Save Money, Live Better…unless you’re trampled to death – Guest Post

December 1, 2008 by The Constant Complainer

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Here at The Constant Complainer, in addition to my posts, readers can submit Guest Posts on topics they would like to complain about.  Neo Con Don submitted the below-Guest Post.  His complaint is that he believes people should be supporting Wal-Mart instead of giving them bad press for the employee death that occurred last Friday.  I think whether it is good or bad, most people have an opinion on Wal-Mart.  And I’d like to hear them.  So without further adieu, here’s Don. 

I love Wal-Mart.  Without a doubt, it is the greatest store and the best business plan in the world.  If you want to understand the realization of the American Dream, learn the story of Sam Walton and how he changed America and the world for the better.  Wal-Mart carries the same quality products (and an off brand of high quality) as other stores for less money.  Where else can you get over 300 prescriptions filled for $4 without insurance, get a new pair of glasses, have family portraits taken, develop film, have your nails done, do your banking, buy groceries and clothes and CDs and books, and eat lunch all while waiting for your oil to be changed and new tires put on your car…and by the way, it is always for less money than any other store.  Where else…???   NOWHERE…!!! 

I love Wal-Mart because they provide jobs to more people than any other business in the world…jobs people want.  In 2007, the first Wal-Mart opened in the City of Cleveland, and they had 6,000 applicants for 350 job openings.  My retired father-in-law works at Wal-Mart so he can have health insurance for his diabetes stricken wife.  So let’s get this out in the open…all of the bad impressions the media and liberal politicians are telling us about the evils of Wal-Mart are either lies, or the situation has been resolved.  Of course there will be unique situations that need to be addressed, but that’s because of the human element of each situation.  But, all in all, Wal-Mart is without a doubt the greatest company that has ever come out of America.

So needless to say, I was extremely saddened by the senseless death of a Wal-Mart employee at a Long Island Wal-Mart on Black Friday.  The most important thing for all of us to do is to focus on the truth of the incident and to make sure we learn from it.  What is the truth?  We don’t know.  I have heard stories that the rush of the crowd trampled him.  I have heard that he was trampled while trying to save the pregnant woman.  I have heard the pregnant woman lost the baby…I think the first thing everyone needs to realize is the media is once again doing a terrible job of reporting the truth.  You would think that after the extremely biased manner in which they covered the presidential election they would try to get something right…Don’t count on it.

Here’s the truth….as I see it: 

1.      Just like every other store in America, Wal-Mart was offering great deals on Black Friday.  It turns out that Wal-Mart is the most popular place to shop.  That could be why they are one of the only big retail stores to boast a 10% increase in profits…and provide more jobs than anyone else.

2.      According to Wal-Mart, extra staff was present, security was present, and barricades were up in anticipation of a large crowd. 

3.      While Wal-Mart has an obligation to make sure its customers are safe, Wal-Mart cannot prevent the malicious behavior of its customers.  In essence, IF the news reports are true, Wal-Mart customers murdered this man, and there is little or no fault to Wal-Mart.

Think about it. If you were in a crowd of 2000 people, and you noticed someone was on the ground wouldn’t you do anything you could to get him up.  I would.  I’d start screaming, I’d start hitting the people next to me and making them help me, I’d get the man up, I guarantee it.

I am certain that there will be charges made against some of the customers that trampled this man, and I hope that they end up in jail. The sad part about this is that it did not need to happen.  What has happened to the American Spirit?  Have the baby boomers so ruined their children that they think it is okay to behave like this?  ‘Pay no attention to the man on the ground, the next person will help him up…I need to get to my new TV’…or how about this… ‘The gov’t will solve the problem.’  I’m sorry, but the gov’t should be our last resort, not our first resort.  The first resort starts with each one of us looking in the mirror and making promises.  Here are the promises I make to myself everyday:

1.      Today I will tell each member of my family that I love them at least twice.

2.      Today I will give something to charity.

3.      Today I will forgive someone for doing something wrong.

4.      Today I will ask for forgiveness when I do something wrong.

5.      Today I will be thankful for all that I have.

6.      I will make today a better day than yesterday.

I’m going to add to that list the following promise:  ‘Today, I will pick someone up that is being trampled upon.’  I’m sorry I wasn’t in Long Island to pick up Jdimytai Damour as 2000 other people ran over him so they could buy their low priced electronics.  If I were there, I would have picked him up.  I would have picked him up if it would have occurred at Target, or Kmart, or Best Buy, but I wasn’t there.  Today, I am watching the media trample all over Wal-Mart for something that simply isn’t their fault.  Of course hindsight tells us that there are better ways to handle crowds, but logic tells me that if I see someone hurt, I need to help them.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a store in existence that sells logic.

