Moron of the Week

I swear that frivolous lawsuits never get old!  They provide some of the most entertaining blog material that I’ve ever seen.  And as long as we’re giving out our “Moron of the Week Award” here, I’ll continue to publish these stories for your amusement.

Meet Hubert Blackman of New York City.  He is suing a Las [...]

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When to Stay Quiet

Cathy Cruz Marrero is in the process of learning a very valuable lesson.  And that lesson is…when to keep your mouth shut.  Marrero, who is now known as “Fountain Lady,” became an Internet sensation this week when a mall surveillance camera caught her falling into a fountain while she was trying to walk and text.  [...]

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Boys and Girls

Well…I took a page from my friend’s book.  I decided to shamelessly copy Jennifer Juniper’s “Feedback Friday” idea because the below-topic was too good to pass up!  So, welcome to this one-time special (and borrowed) edition of “Feedback Friday” courtesy of The Constant Complainer.

According to this Associated Press article, Ohio University “plans to test allowing men and [...]

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Scary Moments

I am still in complete shock over the shooting that occurred in Tuscon over the weekend.  As you know, 20 people were shot in what is being called the attempted assassination of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords.  The shooting took place at a town hall style event Giffords was holding with her constituents at a grocery store.  The [...]

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Moron of the New Year

Happy New Year!  I truly apologize for only accomplishing a few posts throughout the holidays.  In addition to time-consuming family obligations, that is also the busiest time of the year for my day job.  So needless to say, I didn’t have much free time.  Thus, I’m behind on posting on here, I’m behind on reading [...]

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