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October 1, 2008 by The Constant Complainer

Here at The Constant Complainer, in addition to my own posts, I offer the opportunity for readers to submit Guest Posts.  Very quickly, I wanted to address something.  The last few days I received several e-mails from readers asking what topic they could write a Guest Post about.  The answer is simple – as long as you are complaining about something and you write it in an entertaining manner, I will consider your post and contact you to discuss it.  This post was submitted by Neo Con Don.  He raises concerns with illegal immigrants and local business.  Enjoy!


Several weeks ago on The View, Whoopi Goldberg asked John McCain if he will choose constitutionalists when it comes to his Supreme Court appointees.  View the exchange here.  The exchange begins at 1:05, and it is intertwined in a Roe v. Wade discussion.  Then Whoopi asked Senator McCain if she had to worry about being returned to slavery.  McCain handled this question the best he could based on the ridiculousness of the question.  He empathized with her.  Let’s face it; Whoopi Goldberg was NEVER a slave, so there is no way she could return to slavery.  Her view on the Constitution is very off base. While I can’t say for sure unless I asked her, it sounded like she believed the constitution set the stage for slavery.  Nothing could be more incorrect. While it is sad and true that slavery was the norm throughout the new states at the time the constitution was written, slavery was around for at least 2 centuries prior, and it was hardly accepted by the founders.  John Adams was the champion of the idea of revolution, and he believed that the founding documents set the wheels in motion to abolish slavery once and for all.  Adams never owned a slave.  Others owned slaves, but began to build the foundation of emancipation with the 3/5 rule, and the “… Ordinance of the Territory of the United States Northwest of the River Ohio,” which prohibited slavery in several northern states.  President Washington signed it into law in 1789.  Click here to view the founder’s beliefs on slavery, and here to view the catch 22 President Washington found himself in. 


Today, the United States faces a new kind of slavery, and neither of the Presidential Candidates are talking about it.  American businesses are taking advantage of illegal immigrants by employing them for low wages and in poor conditions.  These people entered into America under the cover of darkness through a porous border and have been forced into the shadows by our politicians that are refusing to follow the laws that exist.  Cities have become “sanctuary cities” and are inviting illegal immigrants to live there.  Outside of sanctuary cities, illegals have no rights when it comes to the work they perform.  When they are treated poorly by their employer, the worker does not have the advantage of labor laws or court systems.  Many of our law enforcement officers want to enforce the law and deport these people, but the city does not have the money to do it, and the federal government is not following the law because of political backlash.


I come from a family where every single great-grandparent was an immigrant; some from Eastern Europe and some from England.  Every single one of them came to America, and became Americans.  They fought in World War I, became politicians, and owned businesses. They did it legally.  They came here because the United States is the greatest country that has ever existed on this planet.  They came with nothing and no one owed them anything.


There is nothing more American (and in my opinion, Christian) than opening up to allow those less fortunate and living in oppressive foreign countries (like Cuba, Mexico, and African Nations) to receive the blessings of The United States, but the way it’s being done is criminal.  We can’t keep allowing our gov’t to turn their back on America’s laws while forcing these people into the shadows with no legal recourse.  Those that follow the law are losing out on jobs because some businesses are hiring illegals.  Members of both parties in this country have created a modern day slavery, and very few are talking about it.


Here is what needs to change:


1.        The politicians, business owners, and law enforcement MUST begin following the existing laws regarding illegal immigrants.  Failure to follow the law should result in impeachment or prosecution, fines, and prison.

2.        Our borders must be secured and the illegal immigrants in the United States must be put on a path to citizenship.  Immediate citizenship could be granted to any illegal alien that learns English, passes a citizenship test, and donates their services to the United States either in our military, Peace Corps, or another similar organization; perhaps we could hire them as English and history teachers to other illegal aliens.

3.        After the border fence is put in place, the United States must substantially increase the number of Visas offered to educated foreign nationals AND non-criminals.  Then, we must provide a simple path to citizenship that includes learning our language and history, working a job, and staying out of jail.


We are a nation of immigrants.  Successful immigrants like my great-grandparents jumped into the melting pot and became Americans.  We are the greatest and most unique nation ever created.  This experiment we call America has proven to be the best that has ever existed in history. I cannot become Mexican, or British, or Japanese, or Australian, or Russian, or German, or French…but every single one of them can become an American.  That is what makes The United States of America the greatest place on earth.

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  1. Jamie Holts says:

    Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  2. Mike says:

    I’ve never been so upset and irritated in all my life. I wish I hadn’t read this post because now my day is completely ruined…


  3. Dan S. says:

    Other than the fact that you had to juxtapose John McCain and Whoopi Goldberg to make him look presidential…

    …not a bad post.

    If we can’t secure our borders, ferret out those who are here illegally and send them back to where they came from, how can we call we claim to live in a secure country, then travel abroad to set straight the national security of other countries?

    There are plenty of terrorists right here, making life hell for their fellow illegal immigrants, and anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire.

  4. NeoConDon says:

    Be careful before you get too excited Mike. I did say that the fence needs to be built. That’s not an idea accepted by the libs. None of this will work without securing the borders with a fence…

    Did that make your day a little better?

  5. The Constant Complainer says:

    I can’t believe it! Dan, Mike and Don almost agreeing and/or complimenting each other. Wow, I must be dreaming. But I agree, good post, Don. We even had an issue in my county where two family owned restauarants were busted for hiring illegal immigrants and they were shut down…

  6. Dan S. says:

    “None of this will work without securing the borders with a fence…”

    A fence only slows ’em down by a few seconds, while creating a major nuisance for the land owners the fences are built on.

    Electronic surveillance, along with beefed up border patrols are far more desirable than a fence alone.

    What is also needed are holding compounds near the border.

    As it is, if the illegals who are caught, ask for their day in court, there isn’t enough room to hold them until their court appearance date.

    Soooo… they are given a ticket/summons, told when to come back for their day in court, then released into the wilds of the United States, with approximately NONE of them ever showing up for their court date.

    As it is now, we might as well hang a big sign on the Mexican border that says, “Welcome to the United States… Where our Laws are more of a guideline or maybe request, whatever…”

  7. NeoConDon says:

    You’re wrong about the fence. When a real fence is in place… two that are 12 feet tall with a road in between each of them, and border guards, it will work. We only have a few hundred miles of that right now.

    Everything else is part of the greater problem with the process…

    But the majority of the illegal immigrants are not criminals…they are being illegally hired by companies that are taking advantage of them. It is the biggest human rights violation in this country since legal slavery. These companies must be held accountable, and the politicians must be held accountable.

    The lack of interest by both political parties on this issue is an outrage.

  8. Dan S. says:

    “It is the biggest human rights violation in this country since legal slavery.”

    …what a drama Queen

  9. Sugar says:

    I absolutely love this post

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