The Liberals and the Alcoholics – Guest Post

June 12, 2008 by The Constant Complainer

As you know, we offer the opportunity for guests to post columns.  This gentleman, Don, contacted me and shared his opinions.  Below is his entry.  Enjoy it and make sure to give him feedback.  Thanks, The Constant Complainer…

I believe that as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States and the two chambers will lean heavily liberal.  At least part of me hopes that will happen.  But Senator Obama might mess things up and keep saying stupid stuff and throwing more mass gravesites out of his closet calling it only a bone.  “Nothing to see here people, move on.”  I’ve been a political volunteer since 1991.  I’ve helped with fundraising, I’ve pounded on doors, watched hundreds of speeches, made thousands of phone calls, and been called a lot of names.  The one I’m most proud of is Neo-Con Don.  

You see, Obama winning is a victory for the conservatives in this country.  The candidate the Republican Party has nominated is a liberal.  He has some rational views like being anti-abortion, plans to continue the war on fundamental Islamo Fascists, opposes socialist healthcare, and supports the continuation of President Bush’s tax cuts on the Middle class (that was a flip-flop and can’t be trusted).  But, he opposes the Fair Tax, thinks oil companies should be charged a windfall profit tax, refuses to drill on American soil and coastlines, reaches across the aisle, and believes that global warming is man made and is going to lead to catastrophic conditions.  In other words, he’s going to raise taxes, and heavily increase the price of food and energy, just like Senator Obama.  Basically, John McCain is a wacko liberal kook.  There is not enough of the Clinton Republicans (Reagan Democrats) both alive and dead (don’t forget, dead Democrats were allowed to vote in 2004, but only for John Kerry) to give Senator McCain the White House.  That is, unless of course, Senator Obama continues his flat out stupidity; I mean continues to show his inexperience.  Have you ever noticed that when Senator Obama is giving a prepared speech he sounds as brilliant as JFK or MLK?  But, when he relaxes and speaks off the cuff, he makes George W. Bush sound like the greatest speaker ever?  George W. Bush probably sounded more intelligent than Obama speaking off the cuff when Bush was passed out on Budweiser and cocaine and was talking in his sleep to some sorority chick lying next to him after a Skull and Bones hazing ceremony.

Anyway, here’s my thought.  Good Presidents usually get around half of what they want to accomplish signed into law.  Reagan had a lot more, George W. Bush had about half, and Clinton had a bit less since he was overrun by a conservative Congress and was impeached for being a sitting President that lied under oath to a Grand Jury in a sexual harassment case against him. Then he was disbarred.  But more or less, about half is a good rule of thumb.   With that being said, McCain and Obama will have similar catastrophic terms since both are liberals and will be working with liberal chambers.  So, the transfer into a socialist form of government will be nearly identical with either Obama or McCain.  

My conservative gut suggests this: Since either administration will be destructive, why not let the liberals take the public hit.  I mean the executive, and both chambers will be made up of democrats, and their results will be reminiscent of the Jimmy Carter days.  Then in four years, in comes a conservative and John McCain can finally be pushed out of the Republican Party for good.

The only time an alcoholic or drug addict can be helped is when they finally realize they have hit rock bottom.  Both parties are there, but the Liberals are still tapping the kegs bought by the taxpayers. Conservatives must do whatever they can to make the elected Republicans realize that they have pimped out our moral compass by accepting the premises of the liberal party for the sole purpose of being elected and getting pork sent to their districts. Since either candidate will give us the same results, I am willing to live through 4 years of political hangovers.

Come November, the Republicans will experience an intervention like they’ve never seen. Not because the Democrats will show up in large numbers, but because the Conservatives simply won’t show up. In 2012, the Democrats will certainly go through their intervention.  The victor will be the Conservative.  And as they say in our Republican form of government, “To the victor goes the spoils.”

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  1. Zig says:

    Where to begin? I will tell you Neo-Con”vict,” (I say “CONVICT” b/c your backasswards theories will land you in a jail cell someday) your posts really bore me. I couldn’t even get through it before I got discouraged and bored. My eyes started to glaze over, after the first paragraph, when I recognized your divisive tone. Get some new material! You are showing that you are anything but an educated person. All conservatives try to make it sound like they invented the world and that the big bad LIBERALS are to dumb to do anything the right way. Well, I will steal some of your thunder and tell you that I did vote for Obama, you had nothing to do with him being elected and you will need serious help sleeping well for the next 8 years. A new day is coming. If you knew history, you would know that the events for which you just took credit often occur after 8 years of the same party, idiot! Now who is the educated, politically tuned in political affiliation, Liberal or Conservatice? Conservatives let events occur and just see how they can take credit. Liberals are proactive, produce results and then learn how to deal with those results to make the world a better place .

