Ranting and Raving

December 10, 2008 by The Constant Complainer

Welcome to the award winning blog of The Constant Complainer.

Most of the posts that I put on this site discuss single incidents that recently occurred in my life.  However, once in a while, numerous strange incidents occur, which causes me to discuss several topics at once.  Today is one of those days…

When I wrote the “Kids – A Product of Their Environment” post, I received a number of private e-mails from parents commenting about it.  Most said that they considered themselves to be good parents and found it hard to read about the behavior I witnessed from some of the not-so-good parents out there.

I’ve said before that I found myself being more critical of bad parents once I became a parent myself.  However, in the same breath, I don’t jump to conclusions and am fair with my observations.  Plus, I know that children can be difficult and often need to be corrected.  Apparently the two below-fathers missed that part of the parenting lesson.

I was at the Cavs game last Friday night.  There was a family of four sitting behind me.  I would say the child I will go on to describe was about five years old.  I kept overhearing the father lash out at the boy.  He must have said, “don’t be a baby” about 30 times.  It seemed to be an ongoing debate about the child wanting ice cream.  Every time the father would say no, the boy would start to cry.  Then the father would say, “stop crying” and “don’t be a baby” over and over.  This repeated itself until the mother finally told the father to go get some ice cream for the boy.  My feeling is this – explain to the child why you don’t want him to have ice cream, try to work out an alternative or discipline him for not listening.  Don’t browbeat him into submission by taunting him and calling him names.  I could be wrong, but I think that is horrible for their self-esteem.  The boy eventually ate the ice cream but didn’t say a word the rest of the game.  He sat slouched in his chair looking upset – clearly a reaction to the name-calling episode he had just endured.

Also last Friday; I had to go to the doctor’s office.  Before I even walked in their door, I knew I was going to be in for an adventure.  I take that back – before I even exited the elevator, I knew I would not leave the doctor’s feeling better, but rather with a headache.  There was a child screaming bloody murder when I walked in.  Now mind you, the office is very small.  There was another female patient there and a father with two kids (one of whom was the one screaming).  I walked in and sat down.  The boy was screaming because his brother had a toy he wanted and they were fighting over it.  Did the father step in or stop the situation?  No!  He was chatting (and continued to chat) on his cell phone.  The other patient and I got to hear all about a recent eviction, that he had no money, that his car didn’t work and that he might have to leave the children with a relative while he sleeps in his car.  But of course, no attention was paid to the kids.  I’m not trying to downplay his personal situation or insinuate that he was a poorer parent as a result.  I’m simply saying that he sat there and talked on his phone (in an office where cell phones aren’t even allowed) rather than break up the fight between his children.  The two brothers fought back and forth over the truck, hit each other, screamed, took turns crying and disrupting the rest of us for almost ten minutes.  This father stayed on the phone the entire time.  Finally a nurse took the truck and said that nobody could play with it.  That’s what I wanted to do, but did that stop the father from being on the phone?  No.  Now both kids were screaming because they didn’t have the toy.  When I couldn’t take it anymore, I deliberately walked over and took a picture of the “No Talking on Cell Phones” sign with my blackberry.  Upon seeing this; the father just stared at me.  However, before I could have the pleasure of discussing this picture with him, I was called back to see the doctor.  At that point, I simply added a “headache” to my list of ailments.

Another post that caused my in-box to be flooded with messages was “Smoke Smoke Everywhere” – which is an older post from when this blog was just launched.  But I couldn’t help but think about it when I was writing this.  I’ve heard the rumor at my office about a guy who comes onto the property at night and steals pre-smoked cigarette butts from the smokestacks and then smokes them.  The thought of which completely turns my stomach.  But I realized the other night that this guy does indeed exist.  I was working late and was tipped off that he was outside.  I watched him go from smokestack to smokestack and pull out the cigarette butts he felt were most usable and then either smoke them or put them in a baggie (I assume for later use).  I don’t smoke and realize that cigarettes aren’t cheap, but smoking pre-smoked butts!  Come on!  I thought – you must be kidding me.  Of course we asked him to leave and he muttered something about needing nicotine before storming off.  At least now we know who removed and threw away the knobs that held the two pieces of the smokestacks together.  Frankly, I just can’t imagine needing a cigarette, or anything, that bad.  However, I’m sure Neo Con Don will figure out a way to convince me that this guy is a liberal.

Have a good evening everyone…

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  1. Hal says:

    It is truly scary how horrible some parents are. Don’t get me started on the whole “kids having kids” thing either. That’s another problem in and of itself. I think some kids don’t even have a chance, taking into account who their parents are. I know it is a horrible thing to say or think, but unfortunately it is true.

  2. NeoConDon says:

    Thanks, CC. I appreciate the opportuntiy to offer an opinion on such a difficult situation.

    It’s impossible to determine if this butt stealing guy is a liberal kook or a right wing nut job. But, experience would tell me that if he were to run for office, he’d run as a Democrat. He’s working under the cover of night, and taking something that others have thrown away..so it’s not really stealing, is it? At a minimum, it’s creepy and bizzare so that puts me into the liberal camp on him.

    As for the guy in the doctor’s office…he should get a J.O.B….or hope Obama wins a second term and then I’ll need to get a J.O.B. to afford my tax increases to pay for his laziness.

    Finally, I have 4 sons, ages 7, almost 6, 4, and 1. They should not go to a real professional sports event until they are at least 10 AND can understand the game. I don’t think the boy was a baby for wanting ice cream, I think the father is an idiot for taking such a young boy to the Cav’s game in the first place. If he has the means to drop so much coin, he should take his kid somewhere where he can give undivided attention to the boy, and not a bunch of overpaid Yankee hat wearing fools.

