No complaints today.  No crazy celebrity news stories.  No off-the-wall antics.  I’m just sharing an amazing and beautiful story that truly brought me to tears.  Now…although I blog from behind the made-up character of The Constant Complainer, I’m actually a very nice and caring guy.  And over the years, I’ve always taken pride in trying [...]

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Blogger Smackdown

This was a rather interesting story that made headlines this week.  And it really got me thinking about marriage, divorce, relationships, blogging and what’s off limits, if anything.

Meet Anthony Morelli, from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  He used to be married to Allison Morelli.  The two had a bitter divorce and child custody battle in 2007 (they [...]

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Back to the Grind

Hello everyone.  I’m alive.  I swear.  Please accept my apologies for the brief lull in posts.  I’m here, but have been working on the launch of a new blog.  You see…my blogging style, at least for The Constant Complainer, is such that if I don’t have a good post to publish, I don’t publish anything.  [...]

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Go Inside Her Mind

I did an interview with blog queen Dani Cally for the “Occasional Successes” blog.  Dani is so much fun and that’s why her “Mom’s Crazy Life” blog does so well.  Take a minute to click here and check it out - I assure you of one thing - you won’t be disappointed.

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Yo Adrian

I thought “Yo Adrian” was a great way to start this post.  As you know, that quote was made famous by Sylvester Stallone in the “Rocky” movies.  But I started off with it because this post is about a new and quirky Philadelphia law that has many bloggers in an uproar.

The law requires bloggers to [...]

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On Assignment

As it turns out, I’m on assignment today.  What do I mean by that?  I wrote a Guest Post and it’s on Jen’s Hope Studios blog for her “Friday Feedback” segment today.

So to my readers, I encourage you to click here, visit Jen’s blog and comment on the post.  And for any of Jen’s readers visiting [...]

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The Race to 5,000

I’ve been blogging since May 28, 2008.  And during that time, The Constant Complainer has become a truly interactive site.  Although I don’t have a lot of time, I do my best to keep the content fresh, publish several posts per week and/or offset my own posts with Guest Posts.

To date, we’ve had 225 posts [...]

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Just Like Arnie – I’m Back

Hello everyone.  I’m back.  I’ve appreciated all of your e-mails over the last few weeks.  I’m sorry that I fell off of the blogging wagon.  I’ve just been very busy, but am diligently trying to get caught up.

And oh man, do I have some great posts in the queue.  They are going to take you [...]

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Santa vs. Tiger

I’d like to thank Deb from “Debbie Does Drivel” for mentioning this hilarious Santa web site.  In her “Ho, Ho, Whoa!” post, Deb links to “Sketchy Santas.”  If you haven’t yet seen this site, you definitely need to check it out.  ”Sketchy Santas” encourages readers to submit their funny family pictures with Santa.  And oh my, [...]

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Conspiracy Theory: From Social Security to Club Gitmo – Guest Post

Before we get started with this Guest Post, don’t forget to enter our contest for an American Express gift card.  All you need to do is comment on my last post to be entered.  Now for my normal Guest Post introduction…  Here at The Constant Complainer, in addition to my own posts, readers can submit [...]

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