    The “Inexperienced” moniker would decribe how you boy, GWB, got into office. And I thought being “inexperienced”, NOT a Washington insider, was a good thing… At least that is how you Boy, GWB, put it when he stold the office???

    I recognize how conservatives try to make everything look like it is how they (conservatives) planned. That way they are never wrong. A conservative tries to fit every event in the human experience into his or her narrow worldview. Why do we still have abortion? Why isn’t there God in public schools? Why are two people who love eachother allowed to marry in Vermont?

    That just illustares one of the difference between conservatives and Liberals. Liberals know they cannot and, therefore, don’t even try control humans with free-will, the world and its citizens. Conservatives try to make the world think as they do. Conservatives will even go as far as removing leaders of soverign countries who don’t believe as they do. Now which is the better worldview, Conservative or Liberal???

    NoeconVICT, you can continue to operate under the fake selfserving assumption that you had something, anything, to do with OBAMA being elected. Your political imagination and your belief that you can control the world will get you nowhere fast!

  2. Otis says:

    Thanks, NCD, but no thanks. While I agree that Obama would be terrible as a president, I’m still showing up and voting for the conservative candidate. I just can’t let the libs take the office on purpose, I’m pretty sure Obama will keep up his stupidity and will lose the election.

    Get off the kook-aid, I mean kool-aid. You’re more boring than NCD.
    Not sure what you mean by Obama being elected. Did you mean nominated? We haven’t had an election yet. BTW, learn when to use “to”, and “too”. It’s getting annoying.

  3. Jack Ryan says:

    First of all I want to say Down with socialized health care, down with conservatives, and most importantly DOWN WITH OBAMA…you know a candidate is bad when a facist dictator is talking smack about him! He is the worst possible choice for president and I believe that he is a closet radical African American whom we suffer for no longer than four years if he is elected. A man can only change his spots so much with out compromising who he is and from what I understand from what i have seen and read since the race began is that Obama is an elitist that will play on racial sympathies and fool the Middle America into believing that he can wave his magic wand and “poof” their lives will be better in January! I also cannot stomach a man who is willing to yank our troops out of Iraq before the job is done and do away with all that they have fought and bled for.
    I want a president who will continue to root out Terrorists where ever they hide, a Prsident who will remove government from the economy and push for a more capitalist society, increase the educational system, and MAKE THE DOLLAR STRONG AGAIN!!!

  4. Otis says:

    Thanks Jack Ryan, but I’d love for you to point me to that candidate. It seems that we’re going to be stuck voting for the lesser of two liberals, and McCain is not the candidate you were describing.

  5. Jack Ryan says:

    I agree, but he is the lesser of two evils…..

  6. Zig says:

    Otis–You are an idiot! On which planet do you live? Do you call yourself an educated person? YOU pretnd to be so enlightened. How can you say that you are enlightened when you are going to vote for a candidate based on his political affiliation? You are not really an educated person, in my book.

    OK, HERE YOU GO! Here is a little lesson for the less educated among us…

    YOU wrote, “Thanks Jack Ryan, but…”

    You need to learn the art of how to use punctuation, idiot! When one addresses a person, a comma is needed right before the name of the person they are adressing, idiot! YOU should have wrote Thanks, Jack, but…”

    So, in summary, Otis. People who live Glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! You are a self described “undereducated” product of the public schools who tries to make people believe that he is smart b/c he never stops talking.

    Jack, Obama isn’t a racist. He does not have the baggage of slavery attatched to his worldview. His father is a Black African from Kenya. His mother is a white woman. So, he doesn’t have the breeding of an “American Black,” who has the legacy of slavery. Before you try to scare off all of the readers and voters with you scare tactics, come with a better and more responsible argument than, “He is the worst possible choice for president and I believe that he is a closet to a radical African American whom we suffer for no longer than of our years if he is elected.” He is not a black panther. He is a Harvard educated product of a single mother society. WE will thin of you and laugh at your arguments when them more enlightened in our society vote for this, “worst possible choice, radical African American”

    Jack, How is your current heathcare situation working for you? Doctors currently try to trick me and charge me more for service, b/c I have insurance! They do this b/c they have to to try to recoup the money they lose when they give service to a poor, indigent and uninsured person.