  3. Sam says:

    Can Don make one comment without refering to Republicans, Liberals, or Democrats?

  4. Tom G. says:

    Neo Con Don, I have to disagree with you about waiting until kids are age 10, I think if they have an understanding of the game or the concepts of the game being played at a young age; then you can take them. I feel rather fortunate about how my Daughter, who just turned 3, acts when I take her to a Penguin hockey game. I have taken her to several games during the past two hockey seasons. She knows I will buy her ice cream, but I always tell her during the second period. She sits in the seat, or stands by it watching the game. Our seats are up high in the balcony so she sees everything, as opposed to being close to the ice, where you don’t see as much play development. At home, she and I watch games on TV. She has a basic understanding of the game. During games she will ask me “Daddy, you see the goalie stop?” when a goalie makes a great save. She will watch the players skate, and will say “Hey, them fighting, they’re bad.” when a fight breaks out. And then there is my favorite “Goal Daddy! High five!” even when the team I am rooting against scores. She has no concept of favoring one team or another, sure she gets excited about seeing a Penguin symbol on something, but to tell her you boo a team, I can’t do that. As a parent, I know that when I take her to the games, I need to bring extra money because I am going to get ice cream or a pizza, or something that helps keep her interest in the game.

    As for the idiot in the waiting room, you think he would have taken the hint he needed to do something with his kids when the nurse took the toy away.

  5. Mike says:

    Just to play devils advocate here…
    Don, how do you know that the guy in the doctors office didn’t recently have a job and got laid off like so many people in the country right now? How do you know that he’s not a hard worker who’s hit some seriously tough times?


    Is he a questionable father? Possibly, or just having a bad day having to deal with a lost job, lost home, possibly losing his kids, and the pending medical expenses from the doctors office.

    Don’t be so quick to judge people. My parents are excellent parents and excellent people, but unfortunately are just a couple of lost paychecks away from being in this guys shoes.

    So why don’t you stick to the stuff you know about…being a self-absorbed nut job.

  6. Health Insurance Guru says:

    Sam, I doubt the Complainer was trying to make it a political post. He was probably humoring Mr. Conservative over there. I’m glad NeoConDon’s response was short and tolerable. All that political back and forth crap gets old.

  7. NeoConDon says:

    Mikey…I’m just saying that the fastest way to not have to live in your car is to get a J.O.B. or hope that Obama actually doesn’t get arrested for the Chicago thuggery politics problems he’s soon going to face…If Obama actually becomes president, this dad may have an additional two years of unemployment. There are lots of jobs out there, and work is always the fastest way to easy money.

  8. Zig says:

    Am I the only one to feel sorry for the children in this story? See, I bet the reason why these children were so obnoxious is because their life is in total disarray! The good buddy politics of the last 8 years have finally flopped and credit (The lifeline of the economy) is nowhere to be found. The boys’ father has lost his job, can’t afford his mortgage, probably divorced his wife as a result of the unwanted stress of feeling like a failure (because the company he works hard for can’t get the credit it needs to buy more rough materials). CC didn’t say so in his story, but this man probably even kicks their dog, poor guy! Am I the only one who recogizes CC’s story as a criticism of the current economic environment in which we find ourselves? CHANGE IS COMING…HELP IS ON THE WAY…JANUARY 20!

  9. Otis says:

    What’s up Zig? You think the world is going to magically get better because a socialist will be sitting in the White House? The last time we had a socialist in there, a recession was turned into the Great Depression…do you remember “The Raw Deal?”

  10. Mike says:

    It can’t get any worse Otis. I know you think it can, but…you’re wrong. I hope so anyway.

    Don, what do you mean by J.O.B.? I ask this because those little periods you’ve added make it an acronym, and I’m not quite sure for what.

  11. Otis says:

    Dude…This is nothing. It was harder living in 1978. This is going to get much, much worse. We’re only at 7% unemployment. 6% used to be considered nearly full employment. We should see this get to 20% or so over the next year-and-a-half. It will be less if congress stops trying to fix things. In the next 5 years at least two of the Big 3 will file for bankruptcy and at least one will completely go out of business or consolidate with another maker (possibly a foreign maker). That will be the point we hit rock bottom. The first major war with a world power will begin in the next 5 years. We will likely be fighting a new Soviet Union by proxy with Venezuala, or Iran.

    China truly holds the key to our demise. They keep expanding their manufacturing base by cutting corporate taxes. If our new administration doesn’t begin cutting corporate taxes immediately and slowing down spending, we will lose more jobs.

    China could also force the United States to sign an aggressive version of the Kyoto treaty by putting up international pressure and embedding sympathizers into the administration. While I don’t ever see the president being able to ever sign it, it’s possible. We would honor the agreement, and China would not. We would slip further into economic distress by wasting money we don’t have on a total political lie and borrow more from China. By the time the World Bank got involved, we’d be in the streets with our torches and pitchforks…I’d move to Texas.

  12. NeoConDon says:

    J.O.B. is just me spelling job…nothing more.

    That’s an interesting theory, Otis. You’re certainly right about one thing…the U.S. will likely never sign anything that looks like the Kyoto treaty. IF global warming actually starts happening and it becomes “catastrophic”, it would be easier to make adjustments regarding where we live and how we grow our food, etc. But the science and the reality doesn’t support the claims, so it’s a mute point.

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