The Last Dance

You know; for as long as I’ve been doing this blog, some of the best stories to talk about continue to be the ones that make absolutely no sense.  For instance, meet 36-year-old Brooke Burke of Strongsville, OH.  Brooke attended the wedding of James and Margaret Burke last weekend.  Brooke is the bride’s new sister-in-law [...]

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Life Lessons

Take a look at these two pictures.  Now…if I were driving down the street and saw a kid standing there with that sign, I would probably ask myself, “Good parents or a good judge?”

Pictures courtesy of

Meet 12-year-old Trezahn Blaha of Elyria, OH.  Blaha recently admitted to stealing a telephone, bracelet and mouthpiece from the local [...]

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Wrong Place Wrong Time

Unfortunately, bad things happen in life.  But that doesn’t make them any easier to understand when they do.  And no matter which media outlet is reporting it, it’s hard not to see or hear about a story that upsets you.  That reason alone is why my wife doesn’t watch the 11 o’clock news.

But even with [...]

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Pure Evil

I’ve often mentioned that my views on a lot of things changed when I became a parent.  And I mean that in a good way.  A friend once asked me what the true definition of love was.  And my answer - the way I feel when I look at my daughter - unconditional love.  I’ve [...]

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The Ground is a Shaking

OK, so today at approximately 1:41 p.m., there was an earthquake near the Ontario/Quebec border.  And it reached us in Cleveland, OH.  That’s right; C-Town was rocked today.

My buddy works in downtown Cleveland and his building swayed.  And so did my wife’s building, located about twenty minutes away.

According to a report by the USGS, it was a 5.0 [...]

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One Classy Girl

I realize it’s not fair to take one situation and use it to stereotype all teenagers.  But here is a classic example of why some of the leaders of tomorrow scare me.  We’ve all made mistakes, but some people go a little overboard…

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Jessica Halter from Lorain County, OH.  The [...]

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Happy New Year

December has been a very busy month.  And keeping up with new content has been difficult during the holiday season.  So I apologize if I haven’t published as many posts and commented on as many blogs as I normally do during the last few weeks.  I’m trying to catch up as we speak and promise [...]

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I’m Back

Opps, we didn’t do it again.  I’m sorry to use part of that lame Britney Spears‘ quote, but in this case it was necessary.  I was fully prepared to announce this morning that we had defended our title, that The Constant Complainer had won and that we were again recognized as the “Best Local Blog” [...]

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Moron of the Week Award #11

Please take a second to close your eyes and imagine this with me…

In the middle of the night, a guy drives up to an adult video (and sex toy) store.  He crashes his car through the first set of doors and drives into the store.  He gets out of the car, but it is still [...]

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