    The obviously racist views you both hold which are not based in fact, but personal prejudice, are giving me a headache! Come at me with a factual well thought out argument and not a biggoted, fraternity house, old-time worldview!

  7. Otis says:

    I’m sure you were trying to say something, but most of your sentences were tough to understand. Hint – lay off the booze when you’re blogging, or at least read it before you hit send.

    I don’t think Barack Obama is a racist, I just think he’s stupid. The people that are pulling his strings are racist, and he’s listening to them.

    Why do you think it’s wrong for someone to vote for the candidate of their party? In most cases, the republican party candidate will have the same views as me, so I vote for them. The Democrat is always a liberal and I don’t vote for liberals because they don’t have any good ideas. Moderates are wimps and don’t have a back bone.

    I will certainly NEVER vote for a candidate that wants to surrender in the war on terror, supports abortion on demand even in the third tri-mester, wants to implement socialized healthcare, wants to increase taxes, wants to increase spending, opposes the 2nd amendment, refuses to exploit our own energy resources, believes in global warming, wants to bail out mortgage companies and the morons that bought a house they couldn’t afford, plans to meet with Iran and Cuba, will appoint liberal federal judges that will re-write the constitution from the bench, sounds stupid when he talks, and thinks it’s the government’s job to make people’s lives better. That is what Barack Obama stands for. There is no way an intelligent person can find that inspiring.

  8. Zig says:

    Otis–Funny thing is that I never said YOU thought Obama racist. I was talking to Jack… Kind of funny how you took comments directed to Jack as comments directed to you, OTIS… Ae you double dipping to try to make it look like someone, anyone, agrees with you.

    Truth is, Jack or should I say OTIS, Obama wouldn’t SURRENDER to the war on terror, b/c the “WAR ON TERROR,” IS NOT BEING FOUGHT IN IRAQ, Idiot!

    And how can you, as a man, I use the term loosely, tell a woman he can’t do something? I thought you were trying to protect our rights from being taken away, Idiot! It only hurts and you are only against it when it’s your rights that are being taken, when you are being effected… You cry to be “for the good of the people,” but you are just parading as a poser!

    Isn’t the purpose of a Government to protect it’s people? Shouldn’t the Government protect it’s people against evil and dishonest mortgage lenders who were only out for their bottom line?

    Can anything change before we know exactly what it is Iran wants? That’s right, idiot. Talks should develope between the US and Iran so we don’t end up fighting a war and loosing thousands of soldiers just because we were to ego driven ask what it is they want…. And the Cuba problem ended when CASTRO died. That was why the embargo was there to begin with, idiot! We have been wanting ot develope talks with Cuba for a long time. Only Castro wasn’t dead yet!

  9. Otis says:

    ATTN: Castro’s not dead, We’re winning the War on Terror, Obama could be a supporter of murder, and Zig might be a racist.

    This is probably going to be the last time I respond to you, unless you decide to keep up on current events. You basically don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. You are a mind numbed robot filled with liberal progoganda from whatever radio station you listen to. I’ve discovered that what you do is repeat the liberal talking points and then try to make conclusions on your own based on what you think is reality. I think it’s pretty clear that you need to lay off the booze when you’re doing this. Here are a couple examples:

    You wrote: “The obviously racist views you both hold which are not based in fact, but personal prejudice, are giving me a headache!”

    I can only assume that since you were referring to me that you thought I was a racist. I’m going to go one step further on this. I have said over and over again that I won’t vote for Barack Obama because he’s a liberal kook, and I laid out nearly a dozen reasons why. But you don’t even understand what he’s saying (don’t worry, no one does), and you say you’re still voting for him. You think you agree with him, but if you really listened to him, a reasonable person would be frightened. I think you are telling people you’re voting for him because he’s black and you don’t want anyone to think you’re a racist. But we all know what you’ll do when you get into that voting booth. You’ll vote for the old white guy. You’re the racist. You’re trying to let everyone know how enlightened you are by publically saying you’ll vote for a the first black candidate. No one is fooled by you because you don’t even understand the issues enough.

    Here are a couple more…

    Fidel Castro is not dead, and his brother is running the show. In case you missed it, the new guy is Castro’s brother and he’s a communist that is oppressing his people the same way the still living and evil Fidel did. Only a moron would develop relations with them.

    I’m going to quote you again…”And how can you, as a man, I use the term loosely, tell a woman he can’t do something?”

