Life Lessons

Take a look at these two pictures.  Now…if I were driving down the street and saw a kid standing there with that sign, I would probably ask myself, “Good parents or a good judge?”

Pictures courtesy of

Meet 12-year-old Trezahn Blaha of Elyria, OH.  Blaha recently admitted to stealing a telephone, bracelet and mouthpiece from the local [...]

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Quality Family Time

Does any family time qualify as quality family time?  Some people may say yes.  That’s what my buddies and I were discussing last weekend during a trip to Wheeling Island (casino and racetrack in West Virginia).

We went there to watch the dog races.  Now, under normal circumstances, children are not allowed in casinos, so we wouldn’t [...]

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Pure Evil

I’ve often mentioned that my views on a lot of things changed when I became a parent.  And I mean that in a good way.  A friend once asked me what the true definition of love was.  And my answer - the way I feel when I look at my daughter - unconditional love.  I’ve [...]

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Readers’ Shots

Over the last year, the “cell phone shots” segment of this blog has really taken off and become a crowd pleaser.  If you’re new to it, here’s how it works…  Typically it involves cell phone pictures that I’ve taken.  We post them and discuss the complaint involved with them.  Or sometimes we just post them [...]

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A Delicate Debate

As a parent, it breaks my heart to hear about stories where children’s lives have been lost or irreparably changed by accidents.  That’s a parent’s worst nightmare!  I’ve seen stories where I felt a parent or someone else was to blame.  I’ve seen stories where it truly was an accident.  And I’ve seen stories where [...]

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He’s How Old

I’ve written several posts in the past about my dislike for smoking.  My mother smoked while she was pregnant with me.  As a result, I was born two months early.  And I’ve despised smoking since I was old enough to know what happened.

However, I realize people are still going to do it, so as long [...]

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On the Front Lines

Yesterday at lunch, I overheard an interesting conversation.  Two ladies were talking about a local news story (a 22-year-old mother whose 3-year-old son died while attempting to climb a bookcase in their house).  This was part of their conversation:

Lady One: “She is a baby killer.”
Lady Two: “I know.  All baby killers need to die.”
Lady One: [...]

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One Classy Girl

I realize it’s not fair to take one situation and use it to stereotype all teenagers.  But here is a classic example of why some of the leaders of tomorrow scare me.  We’ve all made mistakes, but some people go a little overboard…

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Jessica Halter from Lorain County, OH.  The [...]

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No Chance

Depending on how long you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve probably seen me make the following comment at least once: Some kids truly never have a chance because of their parents.  And I mean - never have a chance to succeed.  I think that’s a fair and very true comment.  Just look around, people watch [...]

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Kids Having Kids

I could complain about this topic all day long.  Young parents!  And I mean YOUNG parents.

I’m a good parent.  I was 29 when my daughter was born; I was ready for children and could provide for my family.  But as we all know, that’s not always the case.  For example, have you been to your [...]

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