is so confusing to you Zig. Murder is murder…period. You keep bringing religion into something that doesn’t involve religion. Dr. Kevorkian is a murderer. A jury of his peers made that determination and he spent 8 years in prison for it.

    I will never move on about abortion as long as my tax dollars are being used to perform them and to lie to women. Liberty and Justice for all…born and unborn.

  38. Otis says:

    The Democrats and the party of death will never concede because they refuse to look at the truth. They talk about themselves as being huge supporters of science, yet make up the global warming lies and won’t debate it, and refuse women that are being conned into an abortion the option of having an ultra-sound out of fear the woman will realize that a living person with a heart beat is inside.

    But I’m with you. I won’t give up the fight, especially with Stalin’s brother from another mother beginning his reign. Did you know that a bill has been presented to remove term limits for the President of the United States? Didn’t we learn our lesson with FDR???

  39. Zig says:

    The reason why I keep bringing religion into this debate is the fact that NCD has said he used religion to form this opinion. NCD continues to give ethical/moral, i.e. religious, reasons for his decision to disallow a woman’s right to choose her own destiny.

    I don’t support abortions. I suport a woman’s right to determine her own life path! Afterall, isn’t the Constitution about self-determination?

    My tax dollars aren’t being used to perform abortions! My tax dollars are being used to help set women who cannot afford the procedure on the path to building a better life for themselves and their children!

    So, what you are saying is that you would support abortions if your tax dollars weren’t being used ot perform them??? Isn’t that kind of petty? We live in a Democracy. In a Democracy, people who do or can support the people who don’t or can’t!

  40. NeoConDon says:

    I never said I use religion to form my opinion…Yet another lie from Zig. Your tax dollars ARE being used to perform abortions; Planned Parenthood is tax dollar funded. U.S. tax dollars are being used to perform abortions outside of the U.S. as well. I do not support abortion, period. I especially do not support them with my tax dollars. There is no constitutional right for a woman to have an abortion…it is a made up liberal lie.

    Your definition of “democracy” is the real definition of communism…based on what Obama has been saying for the past two days, it looks like your new Czar is here.

  41. Zig says:

    CHANGE IS HERE! NCD, thanks for making our efforts so easily realized! Roe v. Wade gives a woman the right to choose her destiny, idiot! Let me repeat myself for all the idiots out there, NCD…I don’t support abortion! I support a woman’s right to choose what is best for her and her family!

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