    I’m not sure what you meant by calling a woman “he” in the previous sentance, but I’m assuming that you were boozing it, and you are referring to abortion. Let me put this plainly…Obama will not vote to limit abortions in the THIRD TRIMESTER…that’s when the babies are absolutely viable. If they are aborted, they must be physically murdered. I am not a believer in abortion under ANY curcumstance EVER, but any politician that supports the murder of “forced born” babies should go to jail, not be elected as our nation’s leader. There is not an inherent right in the constitution for murder, and partial birth abortion is murder. That baby has right to live regardless of the opinion or situation of the mother. Maybe she should have made the choice to not have sex…I’m just saying…

    On the mortgage front, if anyone was defrauded by a mortgage company, there are already laws in the books to protect them. If a lender wrote a risky loan, they knew they were engaging in the risk and should pay the price for it. If a consumer bought more than they could afford, they should lose their house and rent for a while until they can get a better paying job and save money. That’s called capitalism. When you refinance your mortgage into an ARM, you’re betting that the price is going to go up, but you’re also taking on the risk that the value may go down. The market will determine how things play out. Let the government build roads and provide police. Our politicians are too stupid to get involved in economics…especially the Democrats.

    Finally, I feel so sad for you. You clearly don’t know anyone that has served in our War on Terror currently in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have had the pleasure of knowing several members of our military that have served in both theaters, and they will disagree with you. Iraq and Afghanistan IS the war on terror. If there’s one thing that EVERY American can say about President Bush it is that he hasn’t allowed another terrorist attack on our soil since 2001. His administration has foiled hundreds of potential attacks since then. Let’s not forget that President Bush told us it would be a long war, and would see many theaters. I think you are missing out on a great opportunity to be proud of your country and it’s fighting men and women as they continue to win this war, and set the stage for our future endeavors. I hate to break it to you, but the War on Terror will continue on throughout our lives, into our children’s lives, and possibly into their children’s lives. I pray to God every night that it will stay away from our shore lines. So far, President Bush has delivered on that promise, and God has answered my prayers.

    Zig, please read some books, and listen to someone other than the liberals kooks and Barack Obama. He’s a communist, and he’s using you to get his message accross. Eventually, all of the ill will you wish on everyone else will fall on you because people like Obama don’t beleive in American Exceptionalism. They think everyone should be equally miserable.

  10. Zig says:

    Otis–Why do you try to manipulate/twist what I say and then try to assign your own meaning to what I say? That is a clever effort, but a dumb stadegy. Why do you seek to discredit me? Is it because you need to point out every litle typological inconsistancy/error in my thinking/writing to add strength to your week arguments? That is a week stradegy and everyone who reads this blog will see right through your failed efforts!

    I am voting for Barack Obama, the first Black man to be a viable candidate for president, not because he is black. I am voting for him because this country’s standing in the world has been ruined…thanks to 8 years of a repulican president. I am voting for Barack Obama because he can tell me how to turn on a computer, by himself, and he can tell me what Google means? I am voting for Barack Obama because I want this country to regain it’s stature in the world!

    As far as Fidel Castro goes, if we don’t talk to the leader of Cuba, we will never know how and what we can do to help them change.

    Abortion is an issue that needs to be handled between a woman and her doctor! NO one outside that “theater” should have anything to do with her choice! And stop writing long posts. I read about two paragraphs and skim the rest!

    And the war on terror is not being fought in Iraq. I know a few guys who have fought in your war on terror.

  11. Otis says:


    Let’s see…

    We have soldiers in Iraq.
    A group called “Al’Qaeda in Iraq” is fighting our soldiers in Iraq.
    “Al’Qaeda in Iraq” is a group of terrorists.
    We’re fighting The War on Terror against terrorists.

    Therefore, the War on Terror is in Iraq…
    …And you’re calling me the idiot?

    Where do you think it is?

  12. Zig says:

    Otis–I am not really sure from where you are coming. I have read that Saddam Husseian didn’t want anything to do with Al’ Qaeda. That’s because Al’ Queda would have threatened the absolute control he had over the people of Iraq. Beofore W. attacked this soverign country there was no such thing as “A group called “Al’Qaeda in Iraq” is fighting our soldiers in Iraq.” So, this phenominon is a creation of your buddy, W.
    I have “read” that he only reason they, Al Queada, are in Iraq is for the opportunity to kill Americans and to get The US out of the Middle East.

