All for PR

Have you heard of the Ashley Madison web site?  Unless you frequently read TMZ, you may not have.  And that’s OK.  Because it is a web site that promotes adultery.  And because of that, I have a huge problem with them.  But it’s the publicity they received yesterday (for another reason) that may equally upset [...]

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Super Complaints

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for winning Super Bowl XLIV.  I know my friend, Lacey, is celebrating along with the rest of Bourbon Street.

Now, for all you sports-haters out there, this post is not about the football game.  Instead, it’s just a few random complaints from during the game.

For starters, I don’t know about [...]

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End Game

It’s always troubling when a life ends too soon and seemingly unnecessarily.  Chris Henry, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals, died this morning after falling out of the back of a moving pickup truck yesterday.

According to TMZ’s story, Henry got “into the back of the truck, in an attempt to stop his fiancée from leaving [...]

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Ranting and Raving #2

First, I’m sorry that I’m a few days behind on reading and commenting on some of your blogs.  As you know, I’m always very good at doing so, but this past weekend was very busy and that’s normally when I do most of my online work.

Today is one of those days where there are a [...]

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Moron of the Week Award #6

In addition to this week’s award, I just wanted to mention a few other things…

First, if you haven’t yet commented on the “A Life vs. 30 Days” post, make sure you do so today.  I’m running a contest where anyone commenting on that post will be entered to win a $50 American Express Gift Card [...]

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Can ‘Em

Welcome to The Constant Complainer - voted “Best Local Blog” in a “Best of Cleveland 2008″ readers’ poll.

I don’t complain too often about sports on this blog.  Primarily because we have readers from all over the world and someone in Canada, for example, may not care about my local sports team.  However, when I’ve personally [...]

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