A Texting Society

Yesterday, I almost fell out of my chair when my friend showed me her niece’s cell phone bill from last month.  The most notable portion of the bill was the amount of text messages that were sent.  The 17-year-old niece sent 11,799 text messages in one 30-day cycle.  Here’s a copy of the bill to [...]

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Who is your market?

As most of you know, Mrs. Constant Complainer is not a blogger.  She doesn’t read this blog and thinks that it’s a waste of my time.  But nonetheless, even she is not immune to getting riled up and uttering my trademarked “I feel a blog coming on” line.

Here’s a great example.  We were shopping over [...]

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No Chance

Depending on how long you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve probably seen me make the following comment at least once: Some kids truly never have a chance because of their parents.  And I mean - never have a chance to succeed.  I think that’s a fair and very true comment.  Just look around, people watch [...]

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Kids Having Kids

I could complain about this topic all day long.  Young parents!  And I mean YOUNG parents.

I’m a good parent.  I was 29 when my daughter was born; I was ready for children and could provide for my family.  But as we all know, that’s not always the case.  For example, have you been to your [...]

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Dumb Decisions

I have always enjoyed going to Applebee’s.  My wife and daughter also love it, so it’s often one of our first choices when we dine out.

However, I’m not sure I can support their most recent endeavor.  Our local Applebee’s has implemented a new policy.  You can now borrow a portable DVD player and DVD from [...]

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Blackberry Mania

Happy New Year!  Here at The Constant Complainer, in addition to my own posts, readers can submit Guest Posts on topics they’d like to complain about.  Tall Elf is back and submitted the below-Guest Post.  His complaint is texting while driving and the overuse of blackberries.  A great complaint!  Enjoy and without further adieu, here’s [...]

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Change a-come-ith

Over the years, I’m happy to say that some of my complaints have helped pave the way for change.  For example, Countrywide Home Loans completely changed their pay-by-phone format after I brought a (consumer biased) system error to their attention.  And dry cleaners in the State of Ohio must now use alternative methods to mark [...]

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