Quality Family Time

Does any family time qualify as quality family time?  Some people may say yes.  That’s what my buddies and I were discussing last weekend during a trip to Wheeling Island (casino and racetrack in West Virginia).

We went there to watch the dog races.  Now, under normal circumstances, children are not allowed in casinos, so we wouldn’t [...]

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Change a-come-ith

Over the years, I’m happy to say that some of my complaints have helped pave the way for change.  For example, Countrywide Home Loans completely changed their pay-by-phone format after I brought a (consumer biased) system error to their attention.  And dry cleaners in the State of Ohio must now use alternative methods to mark [...]

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Cell Phone Curse

I often get asked what the keys are to a good blog.  The way I see it, there are three:


If you can accomplish the above-list, I’d be willing to bet that you have a pretty good blog.  So along those lines, I try to write posts that will not only attract readers, but will generate [...]

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Date Night Disaster

For anyone that’s read this blog more than a few times, you’ve probably seen me make this comment before - as The Constant Complainer, I don’t go around looking for trouble.  Yes, I’m extremely detail oriented and I don’t miss much - but I don’t parade around as some famous blogging personality trying to find [...]

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