Anyway, it’s time for me to fulfill my promises for the day.  I’m heading to Wal-Mart to do some shopping just so I can keep my promise of picking someone up that is being trampled on…. and today, that someone being trampled on is Wal-Mart.

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  2. […] Save Money, Live Better…unless you’re trampled to death – Guest Post Welcome to The Constant Complainer – voted “Best Local Blog” in a “Best of Cleveland 2008? readers’ poll. Here at The Constant Complainer, in addition to my posts, readers can submit Guest Posts on topics they would like to complainer … […]

  3. Zane says:

    Wal-Mart. Hmmmm. I agree the prices are reasonable, but don’t they have a reputation for bullying vendors and basically using their power to force lower prices that they pay to those same vendors? That might be good business for them, but the people selling to them are stuck with having to accept lower amounts of $$$.

  4. Seth says:

    I think you are severely misinformed. I would pass on shopping there any day of the week. They knew the crowds would be crazy. I don’t think they did enough. I am sick of hearing crazy Black Friday stories. It is just plain stupid how out of control deal seeking customers get. The store should have been better prepared.

  5. Otis says:

    Does Walmart bully them?…no.

    Walmart hears a pitch from a supplier and determines how much they can make in profit based on projected sales and shelf space. Then Walmart makes an offer. The vendor can take it or leave it. That’s called doing business. It is handled exactly the same way with Target and K-mart….except you’ll sell less product at Target and K-mart, and you’ll make less money. There is nothing a vendor wants more than to land a deal with Walmart.

  6. Mike says:

    Not to mention all the Walmart cashiers line up at their registers during Christmas times and play “Carol of the Bells” with their lights…or I just watch too much tv. Walmart isn’t the problem, it’s all the stupid people. We don’t need any more scapegoats in this country. It’s time to realize that our society as a whole is garbage.

  7. NeoConDon says:

    Here is an update: A member of the victim’s family has filed charges.

  8. The Constant Complainer says:

    Here’s one against Wal-Mart.

  9. The Constant Complainer says:

    Opps, on my last post, please note that the link isn’t complete and you’ll have to cut and paste. Enjoy the discussions…

  10. Gabe says:

    Have been looking around your site, like the layout, love the content.

    Would you like to trade links with a bipartisan politics blog from the youth perspective.


    Or just let me know at Quash100 [at]

  11. Zig says:

    One doesn’t get the nickname the 8 hundred pound gorilla of capitalism by being nice. The gorilla in the room is Walmart. Not only do they bully their vendors, but they come into an area and put ALL of the local merchants out of business. This is not capitalism is financial terrorism!

    The reason why they always don’t encourage competition is because they undercut the competition on everything, always, without discussion. Walmart can undercut everyone because Walmart bullies and pays their vendors so little for product and then buys cheap stuff in bulk amounts. The Walmarting of America is turning all of us into deal hungry cheapskate. The Walmarting of America is why we refuse to shop locally and spend more than a couple of dollars to get anything of any real quality.

    Your point about getting your hair cut, pictures developed, perscriptions filled, buying your meat and produce and all while you wait for your car to be repaired illustrates my point. Walmart is a bunch of money hungry, maniacal cheapskates. Look at all the locally owned businesses one Walmart effects. Walmart cannot be content with ruining one person’s business. Walmart has to suck every last dollar out of every city in which they operate. Super Walmart can’t just sell really cheap junk like a K-Mart. No, they have to put the barber, photoshop, drugstore, grocery, butcher and mecanic out of business by undercuting them all on price.

