Dating Etiquette

I was talking to two female friends recently.  One is 28-years-old and the other is 44.  Both are single.  I had asked them their opinion on a recent news story out of Oregon.  The story involved a 49-year-old woman who met a 69-year-old retired dentist online.  They went on three dates.  On the fourth date [...]

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High-Caliber Candidate

I’d like to introduce you to Basil Marceaux.  He’s a candidate for Governor of Tennessee.  And he has some very interesting opinions.

For starters, according to an article on Zimbio, if elected, Marceaux “plans to remove all gold fringe flags from the state, stop traffic stops and plant grass or vegetation across the state.”  In the [...]

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A Delicate Debate

As a parent, it breaks my heart to hear about stories where children’s lives have been lost or irreparably changed by accidents.  That’s a parent’s worst nightmare!  I’ve seen stories where I felt a parent or someone else was to blame.  I’ve seen stories where it truly was an accident.  And I’ve seen stories where [...]

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