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If you haven’t yet heard the news, The Constant Complainer was recently voted “Best Local Blog” in a “Best of Cleveland 2008″ reader’s poll.  You can also click here to see where The Constant Complainer was recently mentioned in a Hollywood based celebrity web blog.

If this is your first visit to The Constant Complainer, one service I offer, in addition to my own posts, is the opportunity for readers to submit Guest Posts with complaints or opinions.  This Guest Post was submitted by Neo Con Don.  He submitted it after the debate last night.  His complaint is Socialism.  Enjoy and remember to leave him your comments.  P.S.  I get a lot of e-mail questions about this, so here’s the answer.  This is not a political blog and I try to limit the amount of posts of a political nature, but it is hard not to discuss these issues this close to the election.  Any type of complaint is welcome in a Guest Post.  Without further adieu, here’s Don…

Regardless of who wins this election, one thing is for sure: Socialism is going to exist with either candidate.  John Sidney McCain talks about using my money to buy up mortgage loans that never should have been given to people and the principle can be renegotiated.  But Don, do you think these people should lose their homes?  YES.  They need to rent for a while, or move back in with mom and dad, go to work, save up some money, get out of debt and buy a home when it will be a blessing, and not a curse.  Barack Hussein Obama’s story is more frightening.

If Barack Hussein Obama were to be elected, he would be forcing our children into early childhood indoctrination spreading his communist loving ideas, lying about global warming, our founders, Christopher Columbus, all at the same time controlling the healthcare system, the health insurance system, the mortgage and banking systems, and the financial services systems.  In the mean time, he’ll be meeting with Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela referring to himself as a “fellow Citizen of the world”, and bad mouthing the United States for wanting to kill terrorists and spread democracy: (like he did in his Berlin speech).

If people can’t see that every single idea this idiot Obama has goes against the founding principles of our country, and most are absolutely unconstitutional, then it is clear that the schools and universities have done their job of indoctrination.  It falls in line with the 1963 Communist Goals number 15 and number 17:

15.  Capture one or both of the political parties in the U.S.

17.  Get control of the schools.  Use them as transmission belts for Socialism, and current Communist propaganda.  Soften the curriculum.  Get control of teachers associations.  Put the party line in textbooks.

Everybody that graduated high school B.C. (before Clinton) should very easily look at the things done by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and their new friend George W. Bush, and realize that every single one of the bailouts is not supported by the Constitution.  But too many people have been so stupid and over spent themselves by decades that they NEED the gov’t to help them and since they’ve been taught that the constitution is a “living” document, it’s okay.  After all, Communist goals number 30 and 32 make it okay.

30.  Discredit the American founding fathers.  Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

32.  Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture - education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

The entire list of the 1963 Communist Goals can be read by clicking here.  You’ll be amazed at what else has been accomplished.

Do I think Obama is a Communist?  The answer is no.  I think he’s a socialist puppet.  I think he’s stupid, and he’s doing whatever he’s being told to do.  He’s not a communist, but he believes in socialist ideas as his platform proves.  The biggest difference between communism and socialism is that socialist ideas will kill you.  In communism, the communists will kill you.   If Obama does get elected, and the democrats take a super majority, Obama himself will have very little power.  He will simply be the spokesman to whomever is in the Speaker’s Chair, and that my friends is Nancy Pelosi.  She would essentially have more power than anyone in the world because she will write the laws that will easily pass through congress.  She already admitted that if Barry wins, she’s going to call a special session after the election to get the agenda started.

Pull up your boot straps America, and get to work.  If Barry gets elected, there will be no drilling for oil, and gas prices go up.  Your healthcare costs will skyrocket and services will be run by the incompetent “gov’t workers.”  You’ll be forced into joining a union where you receive no merit for a job well done, and you’ll see a huge increase in taxes at all levels of income; there’s no way Barry can promise all of this gov’t spending without letting President Bush’s tax cuts on the middle class to expire.  Oh yeah, when your taxes go up, the money will be used to kill unborn babies during any stage of development.

Is there good news?  Of  course.  Just after FDR’s reign, the Democrats demanded term limits.  I’m assuming Barry and President Pelosi won’t be able to repeal the 22nd Amendment.  However, at this stage of the American Socialist Revolution, nothing would surprise me.