    I think it’s great that your damn father-in-law has a job and can provide his wife with medical insurance, but that is just one job, one father-in-law and one mother with a health problem. What about all those barbers, drugists, grociers, butchers and macanics that are without jobs, because the world’s greatest capitalist, Walmart, moved into their town? Each one of those people with out jobs and health insurance have wifes too. What about them?

    I may be a Liberal, but I am also a person with a conscience. This poster is living in a world all to his own, where money is king, bullshit floats and where everything he says is truth, because he said it. I live in the real world and Walmart is ruining my world, the REAL AMERICA!

  12. Zig says:

    I am not even going to go into the whole home boy got runover by a mob of deal hungry idiots! But this ties into what I am saying about us not looking for quality. For these “Deal Hungry Idiots” it was more important to get the “DEAL” than it was to help a person in need of a hand up! RIDICULOUS! Instead of looking for quality, they were looking for CHEAP! But, this is the mindset in which Walmart is king. No thanks. I’ll pass!

  13. Mike says:

    So I’m assuming you also have a problem with Best Buy, Autozone, Advanced Auto Parts, Giant Eagle, Kroger, Great Clips, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Target, Cosco, Marathon, BP, Sunoco, etc…

    My point is that Corporate America has squashed the mom and pop shops long before Walmart became the giant it is. Your problem is NOT with Walmart, but with corporate America. I guess you don’t shop anywhere then. Where do you buy clothes? Where do you buy groceries, and where do you get your tires and oil changed?

  14. Otis says:

    You’re dead on with your last comment Mike. Zig does not have a clue. Everytime I go to a Walmart, I see dozens of other stores surrounding it. Everywhere Walmart goes turns into a shopping mecca. If Zig were correct, the only store in existance would be Walmart. Walmart started as a local dime store and turned into the world’s largest business. That is what make America the greatest country on earth. There is no reason why the local grocer can’t do the same thing.

    p.s. Zig…I’m not familiar with a Walmart having a hair cutting service, but could you send that information to me? I need to get an oil change and I could get a hair cut while I wait.

  15. Sam says:

    My thoughts are with the family of the man who was killed. They need a better policy concerning Black Friday.

  16. Zig says:

    Mike–Are you for real? Did you read my post? I am not mad about them squeezing the little guy. I am mad because they think they have to squeeze every little guy out of the marketplace. My point is that they try to be everything to everyone and they ebed up low-ballinmg everyone on price. I said they weren’t content with squeeing the junk/cheap sh’t peddlers out of the market. Walmart has to be everything to everyone, as shown by their “one stop” philosophy! So Mike, before you bring your simplistic criticisms, read my entire post and read it well! Same goes for Otis!

  17. Mike says:

    I did read it well. You’re claiming that Walmart is the devil. You still didn’t answer my question about where you do your shopping. I’m guessing you don’t do all your shopping at mom n pop grocery stores, get your car fixed at Joe Mechanics, or buy much of anything from small non-chain stores. And that’s OK. I’m just saying that it isn’t all Walmart. They’re just one of many corporations, and no more evil than all the rest.

  18. Otis says:

    Walmart employs more people in the world than any other company by over 3 to 1. They provide quality products for the lowest prices. That doesn’t sound evil to me, it sounds pretty good. We live in a free market system. If a mom and pop wants to compete, perhaps they should lower their prices or change their business plan. If they’re unable to do that, they go out of business…until the liberals decide to steal tax dollars and bail them out.

  19. Mike says:

    “until the liberals decide to steal tax dollars and bail them out.”

    …and we were getting along so well Otis…
    You should know that the government doesn’t bother to bail out mom n pop shops, only foolish corporations.

  20. NeoConDon says:

    Thanks for reading everyone. Otis, let me know when Zig gets back to you…we can meet up for a haircut.

  21. Tallelf says:

    ok… there are several rants on this one.. from Walmart and their status as a commercial giant. (ZIG and the 800# gorilla) on that, I do shop at Walmart for convenience of one stop shopping, however they have just created a MEGA walmart by us. It is much larger than any walmart I have ever been in. I am seriously out of energy by the end, due to the fact that I have made almost a mile trip by hitting the health and beauty section, sporting goods and then the grocery trip.
    Also, my wife and I live in the middle of BFE, so it is atleast 25 miles away, but it is on the way home from work.
    There are also 30 registers and only 3 cashiers to work them. I SWEAR this is outrageous.

