Is It Her?

Hi all.  Sorry for the delay in between posts.  I took some R&R time off after running in the Cleveland Marathon a few weeks ago.  Just trying to get back into the swing of things tonight…reading some blog posts and trying to get one done myself.

You know; one thing that continues to amaze me these [...]

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Moron of the Week

With some of the crazy stories in the news this week, I thought it was a good time for the “Moron of the Week Award” to make its return.  Enjoy the below-stories and comment on who you think should win.

Nominee #1 - Teacher’s Pet - I was originally going to write an entire post about this [...]

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Prime Time

I remember watching “The Price is Right” as a kid and loving the Showcase Showdown.  These days, I don’t watch much game show TV except for when my family tries to catch “Wheel of Fortune” once in a while.  But I have to tell you, game shows continue to provide some of the funniest moments [...]

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The Big Bender

I’ve been known to make fun of a few celebrities on here over the years.  Hey, what can I say?  They’re easy targets and it’s fun.  I mean, yes, they have money and no, they have no chance at a private life.  But other than that, they’re no different than you or me, right?  However, [...]

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The Problem with the Internet

I normally enjoy my anonymity on here.  I have never once posted a picture of myself, said my full name or even where I work.  And usually my complaints have nothing to do with my personal life, but more so are random things I encounter and think you’ll enjoy.

But for once, today’s post is different.  [...]

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The Alexa Battle

Have you heard of Alexa?  Whether you’re an amateur blogger with your own blog, want to run your own blog or want to understand what motivates bloggers - you should familiarize yourself with Alexa.  So I’m going to stop complaining for a minute and give you some pointers.

We’ll consider this a quick Blog 101 lesson.  [...]

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