No Bones About It

Actor David Boreanaz is the latest celebrity to be accused of infidelity.  You might know Boreanaz from the popular TV show “Bones.”  He is also married to actress Jaime Bergman.

First there was Tiger Woods, then Jesse James and now David Boreanaz.  But do you want to know the kicker?  One of David’s alleged mistresses is Rachel [...]

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Pony Up the Dough

TMZ is reporting today that Tiger Woods may have paid Rachel Uchitel as much as $10M for her silence.  You can read the entire story here.  My favorite part is when they say that “Tiger was so concerned with the depth and detail of information from Alleged Mistress #1″ that he “folded like a cheap [...]

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Tiger 2.0

The “He’s the Moron Jesse James” post from last week was a lot of fun.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of the comments and the bashing that took place.  It was very obvious that our readers support the beloved Sandra Bullock.

However it seems that Jesse is apparently Tiger Woods reincarnated.  If you haven’t been following the [...]

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He’s the Moron Jesse James

In Touch Weekly is reporting that Jesse James cheated on his wife, Sandra Bullock, with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.  You can read their article here.

TMZ picked up the story as well, and mentions that Sandra Bullock may have moved out of the family’s house.  You can read their article here.

Now Jesse James has said, “There is [...]

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Happy New Year

December has been a very busy month.  And keeping up with new content has been difficult during the holiday season.  So I apologize if I haven’t published as many posts and commented on as many blogs as I normally do during the last few weeks.  I’m trying to catch up as we speak and promise [...]

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Santa vs. Tiger

I’d like to thank Deb from “Debbie Does Drivel” for mentioning this hilarious Santa web site.  In her “Ho, Ho, Whoa!” post, Deb links to “Sketchy Santas.”  If you haven’t yet seen this site, you definitely need to check it out.  ”Sketchy Santas” encourages readers to submit their funny family pictures with Santa.  And oh my, [...]

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Friday Complaints

First, I’d like to congratulate Tiger Woods on being our “Moron of the Week Award” winner.  Every time I start to feel bad about the media pummeling him, I realize that he might just deserve it.

However, John Marcotte was the runner-up for this week’s award.  John is the California man who, according to the Huffington [...]

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Bad Day

Wow, Tiger Woods is not having a good morning.  And in my opinion, this is the prime reason why he shouldn’t have sat behind closed doors, ignored the authorities after his automobile accident and not made a statement sooner about his personal issues.

First, TMZ posted some pictures of Tiger with a mystery woman at the [...]

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You Heard It Here First

I love TMZ.  I really do.  They are great at breaking news stories and obtaining the hard-to-get files.  But I’d like the record to reflect that I actually beat them to the punch on the Tiger Woods’ story.

As you know, Tiger, the world’s most famous golfer, was taken to the hospital around 2:30 a.m. on [...]

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