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78 comments to Now Comes President Pelosi - Guest Post

  • NeoConDon

    Your moronic look on this is exactly why the United States was so looked down upon during the Carter and Clinton years. No one cares what a bucnch of foreign citizens think about us. I’m sure they’re very happy to take our tax dollars in the form of aid. For the most part, they’re jealous of our lifestyle, money, and healthcare. The poor in our country live better than their middle class. The reality is that when Reagan and Bush 43 were in office, we were far more respected than with Carter, Clinton, and Bush 41 by the administrations of those countries. Our allies knew where to go for help, and our enemies knew not to mess with us. The Russian invasion of Georgia is a perfect example of how terrible of a president B. Hussein Obama will be, and why he’ll lose the respect we’ve built up. Most informed people recognize that, and the other 12% of the voters that are undecided get that message too.

  • NeoConDon

    This is the absolute best…

    In a rare interview, a “sober” Joe Biden is surprised when a member of the media deviates from the typical questions being asked of the Democrat nominees…It turns out that this reporter didn’t really care what Joe Biden’s favorite color is, or if he wears boxers or breifs. Nope, this reporter actually wanted to konw if Biden was aware that his party’s policy is Marxist. Biden acts very surprised and begins wondering who is writing the interviewers questions…

    DUH…How about the American people, Joe. You’re in a virtual tie in the polls, and there is still 12% of the voters undecided. I wonder what they’re undecided about…???

    The campaign’s response? They have decided to cut off the T.V. Station from future interviews…No, we’re not Marxist…Imagine how the Obamunism party’s campaign would have responded if Sarah Palin would have decided not to continue on with ABC, CBS, or NBC after the ridiculous quesitons from Char-LIE Gibson or Katie Couric. But they’re not Marxists…

  • =====
    ***No one cares what a bucnch of foreign citizens think about us.***

    Obviously *YOU* care enough to lie about our standing in the world.

    But I guess lies just come easy to a PROVEN LIAR!

    And Don…

    When you say “the reality is…” or otherwise try to claim that what you are saying is in some way the truth, it means nothing coming from a liar such as yourself.

    Gee, it’s a shame that you’re too ignorant to back up your lies with something from a reliable source!

    Yeah, a reliable source buried deep in one of your delusions, you crazy baboon!

  • =====
    ***Nope, this reporter actually wanted to konw if Biden was aware that his party’s policy is Marxist.***

    Wowie Wow Wow!!!

    You lying Republican’ts are really pulling out all the stops of decency, trying to win at any cost.

    No wonder we’re in such a mess with no moral fools mucking up things.

    Then when people complain they are either Marxists or Socialists!

    And you think *I* a broken record for calling the fodder of the party sheep!

    I hope you don’t let your kids read this blog, to see what an ignorant, delusional tool you really are.

    That stuff might be hereditary, and you don’t want to ruin their early years before the onset, too.

  • NeoConDon

    Are you suggesting that B. Hussein Obama’s plan to expire Bush’s tax cuts on the middle class, and to raise the tax on businesses to “spread around” to the unproductive is not Marxist? Sounds flat out Marxist to me…from each according to their ability, to each according to their need. It’s also unconstitutional. But you liberal fascists don’t really care about that, now do you?

  • =====
    ***from each according to their ability, to each according to their need***

    OK, I can see why the statement, “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need” would scare the shit out of you, because if government and society were run that way, Bush and deluded fools like you would be living in cardboard boxes.

    But you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about if you believe an entire party’s policy is Marxist, based on a single statement from an individual within that Party.

    Sure, that’s the way Republican’ts would like to run things, but the Bush Regime didn’t quite grab hold, as well as his role model Hitler’s did.

    One dumb ass voice, one messed up government, supported by the delusional and quite foolish sheep.

  • NeoConDon

    You’re still caught up in those sheep…I’m just referring to the big shots of the socialist party…

    Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, and their stupid puppet, B. Hussein Obama. Socialists all.

    And I love the fact that you liberal facist idiots still compare McCain to Bush. Yet another reason why Barry will lose.

  • McCain… McCain…

    OH YOU mean McBush!

  • NeoConDon

    McClinton might be a little more accurate. He’s much less conservative than President Bush, and President Bush proved to be a lib…

  • No,

    With a voting record that’s lockstep with the dunderhead 92% of the time…

    …it’s still McBush

  • Tristan

    You guys sure can keep a volley going.

    Dan, economics 101: “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Or free healthcare. If you’re not paying an extra $1000 for your car to pay for healthcare, then you’ll pay an extra $1000 in taxes elsewhere. Due to government inefficiency and corruption, which is not regulated by what little we have left of a free market, that $1000 is probably more like $5000 through federal systems, maybe more.

