Boys and Girls

Well…I took a page from my friend’s book.  I decided to shamelessly copy Jennifer Juniper’s “Feedback Friday” idea because the below-topic was too good to pass up!  So, welcome to this one-time special (and borrowed) edition of “Feedback Friday” courtesy of The Constant Complainer.

According to this Associated Press article, Ohio University “plans to test allowing men and [...]

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Readers’ Shots

Over the last year, the “cell phone shots” segment of this blog has really taken off and become a crowd pleaser.  If you’re new to it, here’s how it works…  Typically it involves cell phone pictures that I’ve taken.  We post them and discuss the complaint involved with them.  Or sometimes we just post them [...]

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November 2009 Recap and Contest

I’ve learned a lot of blogging tips over the last year and a half from Extreme John.  And the one I most recently embraced was doing a monthly recap.

The Constant Complainer had a good month of November.  Here are some quick statistics:

Unique visitors were up 11%.  Total visitors were up 7%.  I’ll never post daily, [...]

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