On the Market – Part I

Our house has been for sale for a few months.  And as we’ve been going through the process of trying to sell ours and looking for another one, I’ve been keeping tabs on anything that is blogworthy.  Originally I was going to do one post about everything, but I think it might be too much.  [...]

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OK, other than the Bates Motel from the movie “Psycho” and a few of the local hotels I’ve seen on the side of the road that appear to charge by the hour, I’m pretty open as far as where I stay when I travel.  However, the below-story might cause me to take my Marriot Points [...]

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Not Your Standard Test

It’s not a good week to be an Administrator at Hardy Middle School in Washington, D.C.  Parents there are in an uproar over students being asked to take a “sex test” last week.

According to blogger, Beth Solomon, from The Georgetown Dish, the first question on the test was, “What is your gender?”  And the students [...]

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Wrong Place Wrong Time

Unfortunately, bad things happen in life.  But that doesn’t make them any easier to understand when they do.  And no matter which media outlet is reporting it, it’s hard not to see or hear about a story that upsets you.  That reason alone is why my wife doesn’t watch the 11 o’clock news.

But even with [...]

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Back to the Grind

Hello everyone.  I’m alive.  I swear.  Please accept my apologies for the brief lull in posts.  I’m here, but have been working on the launch of a new blog.  You see…my blogging style, at least for The Constant Complainer, is such that if I don’t have a good post to publish, I don’t publish anything.  [...]

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He Pulled the “Card”

Whether you’re a sports’ enthusiast, NBA fan or neither, surely you’ve heard about “The Decision.”  That was the name given to LeBron James’ one-hour television spectacle which was held on July 8th.  And I call it a “spectacle” because that’s exactly what it was.

LeBron, who many believe is the best basketball player in the NBA, [...]

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Go Inside Her Mind

I did an interview with blog queen Dani Cally for the “Occasional Successes” blog.  Dani is so much fun and that’s why her “Mom’s Crazy Life” blog does so well.  Take a minute to click here and check it out - I assure you of one thing - you won’t be disappointed.

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