    Don, when exactly was the last terrorist attack on U.S. soil prior to 2001? The Olympic games in Atlanta in 1996? Not only does that leave a 5 year spread without any “war on terror”, but it was performed by a former member of our military. Oklahoma City, 1995? Timothy McVeigh, army vet. You have to go all the way back to the World Trade Center bombing of 1993 to find terrorists that weren’t Americans, so that’s 8 years without an attack before 2001. It really isn’t that big of a deal that’s it’s been 7 years, considering doing nothing gave us 8 years.

  • =====
    ***Dan, economics 101: “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Or free healthcare. If you’re not paying an extra $1000 for your car to pay for healthcare, then you’ll pay an extra $1000 in taxes elsewhere.***

    Gee, I didn’t know that…

    My point is that if we had socialized medicine, there would be far greater regulation, and the costs would not be nearly as high as they are now, with a standardized billing and patient tracking system, where we don’t have to spend time and money tracking preexisting conditions.

    As it is now the medical and pharmaceutical industries dictate to us, not the other way around as it should be.

    As far as the auto industry goes. We would like to subsidize our industry to make it more competitive with foreign imports, however due to international trade agreements/laws we can’t do that.

    When other countries are allowed to do exactly that, by way of paying for the industries medical insurance costs, giving them an unfair advantage.

    Same thing goes with all of our other industries that use to depend on a labor force right here.

    Why should U.S. companies keep jobs here when they can ship them off to countries where they won’t have to pay any medical insurance expenses.

    Well, I said “why” but morals or loyalty to one’s country don’t really exist here, when it comes to corporations running the show.

  • Tristan

    The government is incapable of regulating itself. GAO tries to do so at times and if it is inconvenient then it is ignored.

    On top of that, I don’t see how you expect government could be more efficient than a private business. We have a $1 trillion deficit this year alone yet congress regularly votes for an increase in their wages (why don’t we get to vote on that?). Also, that trillion does not include medicare, the current implementation of social healthcare. We have $40 trillion in unfunded medicare benefits. With a deficit of $1 trillion, how are we going to get $40 trillion by close of business today? (note that the unfunded amount goes up with time, that’s why we need that much today)

    Also, keep in mind that medicare is only for senior citizens. On average, you’re only eligible for those benefits for 15 years of your life. If we now have to cover 80 years of life, that standardized billing better be saving a whole lot of money–my estimate looks like it will have to save us about $200 trillion, rounding down.

  • NeoConDon

    Dan, you’re an idiot. Socialist healthcare will be more expensive and less efficient and less available to everyone; just like in Canada. In order to get the U.S. auto industry back in line, we need to get rid of the unions. They have destroyed the fabric of U.S. manufacturing.

    There has been over a dozen published terrorist plots foiled since 2001, and who knows how many more not published. I remember leaders from both political parties saying they expected more attacks in the U.S. after 9/11, and they were warning us there would be more after the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars began. However, there has been none even with the loons on the left attempting to prevent the Bush administration from keeping us safe.

  • Tristan…

    It sounds to me like your argument against socialized medicine is, we shouldn’t even try because the government is incapable of handling it?

    Why do you believe it is that just about every other developed country on the planet is able to pull off insuring all of their citizens?

    Oh, right, our country is hovering near the bottom of the list of all other developed countries when it comes to education too.

    Yep, might as well throw in the towel, and let the corporations run our lives, since we can’t quite seem to do it ourselves, since WE RUN THE GOVERNMENT!

    Quaint, yet outmoded idea, ‘eh?

    Tell you what, let’s just turn everything over to the corporations, then when the Chinese take over and eat our lunch, it won’t hurt as bad!

  • Actually we already have socialist health care in the U.S. and it’s working out very well, in the form of the V.A. hospitals, some of which are on the cutting edge of technology.

    Why do you hate your country so much Don?

    Is Rush telling you that we’re incapable of doing anything right, so you eat that shit up with your little dirty spoon?

  • NeoConDon

    I love my country. I just hate socialism becuase it doesn’t work. If you think that the VA hospital system is working well, then you have just proven how much of an idiot you are. If you think that every other country’s healthcare and education system are so much better than our’s (they’re not), then get out. Stop trying to drag this country down into the European misery you love so much. I’m not european, I don’t plan on being european, and I don’t want their inferior health, education, and political systems.

  • =====
    ***The government is incapable of regulating itself.***
    I hear you and Don using the above excuse for why, we the people, who supposedly run the government, shouldn’t *even* try and to do something difficult, like give every citizen health insurance, like just about every other industrialized country in the world.

    THEN shout out that we’re the best gosh darned country in the world in every way, bar none, despite our inability to educate our young as well as some third world nations, I have to wonder how we ever won WWII or put a man on the moon, less than 10 years after putting our first man into space?