    So, when the US went into Iraq, it was a lie that we were fighting terrorism. Al Qaeda is a group of Islamic Fanatics. Saddam was a secular and evil dictator It has since turned into a war on terrorism. The terrorism argument is only used to get he people of the US behind this illplanned and illconsieved war.

    I love America. I love living in a free and open Democracy. I do not like it when the citizens of the US are lied to in order to justify one person’s, W’s, or a groups of NeoCon’s theory. Your buddy, W, and his NeoCon buddies had (and may still have) a theory that the world wil be better place if the US controlled the sources of the world’s oil. Or at least the NeoCons want to be on good terms with the sources of the world’s oil. When Saddam wouldn’t play there ganes, they took him out.

    The Government, in it’s current form, is so full of Bullshit. That is why the US needs A CHANGE. My only hope is that you will listen to what I am saying. But given your displayed inability to listen to reason and you repeated efforts to discredit my opinions by saying, ” Zig, please read some books, and listen to someone other than the liberals kooks and Barack Obama. He’s a communist, and he’s using you to get his message accross. Eventually, all of the ill will you wish on everyone else will fall on you because people like Obama don’t beleive in American Exceptionalism. They think everyone should be equally miserable.”

    What? First of all, he is not a communist. That was just stupid and below your education level and your personal character… He is a United States Senator, who was elected by the citizens of the state of Illinois… He is not a Muslim or a black power fanatic. He is a Christian faher of two young girls who wants to leave this country better for his children. Your repeated efforts have caused me to question your true intent. Do you wish to debate the issues? Or, do you try to discredit my character (and therefore my opinions) in an effort to strengthen your own week arguments?

    Stop wathing FIXNEWS and the Commdian, Rush Limbaugh!

  13. Zig says:

    Oh yeah, I will succeed no matter who is president! It is in my nature to be a success. I think it is you who has been drinking the KOOK ADE. YOU have bought anything and everything you have been told my the current administation! And it makes you feel safer to believe their propaganda! I knew people like you were out there, but I never thought I would meet one named OTIS. How are all those lies working for you? Look at our Current level of escalating debt, as a country. Look to the general feeling of wellbeing of the citizens of the US.

    Like I said, I will succeed no matter who is president. It is in my nature to be a SUCCESS! I wish you well and hope you find all the riches you deserve in life, idiot.

  14. Don says:

    Sorry Zig, I’m gonna step up and defend Otis…you’re wrong again. Mohammad Atta (the lead hijacker of the September 11 attacks) spent time in an Iraqi government hospital after being injured at an Al’ Queda training camp in Afghanistan while training to murder U.S. citizens. His tab was picked up by the Iraqi government. The same government that had the evil, murdering dictator know as Saddam Huessin. (he was HANGED) The same (HANGED) evil dictator that dropped WMD’s on his own people. That same (HANGED) evil dictator that created mass graves of women and children that are still being discovered by Allied Forces.

    You anti-american, anti-military wackos have found yourself in a strange situation. You see, Republicans actually fight wars to win…(unlike the stupid democrats)…guess what??? We’re winning decisively. So you can go talk about change all you want. The nominee of the Communist party (Barrack Hussein Obama) doesn’t have a single plan for anything that doesn’t involve raising taxes on the productive and giving the money to the stupid and lazy.

    P.S. The world WOULD be a better place if the U.S. controlled the world’s oil. You’re right about that.

    p.p.s. I am a proud supporter of our troops…AND THEIR MISSION.

  15. Zig says:

    I support the Soldiers. I just don’t support their Mission. Again with the personal attacks… and what is up with this, “You,” I assume this is me and you meant YOUR, “anti-american, anti-military wackos have found yourself in a strange situation.” I am more of an American than your communist leaning ass. I believe in Democracy! I believe in helping those less fortunate than Me. I have succeeded in life and been a huge benifactor of freedom and the American way of life! Where are you? You need to stop name calling and concentrate on the matter at hand, which is 4 more years of repunklican rule, idiot!

  16. Don says:

    Sorry Zig, but you can’t support the troops without supporting their mission. That’s an oxymoron, kind of like “government worker”…unless they’re wearing a badge or carrying a gun for their job.

    McCain is running on the Republican ticket, but he’s no Republican…He’s too liberal. Obama is clearly a socialist. His stupid wife is clearly a communist, and you’re a mind numbed robot that’s too stupid to realize that you’re being lied to.

    If you believe in helping people, free choices, support the little guy, limiting gov’t, and wish wealth for everyone, you’re a conservative. If you want to expand misery by making more people reliant on gov’t programs, you’re a socialist.

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