    On the other side, with the person getting run over, I compare this to the running of the bulls, that is why I silently protest this commercial slaughterhouse known as earlybird shopping on black friday. Atleast with the running of the bulls if a person gets mauled by the mob, the bull is known to be killed at the end of it. (but YOU KNOW YOU ARE IN A MOB IF IDIOTS MORE CONCERNED ABOUT WHERE THEY ARE GOING THAN YOUR WELL BEING) It doesn’t make it right, but enough is enough.

    As far as wallyworld putting mom and pop out of business, I know my self I share my income with both corporate, but also my small downtown. I love my hardware store, they have answers and suggestions to my issues. If I bring in a digiphoto of something that broke in the homefront, they can help. If I do that at wallyworld, they accuse me of stealing a camera that they don’t even carry. Hrmmm… blessing and a curse if you ask me. anyone for coffee?

  22. Big Zig says:

    OK I can see that you guys are crazy and you don’t really understand. Elfboy, you have ben sold a bill of goods. Why do you think that you have no time to go to multiple shops to do your shopping? Couldn’t it be that the commercials that are constantly bombarding you with…

  23. Big Zig says:

    I buy my groceries at the Miles Market, on MIles road in Solon. I get my car repaired at the HIGHWAY Garage, in Chagrin Falls and I get my Hair Cut at the Mug and Brush, in Chagrin Falls. I get my coffee from Starbucks and I drive 2 foreign cars. Any questions? I drive a Volkswagen Jatta and my wife drives a Toyota Highlander. I love corporate America and the dividends/money they provide me with on a quarterly basis! Why do I do al thee things and still complain about Corporate America…because I CAN. THIS IS AMERICA. As TallElf said, I enjoy Walmart for the convienence, but I don’t have to like them. My attention span has not been shortened by the easy one stop no hassle strategy of Walmart. It was short way before I ever heard of Walamart. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Idiots!

  24. Mike says:

    You’re right Zig. You ARE allowed to complain about things even though you’re contributing to the very thing you’re complaining about. You do have that right as an American. However, it seriously makes you a hipocrate. We all are to some degree, but it helps to have someone point it out to us sometimes.

  25. Zig says:

    I am no HIPOCRITE! I never said I didn’t shop there. I only said I recognize that their business plan put a lot of other people/businesses out of business and I don’t think thats right. I don’t think it’s moral for them to suck up all the money while others fail! I really don’t like the market economy we live in. Capitalism, as we know and practice it, is a sucker’s game. It favors the people at the very top. It makes losers out of too many good people. And rewards too many idiots. I also think that complaining into air is wrong/stupid and worthless, but we here posting our thoughts at seem to like it. I do a lot of things I wouldn’t neccessarily recommend. For example, I occassionaly smoke cigars. I also drive entirely to fast and, lately I haven’t been excerciseing as often as I would like. Am I going to hell…probably, but I have reconcile that with myself, my wife and my God! I sleep well at night though.

  26. Mike says:

    You are a hypocrite, we all are. If we don’t like something yet support it in any way, we are hypocrites. That’s the nature of the beast. I embrace it. In fact, I’m headed to Walmart now to get some dog food. Why? Because it’s cheaper there.

  27. NeoConDon says:

    Unfortunately, being a hypocrite is sometimes out of our control. For example, I don’t support the practice of abortion, but our gov’t uses tax dollars to pay for them. I pay taxes, and therefore fund abortions.

  28. NeoConDon says:

    I want to add another quality service that Walmart offers. I was at my local Target store last night dropping off some disposible cameras and was told that they would be ready by 10am the next day. I went in today and they were still not ready. I waited over an hour for them to develop two cameras and only walked out with one because the guy did not know how to run the equimpent. Plus, they charge 15% more than Walmart for such terrible service.

    Walmart’s photo products are excellent, fast, and inexpensive. I get a calendar made there every year, along with coffee cups and shirts, etc.

    If Walmart puts Target out of business, will the gov’t bail out Target?

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