    But it makes it easy to see why we botched Vietnam and ran away from a fight in Lebanon after they killed over 200 of our soldiers.

    It’s like we just stopped trying…

    Corporation that are making a profit here, are shipping our jobs out of the country, so they can make a better profit, and we don’t even put up that much of a fight, as douche bags like Don complain that Unions have too much power?!

    If this country doesn’t pull it’s shit together and very soon, we are fucked big time.

  • NeoConDon

    The gov’t shouldn’t GIVE anyone anything. The gov’t already failed with medicare, education, and social security. Let’s let the gov’t control something else, and force americans into it.

    I agree, we need to pull our shit together, because B. Hussein Obama will certainly screw this country over….a lot more than McCain will. We really need Newt.

  • =====
    ***We really need Newt.***

    You are one very sick and twisted puppy.

  • NeoConDon

    If B. Hussein Obama wins, Newt will be elected President in 2012.

  • Tristan

    Dan, it doesn’t matter if every other country does something different. What matters is that we have $50 trillion of debt and unfunded obligations. Adding to that in any way, be it through military or social expenses, is the most irresponsible thing we can do.

    Other countries can have expensive social programs because they don’t have 3 to 4 times their GDP in debt. We could pay 100% income tax and still be unable to afford our government as it is. I’m not arguing whether social medicine is good or bad right now, because we don’t even have the resources to allow that argument.

    You say “we run the government,” but I doubt you even believe that yourself, unless by “we” you mean the capitalist class, which I like to call the “upper crust”.

    Don, a dozen? You can do better than that, the head of the FBI said we were almost at 100 back in 2002:

    What’s interesting is that, six years later, we’re hearing only 17, half of which don’t seem to have anything to do with Al Queda:,2933,335500,00.html

    Another interesting list is that of significant attacks around the world…things really got going in 2002. Call them casualties of war from poking the hornet’s nest.

    And here’s an “incident” list, though no one seems to have any information from before 2001, which makes comparisons pretty difficult.

  • Didn’t you say McBush was winning this election?

  • Ohhhh, I think what Don meant when he said McBush was going to win…

    …was “win” like they do in the Special Olympics for sad old men, who should have quit a long time ago.

  • …McBush is still out there, because he’s got zilch worth going home to.

    Remember when he was down, an dragging his own luggage through the airports, chasing a commercial plane with his ’steerage fare’ ticket in hand?

    His wife is worth about a Ka-Jillion dollars, and couldn’t be bothered with upgrade the poor bastard to ‘Business Class’ so he can get that hot towel and change underwear in the Admiral’s Club?

    Classy Lady!

  • I loved the link of “…More Bad News for Republicans” on CNN to the following clip…

    ***(CNN) – Ted Steven’s guilty verdict Monday afternoon could mean the end of the Alaska lawmaker’s 40-year tenure in the Senate and serve to inch the already emboldened Democratic Party to 60 seats in the Senate, recent polls of the Alaska race suggest.***

    Thing is, I don’t for a second underestimate the ignorance of the U.S. voting public, and wouldn’t be surprised if McDouche wins, thanks to his Rovelike bag of dirty tricks and outright lies.

  • NeoConDon

    I fully believe in the American people. Most are educated enough to understand how wrong socialism and free stuff from the gov’t are. Except maybe for the morons in California. But, Carter got elected, so it’s possible that voters think that voting for a new person that talks about change is good (even if the change is socialism, or a step back into the 1930’s like B. Hussein Obama’s change is). The good news is that conservatism works every time it’s tried, but McCain is not a conservative. It’s likely that the fasted way to the next Ronald Reagan would be to endure some Carter like misery.
    I wrote a brilliant column on this back in June called “The Liberals and the Alcoholics.”

    Since that was written, B. Hussein Obama and Joe Biden have made some terrible mistakes; rookie mistakes. On those rare occasions when the liberal media actually calls him out on something, he’ll gloss over it very snob like, and then go back a few days later to make changes based on the polling data.

    On the other hand, John McCain has chosen a new Reagan Conservative as his running mate, and has tried to attack B. Hussein Obama’s plan based on the flawed premise that Obama laid out. Of course the media saw that right away and did what they could to pull the discussion away from what B. Hussein Obama is really talking about. But, as I mentioned before, I believe in the American People and over the course of several elections, WE THE PEOPLE usually get it right and continue to move forward in spreading democracy, freedom, and destroying communism, and now…socialism.

  • =====
    ***I wrote a brilliant column on this back in June called…***

    delusional, delusional, delusional…

    …get help before you hurt yourself or others