On Assignment

As it turns out, I’m on assignment today.  What do I mean by that?  I wrote a Guest Post and it’s on Jen’s Hope Studios blog for her “Friday Feedback” segment today.

So to my readers, I encourage you to click here, visit Jen’s blog and comment on the post.  And for any of Jen’s readers visiting The Constant Complainer for the first time, I welcome you.  And while you’re here, read a post or two, introduce yourself and tell us about your blog, if you have one.

My post over there is titled “The Birds and The Bees - Feedback Friday Guest Post” and consistent with my love to stir the pot, needless to say, it should be an interesting discussion.  Enjoy…

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3 comments to On Assignment

  • I can’t post a comment on that website :|

    “Okay, so if they’re educating kids ABOUT sex, are they also educating them on the dangers of sex and/or sexual predators?

    Quite frankly, something like that makes my stomach church. A seven year old having access to a condom is disgusting and it makes me quite fearful of our nation’s future. “

  • Jen

    Will stop by and check it out. Hope your summer is going well.

  • NeoConDon

    I couldn’t post there either. The gov’t schools have no place discussing sex, safe or otherwise. They can’t even do what they’re chartered to do: teach reading, writing, math, arts, and science.