The Wal-Mart Experience

In the past, whenever we’ve discussed Wal-Mart on this blog, it’s always been entertaining.  Some people like Wal-Mart and some people don’t.  But one thing always remains true - the opinions on both sides are strong.

This post actually involves my wife.  Yes, that’s right; Mrs. Constant Complainer!  Keep in mind, she’s not a blogger and [...]

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On the Air II

I was a guest on the “Les in the Morning” show on WEOL 930 AM today.  The interview was a blast.

We talked about complaining, blogging and customer service.  I also shared some of my favorite stories, discussed the “Moron of the Week Award” and explained why The Constant Complainer has become so popular.

You can click [...]

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Problems in the Sky

Mesaba Airlines, a unit of Delta Air Lines, found itself in some hot water last week after refusing to let passengers off of a Continental flight in Minneapolis.

ExpressJet (Continental) was cleared of any wrongdoing and the investigation has since turned toward Mesaba, who was in charge at the time because they had the only employees [...]

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Ranting and Raving #2

First, I’m sorry that I’m a few days behind on reading and commenting on some of your blogs.  As you know, I’m always very good at doing so, but this past weekend was very busy and that’s normally when I do most of my online work.

Today is one of those days where there are a [...]

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Attack of the Landscaper

Anyone who has ever read this blog knows that I am a fierce consumer advocate.  I’m fair, but won’t hesitate to stand up for my consumer rights and/or expectations over the phone or at any store, restaurant or event.

With that being said, I’ve always given the spotlight on this site to strange issues I’ve encountered [...]

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Restaurant Rant – Guest Post

Here at The Constant Complainer, in addition to my posts, readers can submit Guest Posts on topics they’d like to complain about.  I’d like to welcome Steve with his first Guest Post.  His complaint addresses certain public behaviors.  Without further adieu, here’s Steve…

My wife and I went to a local Pizza Hut last Friday.  I [...]

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Consumer Power – Part I

The other day at lunch, a colleague was telling me how her husband is a fierce consumer advocate.  She said that he has fair expectations, but won’t hesitate to stand up to a company if he needs to.  That was music to my ears, as I’ve spent years grandstanding and arguing that consumers should stand [...]

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Attention Shoppers: Lack of Professionalism in Aisle 3 – Guest Post

Here at The Constant Complainer, in addition to my own posts, readers can submit Guest Posts on topics they would like to complain about.  William Gatherer submitted the below-Guest Post.  His complaint is the customer service habits of retailers he frequents.  I love customer service complaints and I think all of us can relate to [...]

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Is There a Resident Expert in the House?

Do you remember the days when you could walk into a retail establishment and be greeted by an employee who was knowledgeable of the product they were selling?

I’m not that old - so I’m referring to the late-90’s, before the job market really started to change.  You know; the days when you could ask a [...]

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Coupon Madness

This evening my daughter and I stopped at Babies “R” Us because we needed to pick up a gift for my nephew.  We did our shopping and went to checkout.  It was about 7:30 p.m.  Of course, as is my usual luck, there was only one lane open.

Anyway, I was second in line.  I noticed [...]

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